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14 September 2020


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That sounds like an excuse for barbarism, but at least it empowers lawyers.


Babak, You forget the 100,000's Hutus in Rwanda who had fled the Tutsi genocide on Hutus in Burundi in 1972. They were a group that happily would see Tutsis chop to pieces.


Mark K Logan


All violence is barbaric, I suppose. But stopping the hacking to death of 800,000 civies seems a valid excuse.

There's an old film with the late-great John Hurt called "Shooting Dogs" worth a view. It's a dramatization of the true story of a Catholic priest who tried to shelter some folks when that was going on.


A spooky aspect of this film is it was done at the actual compound where the priest had attempted to shelter people in Rwanda...and the extras they used were local men, many of whom had participated in the slaughter.

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