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13 October 2020


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In the view of these twisted politicians, all police are bad, not just a few “bad apples”.

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." The cops, the lawyers, the state governments, the bureaucrats, the Feds - all of them have shocking levels of power of the common citizen.

At some point, if most of a police department is corrupt, the few remaining good apples must wonder whether it is better to resign or to sink imperceptibly into the corruption.

How many bad apples are there? How many non-rotten apples tolerate the existence of rotten apples in their departments? How many bad apples conspire behind the blue wall of silence? I don't have answers. I am tempted to cite the most shocking cases and assume that they are typical. Of course, if the worst cases were typical, bad cops would only be outed on purpose by worse cops.

Here is a difficult story.


I assume that many of the cops in the department were good apples. But even so, I believe that the entire criminal punishment paradigm has severe, far-reaching problems. The problem is not that the power of a badge corrupts. The problem is that ALL power over humans corrupts. How can a society salvage the best of its good apples while preventing the bad apples from harming new victims?


re: " The fight against the Nazis, the fascists and Imperial Japan remains the shining, defining moment for our nation. America, notwithstanding our mistakes, has sought to build and restore rather than subjugate foreign lands and make them our servants."

Heretic that it brands me, I think this statement is profoundly misguided.

The era of the world wars is STILL presented as triumphalist narrative; in my view, labeling that narrative as propagandistic is not too strong. One important piece of evidence in support of that notion is that "revision" of the dogmatized narrative is criminalized in many nations and approaching that level of censorship in USA.

In the Judaic, the Christian and also the Roman Catholic traditions, efforts to convert the Other to one's own form of belief in order to ensure the Other's "salvation" is fundamental. I have come to believe it is wrongheaded, based on hubris, the source of imposition of a great deal of suffering, and in the end, only a smokescreen for the proselytizer - aggressor's underlying motivation, the Will to Power.


It’s a time to renew Reagan’s vision of America as a City on a Hill. Inspiring other and giving hope to a dark world.

You never before seemed to support the idea that the US is the paragon of virtue, the model of Christian virtue, a shining city on a hill. Looking down on the rest of the Earthlings? Quite the opposite, you seemed to challenge it via the American interest. Realism vs Utopia.

I must have misunderstood you profoundly. I surely never realized you are a dreamer ...

Hmmm, ok, the American interest is its moral superiority?

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