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20 October 2020


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where does it come from?? off the east coast of the usa?? i have never had swordfish before.. bon appetite!


night view. Never ate swordfish. Is this how it is cut?



It has a structure similar to beef and is generally cut into steaks an inch to an inch and a half thick.



https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swordfish found in every Ocean, IMO the king of the seas



Being the king of the seas is great, but being the top of the food chain also means the highest mercury concentration.

Take care to not eat too much!



Do not take counsel of your fears.


thanks pat... it shows a map where they are in the pacific, but i have never heard anyone catching one off the westcoast of canada.. i think the water is too cold for them..





thanks pat... they say in the link "Most of the harvest is sold through the Honolulu Fish Auction while some boats market their catch directly. Seattlefishcompany.com works with importers and West Coast Suppliers to guarantee daily shipments of premium, fresh Pacific Sword."

have you ever been to pike place market?? they sell a lot of fish there and it is a fun place to visit.. i could probably find it in vancouver, but i don't recall seeing anyone selling it on vancouver island where i am.. i will look into it.. thanks..

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