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13 October 2020


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The 3 stoogettes.


The nastier the better. The disgrace will be theirs for all to see. ACB can take it.


Did Hirano ask if Barrett had ever sexually assaulted or harassed anyone because tomorrow Harris and Booker, or Hooker and Booker, will double team reading anonymous "letters" from everyone Barrett had sexuallly harassed and attacked from kindergarten onwards?

Then they will demand a two week long "investigation" and vote delay. Just in time for the McSalley special election Senate race to be decided. Stripping one GOP vote away, unless Murkowski breaks from her Alaska teacher union sell out and does the right thing.

Peter VE

I live in hope that a Senator will ask her whether she agrees with the headnotes to Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad, which extended the rights enumerated in the Constitution to unnatural persons.
I know it won't happen, since both parties are perfectly happy to do the bidding of their corporate masters, but a man can dream.


"Women's Lib" comes full circle when a woman can face down contrived assaults from hostile and partisan Senate committee members,....... and take it like a woman.

No tears, no flounces out the door, no fainting couches, nope she takes this full frontal attack with calm dignity and reasoned responses, even if she still has a little girl voice and dated hairstyle. Take that, Amy. And thank you for making character and intelligence the real measures of any person.


Yes, Peter VE, much mischief has flowed from granting personhood to corporations. We mere mortal meatbags are reduced to afterthoughts, if that.

Alas, we seem to be stuck with that horror, and corporate charters to which adherence is mandatory are gone as well.

So so call them Immortal and All-Powerful, particularly in this, Their global playpen of labor arbitrage, and transnational capital flows.

All the more reason for functional Westphalian nation states, eh?



OK. This didn't happen, but I would bet some of my own money (not) that they are digging like crazy looking for something with which they can "demand" an investigation and delay.



I saw this article and had to take a step back. I don't use game systems, but I imagine that there are those in the retired community who do. Seems that the thought police are at work now on the play station. The ADL has partnered with play station to snitch on play station users, and it also seems they've successfully pressured Facebook to do the same. What would our founding fathers would say?

I'm wondering how many legal challenges to this overreach will take place.

After Partnering With ADL, PlayStation Releases Update to Spy On Users' Voice Chat For 'Violations'



So the FBI chief hid the info from Congress and the Executive Branch? Hmmm..... When will this travesty be addressed by the SCOTUS? Wray and his associates who suborned evidence need to be stripped of their credentials and prosecuted for withholding evidence, for starters.

CONFIRMED: FBI Chief Chris Wray Hid Information from the Public, Congress and Executive Branch that Absolved President Trump During Impeachment (VIDEO)




EA is going woke, to quickly go broke from the look of it. Conformity culture being imposed from the left should not be a surprise, while someone might have a legal cause of action, just what are they going to do without pockets as deep as Sony or EA? You would have thought they might have learned something from gamergate.

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