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26 October 2020


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"Obesity is just one of these." Yes. What America needs now is a healthy dose of 'fat shaming'.
"Or, in other words, stop being a coward."

I was going to write a post asking if Joe Biden is running to be "Coward in Chief", but events are overtaking the opportunity.


Biden's covid plan - stop testing and the numbers will drop dramatically; use less sensitive tests and the numbers will drop dramatically; stop writing coincidental covid positives as leading cause of death and list only the leading co-morbidity as the cause of death.

Poof. covid crisis is over -- just because we elected Biden. Fauci will sign off on this Biden Plan, and not miss a beat.


Dan wrote: " I'll posit that vast majority of COVID deaths were caused by some other condition"

That is nonsense. In Hamburg (Germany) an autopsy was performed on hundreds of patients who died with cov-19, more than 80% of them died from cov-19.

Eric Newhill

Healing prayers being sent for your antique pitchfork.

IMO, assuming equal funding per capita and equal competence of administration, the effectiveness of centralization is inversely related to the diversity (both geographic and demographic) of the population to be served.



You left out all the details, like age and comorbidity. Just how many people was that and over what period of time?

"RESULTS:Median patient age was 73 years (range, 52 to 87 years), 75% of patients were male, and death occurred in the hospital (n = 10) or outpatient sector (n = 2). Coronary heart disease and asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease were the most common comorbid conditions (50% and 25%, respectively). Autopsy revealed deep venous thrombosis in 7 of 12 patients (58%) ..."

It killed old fat people, in Hamburg mostly men. Keep keeping the details secret, we'd sure hate live without fear.


Nick: "Not everyone who gets cancer dies. Yet considerable time, effort , and expense is expended every year to avoid it. How foolish is that?"

1.. One of the multitude of guest "experts" that C Span hosts to reinforce Covid fear, one Amesh Adalja, said at the end of his commentary that "coronavirus is the third-leading cause of death [after heart disease and cancer]. https://www.c-span.org/person/?127756

2. Cancer diagnoses and deaths have been tracked for at least the past decade; approximately 1.8 million people will be diagnosed with cancer; between 32% and 35% of them will die, many of those deaths will occur after extremely expensive and painful treatment. https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/understanding/statistics

3. Yet entire economies are not shut down in efforts to avoid cancer.

4. After the death of his son, Joe Biden obtained government funding for a "cancer moon-shot;" he also started a foundation for research into cancer cures. He has since closed down his private foundation.
Why is that?
Has a cure for cancer been found? Joe is unambiguous about his intention to strong-arm local- to state- to federal authorities to impose (what I consider unwarranted & draconian) masking mandates to "halt the spread of" a virus that kills less than one percent of people it infects, but he has abandoned efforts to find a cure for the Number 2 cause of deaths in the USA.

5. Co-incident with the spread of The Virus, the world is experiencing the proliferation of 5G networks. There are many participants in this Committee who are far more technologically aware than I; from my perspective, having undergone extensive treatment for cancer, I wonder about the health effects of 5G networks. Does the increase in EMF contribute to the increase in cancers? Should the public be educated on measures to take to protect themselves from over-exposure to possible cancer-causing sources (for example, I have been advised to wear a scarf while driving, since sunlight through a window over an extended period of time may have contributed to the cancer on my neck/face).

Surgeons who treated my disease wore masks in the operating theater; and as I underwent radiation treatments I was fitted with a full-face molded mask that immobilized my head to enable precision delivery of radiation.

But I think masks for the general public are dumb: as I observe their use, it's sloppy and haphazard, exercises in conformity not in health. Moreover, the clerk at the Dollar Store and the rent-a-cop at the local library -- none of whom has the training of my surgeon or oncologist nor awareness of my medical situation -- have empowered themselves to demand that I wear THIS mask in THIS way, or else I cannot use the services my taxes pay for (in the case of the library).

If my cancer recurs, it will likely kill me; I've exhausted remedies. I'm pretty firmly in that 32% range.

A <1% chance of dying from a virus is not something that makes me so fearful that I will upend my life.

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