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05 September 2020


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Brilliant tour de force!


Kenosha mile
Liked that one!
Mostly peaceful felons were only jogging.


Fred, thanks for putting that together. I'm thinking Trump just might take NY this election, that would be as delicious as Nancy's ice cream.


Col Lang has been right about their being a Command Post, it's called the Transition Integrity Project (TIP).




More like this harassment and disruption of diners in Rochester by BLM and who knows how New Yorkers vote?


There’s no way Biden and the Democrats can disassociate from BLM now.


And then there’s this !!


These people are nuts!


USA is the Swamp. A lot of us here in Europe pray for you, and not only because were are the Sewer.

blue peacock

The CCP's attempt to steal a few hundred meters of territory in the Ladakh region has boomeranged on them.

India is a huge consumer of cheap Chinese products. Now more than a hundred Chinese apps from TikTok to WeChat and Alipay are banned in India. Many other products are being curtailed. China's annual exports to India is around $80 billion. Not a small amount.

With significant attention in the US on CCP IP theft, espionage, and mercantilism and with tariffs on Chinese goods, the possibility is that a Trump win will only ratchet up the pressure. Many US companies are beginning to hedge their Chinese supply chains. Apple for example is putting together a huge manufacturing capability in India reducing their Chinese footprint.

The Wuhan virus have given many people pause on how much integration do they really want wth the CCP-run China. It is unlikely the CCP will continue to get a pass as they have over the past 30 years.

Xi has to become even more repressive to insure his own survival against others in the CCP who are looking for weakness. IMO, China is heading into a period of great instability with an over-sized banking system reminiscent of Japan's in the late 80s. In such situations paramount leaders many times miscalculate.

This talk by Australian John Garnaut is very interesting if you want to get another perspective on Xi's China.




I believe that comment belongs under a different posting. However, Xi is serving as a great example for Nancy and company's campaign of repression.


Blue Peacock, I am humbled by your post and John Garnauts lecture. I will try and seek him out.

blue peacock

Apologies Fred. Pilot error. It was meant for J's thread on the Vikasi.

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