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20 September 2020


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Schools and churches are voting places. They are closed in lots of democratic party controlled places, which suppressed the vote?

blue peacock
DER SPIEGEL: Barack Obama undoubtedly had his arrogant moments and an intellectual arrogance too. But he also had an ability to speak from the heart in his desire to overcome divisions. Look at his speech at the funeral service in Charleston in 2015, where nine members of a Black church had fallen victim to an attack while praying in church. They came to the memorial service full of rage. Obama held the eulogy and then sang "Amazing Grace” to help relieve their anger. The speech he gave was one of the greatest presidential political speeches in recent years.

Sandel: Yes, that’s true. He was more eloquent than any other political figure in my lifetime on racial equality. I think history will look back positively on Obama and view him as an inspiring figure. When he ran for office in 2008, he inspired a kind of moral and civic idealism that we had not seen in generations. But 2008 was also the peak of the financial crisis. And on economic issues, he embraced neoliberal globalization. When it came time to reform and restructure the financial industry, he bailed out the banks without holding them accountable for their irresponsible behavior, and did little to help ordinary citizens who had lost their homes. Lingering anger at the bailout fueled a politics of protest - on the left, the Occupy movement and the candidacy of Bernie Sanders; on the right, the Tea Party movement and the election of Trump.


From a liberal viewpoint, this interview of Michael Sandel provides an interesting perspective on the Trump phenomenon. J.D.Vance in his Hillbilly Elegy describes well the humiliation of the working class who culturally are split, with some aligned to the “right” and others to the “left”. The fact is that both the “conservative” and “liberal” political leadership across both parties have enabled and encouraged and profited from the globalist oligarchy.

How many know that “conservative” jurist Amy Coney Barrett helped gut the Do Not Call list in the service of corporate interests? They are not originalists in the sense of giving precedence to protecting the natural rights of individuals. It seems that both liberals and conservatives in jurisprudence are happy to trade-off individual liberty for either more power to the state or corporate interests.




there are NO credible economic policy recommendations that any western government will at THIS point in time be willing to implement and see through to conclusion. all of them would involve wholesale abandonment of these politicans raison d' etre for being.

ergo, nothing will change until we crash and burn or they are so up against the wall that grudging changes will be implemented.

71 years of human experience has taught me that politicans largely do not come from societies higher capable gene pool (the kinds of people that create and make a running advanced civilization possible) so hoping for a soft landing imo is a fools errand.

western civilization has had a great run, more or less ruling the world since the 16th century, now when you look at our youth rioting incoherently expressing ideas that make no sense in how human nature actually works who will be the next generation to keep the machines running at peak capacity and invent the tools and theories to take us to the next level.

from my seat it appears that crown has moved to eurasia where even russia graduates far more engineers every year with half our population. forget china's numbers which are to scary to even mention.

there is no way our civilization can remain top shelf if we expend our talents creating the garbage like facebook, instagram and twitter and call that progress



I told her she should leave the Democrats. She has no place in todays far left Democrat Party and certainly not in Hawaii. We could find a nice safe district for her to start over again. What do you people have to offer her?


Colonel, Please reconsider banning Jack as he's been contributing
to your committee for a long time & has always been respectful.
My psych on Jack is he's an older guy, loves the outdoors, is a solid family man & an avid reader.

I can't imagine Jack being willingly dumped out the tumbrils without
a hell of a good fight. I think he was only pointing out the obstacles ahead on the road to preserving our Republic, rather than
tossing in the white towel.



He has to ask.

The Twisted Genius

EEngineer and pl,

You’re right. Tulsi is young and can afford to politically wait out the ongoing craziness in both the Democratic and Republican Parties. Who knows what will become of them in the next few years.

In the meantime, she is very much a progressive, just not in perfect lock-step with the current Progressive darlings. Tulsi was an early supporter of the GND, but is not a co-sponsor due to her objection to the GND’s willingness to allow nuclear power as a step to 100% clean energy. She supports Medicare for All and universal guaranteed income payments. She personally participated in the Standing Rock Water Protectors protests against DAPL, and aggressively protests and legislates against the US Navy’s fuel storage at Red Hill in support of Hawaiian water rights.

She supports many gun control measures including banning military style assault rifles and high capacity magazines, strict pre-purchase background checks and closing the gun show loophole.

She supports DACA, the DREAM Act and immigrant rights. Wants immigration reform, but not open borders. She also supports women’s rights including the right to abortion. That litmus test is enough to ban her from the Republican Party.

She is fervently and consistently anti-war. She supports talking with NK, Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal, and getting out of all wars with the notable exception of crushing the jihadis. She sees no distinction between IS die-hard jihadis and the so-called moderate rebels. she supported legislation to keep US arms out of all their hands and calls for ending all assistance to the Saudi’s war in Yemen. She is against the trade war with China and Trump’s confrontational stance toward China.

Tulsi embodies the spirit of Aloha and Ohana and is clearly capable of forging and following her own path. I can grok that. Perhaps it’s because of my time with the pig hunters and pakalolo growers in the Ko’olau Mountains and the paniolos of Maui. I wish her well and hope she eventually emerges as a national leader.



Where you stand depends on where you sit. She will be much happier with us.


I didn't see myself as a Trump supporter until 2017 - Inauguration Day in fact. Now I can't see myself as anything else. I was worried he would become a Schwarzenegger RINO. I am not afraid any longer.

Tulsi may become, as I was, finally repelled by what the Democrat Party has become. She has been mugged by the Democrats, so she does need some deep soul searching to see if she is still a good fit in this party or not.


Trump recognizes the destructive influence of Cultural Marxism (he doesn't actually call it that)and critical race theory. Conservative politicians have ignored the take over of our educational system for the last 50 to 60 years. Now there are enough brainwashed youth and middle-age radicals to believe they have the power to over throw the system and build their imaginary utopia. Trump is brave enough to to counter the threat head on. A portion of his speech.



Tulsi has publicly called Trump "unfit to serve". No way will she flip and join the GOP unless sometime in the future they return to their long forgotten moderate roots and rid the party of Trumpists.

Or she may go independent, or with the Greens. I'd support her. Or if Biden wins he may offer her a job in his administration.


Marxist rule ? That would suggest a Dem White House and Dem Senate.
I suggest that the first physical opposition to enforcement of Khmer-Dem 'progressive' legislation at State level would involve regional or rural law enforcement siding with the disaffected and very deplorable local citizenry in specific areas.
And, solid Republican States may in entirety cease to allow Federal enforcement of anything produced by a Marxist US Government.
This would be a series of events based around the rural /urban and Red State / Blue State divides, and not at the point of origin in DC.

After that ? A protracted stalemate not involving the US military in any form; their inevitable wargaming ex's would have stopped with some nightmarish outcomes.



Nah! Politicians are endlessly malleable and willing to kiss and make up.


Some are, some are not. It will be interesting to see what Tulsi will do in the future. I wish her well. The big question in my mind is will Kamala Harris decide to kiss and make up after the shellacking Tulsi gave her in the primary debates. Same question for Samantha Power and the R2P crowd of the Democratic party who gutted Tulsi politically after she visited Syria.

Her PAC is reportedly giving campaign donations to progressive Democrats. In the 2018 election she gave PAC donations to House Democrats - and also to Beto O’Rourke and Kyrsten Sinema during their run for the Senate in Texas and Arizona. Plus she has given to other PACs and nonprofits associated with pro-choice causes.



Nah! They are all like that.


I would put good money on Tulsi eventually being a two-term POTUS. Eventually.

The short term path ? Any degree of Democrat success in November, including retaining the House, would feed a reward mechanism for their behavior over the last four years, leaving them with a choice of various paths of destruction down which they would eagerly hurl themselves with great fervor. A loss would promote a justifiable internal campaign of vengeful cannibalism.
A new party, or parties, of the Left would be likely outcomes.

One cannot blame Tulsi for sitting back, well clear, and making use of time. Perhaps she is familiar with Kipling's poem 'If'.

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