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20 September 2020


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POLITICO (no friend of Trump) weighs in on Judge Lagoa: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/19/what-you-need-to-know-about-barbara-lagoa-418437

Eric Newhill

I don't know about the Obamacare angle. Now that the mandate to have insurance has been removed (by Trump a couple of years ago), I don't know what there is about it to take the Supreme Court. Also, when covid ends in the second week of this Nov and the economy picks up again under Trump, ACA enrollment will be back to trending toward minimal (around 8.5 million total enrolled nationwide last January, down from 12.5 million a couple years prior. Insurance companies have figured out how to deal with, price, etc pre-existing conditions. There really is no reason to go after the ACA other than the subsidies cost the govt a little money. I think Trump is happy enough to keep it going. Shutting it down at this point would be purely for ideological revenge against Obama's "legacy" and IMO Trump is not that ideological or stupid. He might just tweak it a little more, but, again, that doesn't require the Supremes. There's no there, there. I have worked (senior manager) on ACA implementation and improvement for one of the big insurance companies for a few years.


Trump is playing 4-D Chess with the liberals who are locked in their 2-D mode.



The left's media allies are already setting the narrative.


SCOTUS is ripe for interpretation of ........"under the jurisdiction thereof" in the US Constitution citizenship clause.

How will a strict constructionist Cuban heritage jurist rule on that? My guess is just the opposite from what the current "wise Latina" on the bench would rule. Does one strictly define the express terms written by the Founders; or does one insert their own activist social agenda into the ruling on that term.

What will ..."under the jurisdiction thereof" ... mean to this new court?
Does merely crossing a national border put one "under the jurisdiction" of the United States; or does holding a valid non-resident, non-citizen visa subject put one under the jurisdiction there of the United States.

What arguments did Judge Lagoa make in the Elian Gonzales case, that ultimately repatriated a minor non US child back to Cuba, who had arrived in the US via the boat people migrations.


Pelosi has nefarious plans

"We Have Our Options": Pelosi Doesn't Rule Out Impeachment Over Supreme Court Pick


Dave Schuler

The irony of that is that Democrats seem to be committed to dumping the Affordable Care Act themselves. Remember during the debates? Most of those running for the nomination raised their hands in support of "Medicare For All". The caravan has moved on and Democrats don't support the ACA any more. How much does Biden's promise to expand the ACA actually mean? I don't think it means anything.

Someone should insist that Speaker Pelosi pledge not to change the ACA. That would be amusing.



IMO, if the House Dems were to actually try this stunt, especially given recent polling which suggests that more than 60% of Americans favor filling the seat ASAP, we might actually see a unified government under complete Republican control come January 2021. Any swing state Democrat should run as far as possible from this plan. Of course, they have proven themselves to be the most incompetent and deranged opposition party in modern American history, so anything is possible with them.


Solid reports the votes are there; now we just need the candidate. And some popcorn when we watch Kamala Harris make a bloody fool of herself again.

Smart move would be for Democrats to just accept this and get back to selling America they are the better choice; not an ugly pack of braying obstructionists .They lost in 2016 and they finally need to accept this and now is the moment.

Onwards to 2020 on the issues, Democrats. Not just the politics of personal destruction. Give it your best shot with your very best team. (Cough, cough, cough). Rest assured California is now bristling with Biden-Harris yard signs all over the nicer neighborhoods - and one can only say ....what are they thinking? Not even a shred of embarrassment about either of their team. This is so odd.

The union orthodoxy runs loud in these people.


Re. California.
I have visited the state many times and travelled end to end.
I always felt that I was dealing with children in adult bodies.
There is something childlike about the whole place.
So, their politics doesn't surprise me.


NYTimes is saying Trump will nominate Barrett on Saturday.


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