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24 September 2020


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The Hunter Biden evidence of shady dealings as reported by the Senate was dispatched down the memory hole in record time by the MSM. What's laughable is that it points to Biden family collusion with Russians. Imagine that. Talk about inconvenient truths...

I'm not naive enough to presume Biden's corruption is unique, but rather business as usual among many Washington, DC lifers. Still, over the years, I've read several news items about Joe Biden in particular having used his brothers, sister and son as essentially bagmen for Biden family ill-gotten gains. Simply put, Joe's a prime example of shameless self-dealing that goes on in our nation's capitol, no doubt on a bi-partisan basis. Here's a more recent item that concisely summarizes some of the corrupt/questionable Biden family dealings:



"Cofer is linked directly to Senator Mitt Romney..."

I wondered why Romney cared enough about Hunter Biden to openly criticize this investigation in the press. Now we know.

robt willmann

The journalist Sharyl Attkisson wrote in October 2019 about former CIA official Cofer Black joining the Burisma board of directors in 2017. She cited an article in the Huffington Post from 22 February 2017 that announced it. The Huffington article said--

"According to President of Burisma Group Nikolay Zlochevskyi, 'We are excited that Mr. Black has agreed to serve as a member of Burisma’s Board...Burisma is expanding into new and emerging markets and is actively pursuing global energy projects'."


Gasp. Does Burisma actually market fossil fuels? How could any Democrat go anywhere near such a non-green abomination. Shocked, i tell you I am shocked.


Fun fact: Zlochevsky (Burisma boss) is barely B tier in terms of Oligarch tier list in Ukraine.

He picked up Hunter Biden because he was so damned fucking cheap (50K per month? Chump change). A tier Oligarchs like Pinchuk and Poroshenko (pinchuk basically bought the Clinton foundation) have invested far more serious money in far more serious power brokers.

I mean, Hillary or Chelsea would not get out of bed for 50K.

Another fun fact, Biden is actually dirt poor for a professional corporate hitmen who served moneyed interests that long. The average congress critter is far more expensive then him.

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