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26 October 2020


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Nancy K

He also had medical care that no regular person would ever get. No one would even be admitted into a hospital with the mild symptoms he was exhibiting.


true regarding trump, but how many people have access to the same medical attention that trump has?? and, apparently covid has more negative implications for black people.. does any of this matter to mainstream usa? how about universal medicare for the usa, as opposed to constantly pandering to big pharma??

Eric Newhill

No! No! No! You must remain afraid; Very afraid! You might not actually shuffle off this mortal coil if you catch the dreaded virus, but you will linger for years in lasting physical misery from the damage the virus does. Blood clots! Strokes! Baldness! Breathing problems! Leprosy! Body odor! Bunions! Peroni's disorder! Termites infesting peg legs! Hospitals will be overwhelmed while Trump steals your healthcare! Only Mighty Joe Biden can save us from disaster of Biblical proportions!


nancy K

The unattended recovery rate for people under 70 is 97.7%.



See my response to nancy K.


Eric Newhill

I am 80. In my late 20s and 30s I had malaria, Scrub Typhus, hepatitis Type B, dengue and tropical fevers "of unknown origin" I recovered from all of them with minimal care. The group surgeon of 8th SFGA told me at one point that if I were not so healthy I would be dead. So, I would ask those who wish to feed me the crap about how COVID-19 is going to cripple previously healthy people to consider that and my ancient state. Americans are not going to kill their country with lockdowns like the British are doing.


@ pat.. i think eric was joking... that was how i read his comment..



How about hydroxychloriquine, which has been purged from the collective memory? How about send China the bill for our Covid19 care since paying the bill is all "universal medicare" is about - who pays.


"No one would even be admitted into a hospital with the mild symptoms he was exhibiting." How do you know his symptoms or what a hospital is going to do? He's not a homeless guy on the streets or NYC, who apprently are all dead but not listed anywhere, nor the ones from LA, Seattle or anywhere else. Where did they all go?


Out of the 215K deaths, one only needs to look at how many were from Covid-19 alone....


To me the key stat with COVID is that the average age of COVID fatalities is right around the usual average age of death. I'll posit that vast majority of COVID deaths were caused by some other condition, with the COVID they had in their system being incidental or no factor at all in their death.

Maybe I'm a fool, but seems to me that very few people who contract COVID actually suffer from it, most of the infected only find out by being tested.

To me, early cases like the cruise ships, aircraft carriers...and China itself, showed that this was not the black plague. Even ideal conditions didn't produce large death rates. I can tolerate the early panic, we came under fire and had to take cover.....but at some point this became a scam.

Eric Newhill

Hey. I'm on your side.

I was mocking the panicker's argument. An apparently failed attempt at humor.

Back to what I do best....I can tell you from the data that people are not experiencing any of those second order effects. It's more media lies.

Eric Newhill

Col Lang,
Oh duh, you knew I was being facetious. You were just expressing what many of us feel about this.

I had a tropical fever of unknown origin that almost killed me. Had me in sick bay with a 104 degree fever on a drip line for two days. Lived with complications. Could even children afterwards.. My doctor did a cancer screening last year and seemed a little bewildered, if not outright disappointed that, with me being 40 year smoker, he couldn't find any signs of cancer anywhere. Then there's The Rolling Stones; especially Keith Richards.


Eric Newhill

I should have been clearer in expressing my criticism of the people feeding us "crap." I did not mean you.


If the untended recovery rate is so low, then why rush Trump to Walter Reed to be treated by a platoon of doctors? Is he that fragile?

On the other hand I've heard some on the left claim Trump never had COVID-19 and that the whole thing was a dog-and-pony-show concocted by himself so he could brag about his recovery and how healthy he is.

Laura Wilson

Percentage wise yes...nless you are one of the 225,339 who have died from C-19. If you consider that each of them probably has at least 5 people who loved them, miss them and will forever be grieved at their loss, perhaps the number is a little more impressive. But, still, percentages...I once had a professor of finance tell me, "You don't put percentages in the bank. Think dollars." We are now in a situation where we are not putting percentages into coffins...we are burying bodies.


@ fred... i have never been impressed with this attitude its the 'china virus'... i think it's really hostile to china and encourages xenophobia which is maybe why trump keeps on saying this... how about we might not know the origins -whether it came out of a lab, or what?? as for hydroxychloriquine - i don't know enough to say... like pat says - i am ignorant of a lot of things, LOLOL!

Norbert M Salamon

About aa week ago there was a short blurb from CDC:
Approximately 20 000 deaths can be assigned solely to Covid-19 while the other deaths were due to comorbidity where Covid-19 played minor or no role


The politicians (mostly wannabe little tyrants) learned a lesson:
It is very easy to stampede the majority of people (baby sheep) over a cliff.
This is why I'm not optimistic about Trump being re-elected.
Too many weak and stupid people looking for mommy.


Just calculated it. 2.57% death rate per CDC figures. If you're young and in good health, probably not too much of a problem. Older, obese, high blood pressure, diabetic (normal older diseases) you are in the danger zone. The military has 1.3 million soldiers, sailors, and airmen. There has been only one death of an active duty military person (so far), sailor from the Theodore Roosevelt. They are mostly young, in good health and wear a mask (at least on the military base I've been on). My son is an infectious disease doc in the military and he said that the disease mostly takes five or more years off the older population that gets it. I'm 72 and in good health (still a runner) but I sure in the hell am taking precautions until they get the vaccine.


The majority of Covid deaths are in the age group of those with vast life experience, who will often have co-existing conditions. Is it correct to attribute their deaths to Covid without an autopsy ? Nope. Someone made the distinction between dying Of Covid or With Covid.

My father died years ago the age of eighty four. He had heart disease, an enlarged heart, reduced lung function, liver disease, and suffered the effects of various war wounds. He died while working in the garden.

His stated cause of death was heart failure. I suspect that he died of heat exhaustion given the temperature of the day, the amount of work that he had done, his preference for drinking tea rather than water, and a need to get all of his tomato seeds planted before a fishing appointment later in the morning. The physical stress of work was his life's stock in trade and would not have bothered him for one second. His exploits as a Forestryman were legendary.

Had he died this year after catching Covid I have no doubt it would have been chalked up to that.



"he said that the disease mostly takes five or more years off the older population that gets it." How would he know that? My calculation of the death rate across the US population is .06%.


james, Workers in the U.S. pay throughout their working years into
S.S. & Medicare. I think President Obama took over 4Billion dollars
from Medicare to fund ObamaCare. You'd like to know why we don't just have universal Medicare & I'd like you to tell me how that would be funded.

Currently several states that have not already expanded Medicaid
are in the process of doing so. If that expansion is subject to the rules in place in The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) anyone age 55 or older would have 100% of their estate forfeited to the Gov upon their death. Estate Asset Forfeiture even if never received any medical care.


Shhhhhh.............do you like want Trump to win, or something?

Repeat after me......We are in the middle of a pandemic,. The middle,/u> -no way forward, no way out.......... and Orangeman bad. /s


Sorry ladies, but many who report "long term aftermath effects" from covid are all pretty much women in their forties, who coincidentally are also going into and through menopause, which also comes with the very similar package of vague symptoms they are reporting now as a "post-covid" syndrome. Trust, but verify when one sees these post-covid reports. It is the Change; not covid. Actually midlife men report similar clusters of symptoms too. Happens.

Bill H

I am 77, have only 60% lung function after 40 years of heavy smoking (stopped in 1984), have had one heart attack and several strokes. Covid=19 gave me a high fever and a cough but did not even put me in the hospital.

NBC News featured its nightly Corona Virus terror segment by telling us it creates heart damage. They did their usual "example victim" bit, and I suspect it was the fact that she weighed at least 320# that damaged her heart, not the virus.

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