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16 October 2020


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Tor, IPFS, and I2P are still available for the moment. If a serious Iron Curtain descends, uninformed Americans can ask their friends who pirate Internet content to teach them how to use basic anonymity and pseudonymity tech. That should work for a while, at least. Eventually, if any hardcore privacy tech attracts mainstream users, we can expect that every nosy private detective and her cat will have exploits to defeat it, so the march of software development is never-ending.

However, we are not at the stage where we must teach our neighbors how to use 8kun.top. (If you want to learn, you're welcome to join us, but honestly it has a learning curve and it is not optimal for the present situation.)

Currently clearnet sites are summarizing anonymous research. You can reach out to convenient new sites such as:


to get user-friendly summaries of the news that the lamestream media doesn't want you to see. You will note that many of the stories at that site come from user-friendly news sites that you might already know about, such as:




Diana L Croissant

Perhaps it's time for people to get back to simpler lives and just quit finding any reason to use any of the services of the "Digital Iron Curtain" establishments.

You would be surprised how much more pleasant your life will become without them. Become a "Luddite" for our time.

I've learned that it's easy not to use the services or products of companies that have become too political.


All good points and a very timely reminder. How does this Biden total media blackout control comport with Democrat claims Trump is a dictator, that we will lose America if Trump is re-elected and we must all end Trump's reign of authoritarian control?

So glad I never signed up for Twitter, do not have a Facebook account and don't even own a cell phone. Yet the Biden "news" still broke through the high-tech censorship Wall. Democrats are patently schizophrenic about "open borders".


regarding C-Span: " In related news C-SPAN suspends political editor Steve Scully. Yes, he was going to be the presidential debate moderator at the second debate; now he admits he lied about his Twitter feed being hacked. Blue, check."

I watch C Span online; have done so for years. I think C Span is one of the more insidious of the media outlets, precisely because people think it is so "fair and balanced," "not like Fox or CNN" that have an obvious bias.

C Span's unobvious bias is what you don't hear -- never, ever hear, and that is any word that disparages ADL, AIPAC, or the narratives they and their myriad associated organizations hold dear.
Steve Scully has been one of the fiercest defenders of that invisible protective barrier, their Golden Boy for most of his career and most of C Span's existence. Maybe Scully is becoming too expensive: C Span has begun posting advertisements before granting access to live stream programs.

Or perhaps he's aging out. The people who ensure the above-mentioned policies prevail are unabashed about their practice of hand-picking people like Scully: Irish, Catholic, innocent choir-boy appearance.

As Plaintiff's Exhibit #1 I offer statements from Anita Weiner's Expanding Historical Consciousness: The Development of the Holocaust Education Foundation https://tinyurl.com/y5q7eg5v
a book describing how, in the late-1980s and early 1990s Zvi Weiss proceeded step-by-step to include "holocaust education" first at Northwestern University, where Weiss selected Irish Catholic scholar of German history Peter Francis Hayes, spent $3000 for a substitute teacher for Hayes's classes while he spent the semester in Israel being prepped to spearhead Weiss's agenda. Weiss's success at Northwestern propelled him next to Notre Dame, then to universities across the country, and then to US military academies. In 2013 a department of holocaust studies became fully integrated into Northwestern University; it's reasonable to assume Northwestern is not alone in this.



CSPAN suspended political editor Steve Scully for lying. Other news organizations covering the election did not.
I don't think CSPAN is a 'media outlet" as that term is generally understood. However, for your other complaints, you should take them up with CSPAN management.

Bill H

With respect to this hard drive, the Washington Post has an article saying that the White House was warned last year that Rudy Giuliani was "the target of an influence operation by Russian intelligence." The source of that information is, of course, "sources who demanded anonymity to discuss sensitive information" and some "intercepted communications."

So from that we are to assume that the Hunter Biden hard drive is not real, but is a subterfuge created by the FSB, or the GRU, or perhaps by Putin himself.

Peter VE

The absolutely dumbest part of it all was that, by banning the Post, Twitler and Faceplant have created more interest in the story than had they ignored it. Even NPR had to cover the reaction to the ban, whilst curiously omitting mention of the details of the EMails.


Bill H,

With respect to the reporters, did anyone call the referenced person in Ukraine? Did anyone call the local FBI and ask what happened? Did anyone ask any of the Bidens? With respect to discrediting anyone associated with Trump, including Guliani, where have you been since 2016?


IRON CURTAIN - what an apt reference for these times of shameless, reckless, ruinous, fascist-like censorship, intellectual dishonesty, and utter hypocrisy.



I wrote a blog post on censorship, your second resonse about events 15 years ago is almost as long as what I wrote and is also irrelevant to what big tech is doing with the Hunter Biden story. Take your axe and animus against CSPAN elsewhere.

Eric Newhill

Apparently, in believing there is something to the Hunter Biden email story, you are the victim of yet another Russian misinformation operation designed to help their good friend Donald Trump. That was what I'm picking up from the MSM. The FBI is even about to confirm...er uh...I mean investigate, Russian involvement. You should be more careful! Thankfully, socially media continues to do their job of protecting you from the forces of evil! Can I get an "amen"?



Amen and don't you dare read that article about Hunter's "business associate" over on Breitbart, they've already been discredited.

Eric Newhill

Too late. I read it earlier today. But I swear I only so because I was just curious as to what kind of sinister misinformation those dastardly Ruskies are putting out there to defame noble Joe Biden and interfere with our system of government. And, to be clear, I only read Breitbart to see what Russia aligned far-right terrorist white supremacists are plotting. Have to be informed to be properly on guard, you know.

And if I was ever seen in a strip club, that wasn't me, but if it was, I was only there for the music.

No need to put me on a list, to deactivate my internet access or contact my employer to let HR know they have an employee wandering down the crooked path to the Wrong Side of History.


Fred, I don't understand the "Field" photo.

What is burning?

nb. Ironic that you censored my comment that detailed the way that groups given a platform by C Span are using the US legal system to **censor** people who legitimately sought to speak out against the proposed, and now effected, removal of the statue of Robert E Lee in Charlottesville.



When you live in a concrete jungle and the building burn down you are left with a field of concrete dreams.

This is a private blog, not a commercial enterprise, to which I have been granted the privelege of writing commentary. I deleted you 600+ words, as I felt them to be nothing more than irrelevant trolling. Long and irreleven commentary being one of the halmarks of trolling. But since you are requesting politely I'll post them in their entirety over on an open thread, and perhaps our host will publish them.

You can complain to C-SPAN about their actions from 15 years ago here:
Good luck.



Fred, A conflict involving Connie Doebele and Deborah Lipstadt that occurred 15 years ago made a deep impression on me: Doebele, one of C Span's pioneers, was arranging a book event featuring Lipstadt's book on her legal battle with David Irving. Producer Doebele proposed an appearance by Irving in the course of the program. Lipstadt objected vehemently, arranged for op-eds attacking C Span and Doebele; arranged for academics to write letters and sign petitions vilifying Doebele and C Span. In the aftermath, C Span manager Richard Weinstein discussed the affair with Doebele. Among the criticisms of Doebele's proposal was her use of the word "balance," to explain Irving's inclusion; Lipstadt complained that C Span attempted to "balance" the holocaust narrative. The Weinstein-Doebele interview stuck in my memory as having diminished Doebele, whom I greatly admire. Before preparing this response to your comment, I reviewed that conversation, and it was far more "balanced" and respectful than the version in my memory bank. But the fact remains that the point of view of Deborah Lipstadt holds far more sway over journalism in general, including C Span programming, as well as in academia and 'entertainment', than does any other perspective on history and especially history of the world wars. Perhaps, also, I'm overly sensitive, having just finished re-reading Jodi Picoult's "Small Great Things," published in 2016. A year or so ago C Span featured a dozen authors of fiction, among them Picoult. Her novels treat of culture war issues; Small Great Things is about a Black nurse who was told by the "white supremacist" father of a newborn not to touch his child. That nurse is the only person present when the newborn experiences medical trouble and dies; the parents sue the nurse. Picoult explained that a 2012 incident in Detroit provided the kernel of the novel: a Black nurse was told by a "white supremacist" not to touch his newborn child; he rolled up his sleeve and displayed a swastika tattoo. But the Detroit child didn't die, the parents didn't sue (in Detroit, the nurse/s sued the hospital), and none of the scenes of "white supremacist" mayhem did not take place in Detroit: they were elements of Picoult's imagination. At the end of the book, Picoult "redeems" the white supremacist who then works for ADL speaking to school children and community groups about how "hate" such as his ---> holocaust. (Among other things, I find it problematic that matters of racism in USA are conflated with "swastika" and holocaust.) I find that deeply objectionable. The demonized character of the "white supremacist" is a work of fiction, woven from Picoult's imagination, with substantial input from ADL. C Span highlights Picoult's work, and C Span frequently features other work from ADL or its fellow travelers. C Span does not present a "balancing" narrative. This is both significant and pertinent: groups -- specifically, a Jewish 501c3 seed-funded by ADL -- has brought a civil suit against organizers of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Their goal is to "crush . . . silence . . . bankrupt . . . cause them to spend the rest of their lives unable to protect themselves from garnishments . . ." those protesters. In an appearance on C Span, members of this organization, Integrity First for America, stated that the "torchlight parade" was "Nazi-like;" that the Charlottesville event made them fear another holocaust; that it indicated "another increase in antisemitism;" that they worked closely with ADL and that their views and goals were supported by FBI. In my opinion, the agenda of Integrity First for America (IFA) is contrary to what America stands for. Having worked with some of the finest legal talent in Charlottesville, it is appalling, yet understandable, that no one in that legal community is willing to confront the power of IFA. If C Span is as "balanced" as it purports to be, then it is past time for a forthright and extensive conversation about the origins and agenda of zionism, of ADL and associated organizations and their (outsized) influence on American culture, society and politics.

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