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05 September 2020


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It is the CCP that is attempting to steal territory in the Himalaya and threatening in waters in the east.


The Ayatollah is also just another cynical and hypocritical leader. The claims of being a beacon for the Muslim faith is just that. On his knee with a begging bowl while the Chinese communists commit genocide of Muslims.


Interesting pic of some PLA troops at Rezang La pass. They are reportedly just 200 yards from and Indian Army outpost. What kind of melee weapons are they carrying? Looks like a dao sword or a meat cleaver on a staff.




The reality is that there can be no independent reporting of these clashes. They are occurring in high mountain areas where there is no normal human habitation. Even the Reuters report I read would have to been sourced from both Chinese official sources or Indian military spokesmen. At least in India reporters and independent journalists would have the ability to interview soldier’s families to get some color.

In the Galwan clashes it is clear an Indian army Lt. Col. was killed. There are images of the funeral and video interviews of the family. There have also been video of funerals of other soldiers. It is highly unlikely that there would not have been any Chinese casualties. The Chinese while not disclosing any numbers have acknowledged deaths on both sides.

While I agree with you that skepticism is warranted in any reporting, in this incident the basic story reported in the US passes the smell test.

Babak makkinejad


Hey, the Ayatollah is not holding you back Jack. Please, parachute into Sin Kiang at your convenience anytime you want.

Send us a post card from yet another war of choice.



I wasn't questioning the basic story of the incident, I was disputing your implication that the Indians handled the incident well.

Because judging by how the Indian media responded vs how the Chinese responded tells me a very different story. I won't speak for the Chinese but I know full well of how Indians can be full of bluster and bombast.

I also take note that your anti-chinese bias throughout your commentary here might be seriously clouding your analysis. You seem to be giving the impression that the current tensions in the LAC is solely because of the China, without acknowledging the Indian governments recent actions as well. Namely the revocation of article 370 and an Indian Minister declaring that India will reclaim Chinese controlled Aksai Chin.

It takes two to tango, and in the real world both sides bear responsiblity for the recent tensions in Ladakh, contrary to your manichean "China = evil" narrative.



Anti-CCP, yes. Anti-Chinese, no. Don’t conflate the two.

I have no dog in the fight between the Indian military and the PLA. Although I would root for the Indian military if a war breaks out. However, I am very happy that the Trump administration and the Modi government as well as many other governments are no longer giving a free pass to the totalitarian Xi and his CCP.



I’m waiting for the disingenuous Ayatollah to stop lecturing everyone about how he’s the epitome of the good muslim for all the faifthful to follow. He’s just another politician using religion for his own power.

Babak makkinejad


He is all of that: "the epitome of the good muslim for all the faifthful to follow".

He also has shohud, look it up,شهود.

He is also an extremely well educated man, a real intellectual, and a great statesman and strategist.

No comparable man has existed in the West for centuries, except, very distantly, Pope John Paul II.

It was your loss that you did not take advantage of his 2 letters to the European youth and his cease-fire deal called JCPOA; those gave you a fig leaf to climb down from your fruitless religious war perch and enact a Generalized Cease Fire: in Palestine, in the Levant, in North Africa, in the Persian Gulf.



How do you square the fact that if he’s such a good man and no comparable man exists for centuries, that he would condone the genocide of his fellow muslims for a few yuan from the godless communists?

Doesn’t add up. His actions betray that he’s just another conniving politician. Talk is cheap and so is arm waving.

Babak makkinejad


When be hearing the speech of Initiates of Heart,
Call it not False
Words' Worth you cannot grasp,
There lies the Fault.


A good description of what’s going on in Eastern Ladakh.




"Anti-CCP, yes. Anti-Chinese, no. Don’t conflate the two."

Spare me this spin. As authoritarian as the Chinese government is, The CCP enjoys much broad support amongst the population, probably the most support since their founding. People who keep blathering on about being "anti-ccp but not anti-chinese' are being obtuse at best and disingenuous at worst.

And if hypothetically the CCP were to fall tomorrow, I suspect you would not like the democratically elected government that would replace them. In fact, the sudden demise of the CCP and the rise of a democratically elected, nationalistic Chinese government would almost be worth it just to see how proponents like you would then try to spin your anti-chinese bias as not being anti-chinese.



How do you know the CCP has “much broad support among the population”? Are you a self-hating Indian?


"How do you know the CCP has “much broad support among the population”?"

Go read comments on weibo. go read comments on bilibili or tudou. The chinese in general are a very nationalistic bunch. And in many cases the CCP actually has to try and reign it in, lest the nationalism forces their hand in cases where they rather it would not.

The PRC is not North Korea. Go visit China, you'll be surprised at the level of frankness the average chinese citizen will convey to you. If your automatic response is to claim they are simply brainwashed into supporting the CCP, well then you have a very infantile view of chinese people at large. Just like the leftists in the United States have an infantile view of Trump supporters and the right in general.

"Are you a self-hating Indian?" Is this your best retort? No I'm an Indian who celebrates my rich and deep culture on a daily basis. But I'm no sheep and I try my best to leave my biases at the door, unlike you apparently. I don't swallow the BS that regularly comes out the mouth of Indian media and the Indian government either. Like I said, I know very well the bluster and blather my people are quite fond of engaging in. I see it at the dinner table all the time. Your cheap attempt at an insult not withstanding, I'm an Indian who subscribes to the realism school of thought, not fantasy.

blue peacock


I don't want to get in the middle of the food fight between you and Jack. But...."read comments on weibo. go read comments on bilibili or tudou." as a marker for support of the CCP is absurd. No one expresses any criticism of Xi and the CCP unless they want an immediate midnight knock and a quick trip to the re-education center.

Mr Xi did not invent this ideological project but he has hugely reinvigorated it. For the first time since Mao we have a leader who talks and acts like he really means it.

And he is pushing communist ideology at a time when the idea of “communism” is as unattractive as it has been at any time in the past 100 years. All that remains is an ideology of power, dressed up as patriotism, but that doesn’t mean it cannot work.

Already, Xi has shown that the subversive promise of the internet can be inverted. In the space of five years, with the assistance of Big Data science and Artificial Intelligence, he has been bending the Internet from an instrument of democratisation into a tool of omniscient control. The journey to Utopia is still in progress but first we must pass through a cyber-enabled dystopia in order to defeat the forces of counter-revolution.

The audacity of this project is breathtaking. And so too are the implications.

The challenge for us is that Xi’s project of total ideological control does not stop at China’s borders. It is packaged to travel with Chinese students, tourists, migrants and especially money. It flows through the channels of the Chinese language internet, pushes into all the world’s major media and cultural spaces and generally keeps pace with and even anticipates China’s increasingly global interests.


You can dismiss it all you want and you can believe the CCP is synonymous with the Chinese people and Chinese nationalism. Of course if you are a communist sympathizer that would fit perfectly.


blue peacock,

"But...."read comments on weibo. go read comments on bilibili or tudou." as a marker for support of the CCP is absurd."

More infantile analysis of mainland china. You outright dismiss the fact that you can have actual conversations with mainland chinese people on those sites, but you prefer treating them like NPCs instead, cause once again it fits your bias. Go ahead and visit those sites, and actually engage them. You will be shocked at how supportive they generally are for Chinese policy in general. Foreign and domestic. And

"No one expresses any criticism of Xi and the CCP unless they want an immediate midnight knock and a quick trip to the re-education center."

You only get on the CCP's radar if they determine that the level of criticism and online activity has the potential to morph into something that can actually challenge their rule. Otherwise they generally do not concern themselves what 1 billion chinese discuss online. Once again, the PRC is not North Korea.

As for the piece you linked: More drivel. the CCP has never stopped being communist. Marxist thought and education has and still is a requirement at the university level in the PRC, so I don't know what this nonsense is about communist being revived over there, it never really went away. There are too many shallow analysis on China lately painting Xi Jinping as Mao returned. But the reality is that he is a bureaucrat who answers to the politburo and the retired elders, not the other way around. He isn't even as powerful as Jiang Zemin, let alone Mao or Deng.

The fact of the matter is as China grows stronger, they will become more and more assertive, CCP or no CCP. And that's what we are seeing now as a result.

"You can dismiss it all you want and you can believe the CCP is synonymous with the Chinese people and Chinese nationalism. Of course if you are a communist sympathizer that would fit perfectly."

More ad hominem drivel. Because I speak to actual chinese people and generally see a trend of them having broad support for the CCP and being incredibly nationalistic, I must therefore be a communist sympathizer. It can't be because my analysis is actually closer to the truth. I always wondered just how neocons remain in power for so long, but speaking to you and Jack, I can now see how. Ideology runs strong.

Btw communism was as much a scourge on the 20th century as fascism was, so you can take your accusation leveled at me and shove it where the sun don't shine. I don't take kindly to being called a communist sympathiser.


Vince, “...subscribes to the realism school of thought..”, while demonstrating no understanding of the reality of the CCP ideology. Lol!

you’re spot on about the blather from your dining table.


Jack & BC,

To add to Vince's point of the "broad support to CCP":

Everyone needs to carefully separate the various strands here: Nationalism is not the CCP is not the Chinese is not the Han Chinese, etc. But there are a lot of overlap among all of them, too.

"Anti-CCP but China-friendly" is oftentimes a useless distinction.

The commies wrote into law (on their own) that the Chinese borders are inviolable; that no political leader can give up any Chinese territory on his own. Nightwatch emphasized this often, RIP. So all Chinese CCP leaders need to aggressively contest any and all potential territorial incursions, land, sea, and air. Any future Chinese leader will need to do that, too, for the foreseeable future. Chinese Nationalism is ascendant like everywhere else.

The Chinese people generally support the CCP's foreign policy. They [mostly Han] definitely support all of the CCP's border policies, including SCS, HK, Taiwan, Senkaku, and India. There is a lot of grumbling about the Chinese investments in Africa being wasteful, less (but still a lot) grumbling about OBOR spending. But there is a consensus on the national strategy. There is a very lively debate in China on its foreign policy, but the focus is tactical, not strategic.

The CCP censors care far more about domestic policy dissent and criticism. That's where the disappearances are, mostly.

We also need to separate the elite power competition away from the domestic political mood. The elites have multiple power arenas (civil service [CCP], academia, business, military, cultural), and China is huge. So the elite power struggles are very diffused. The CCP-related competition only matters for the civil service / politics, which is a small component of people's lives there. To think Chinese people care about politics, is an American-liberal bias.

Now, religion is an interesting and emerging power-center. Given the Chinese history of religious heresies and cults, religion is a far bigger threat to the CCP regime than budding democrats. [Speaking of Vikasi, Tibetan Buddhism was very popular in Han lands Tang-to-Qing, and the populist backlash against the perceived Tibetan Missionaries' excesses drove some of the hostilities.] [Also why the CCP took Falun Gong seriously, and rigorously monitors the Christians.]


"you’re spot on about the blather from your dining table."

don't sell yourself short, you'd fit right in there, uncle.

"while demonstrating no understanding of the reality of the CCP ideology. Lol!"

speaking of blather, how about you educate me on how China or the CCPs current actions don't reflect real politik, but instead reflects their ideology, since you seemingly have such a grasp of it right?

blue peacock

"But the reality is that he is a bureaucrat who answers to the politburo and the retired elders, not the other way around."

Goes to show your level of sophistication!!

But... Vince claims he interacts on Chinese social media sites and so is now an expert on China's internal politics and understands it better than John Garnaut. ROFLMAO!!

Hey Vince, did you lie on your immigration application?

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