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24 September 2020


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Hick Canuck

I guess it could be self-consistent to say
1) that Soviet research began before Obama was in short pants, and
2) that Russia committed to taking up that research after ABM abandoned.

In your view is recent announcement of Russia / Syria cooperation on nuclear energy simply trolling Pompeus Maximus and his machinery? Maybe not RF's M.O., which would suggest something more substantive.


Yeah Whatever IV

Speculation ran wild [in some quarters] on motive to destroy Flynn/

Seemed to me investigating the general was a means to an end:
1] to keep any investigation of that leak from occurring; and

2] thus destroying him was the means, a distraction.

The criminal leak -- of the Kislyak/Flynn late Dec. 2016 phone calls -- to Washington Post sent to that paper on or about Jan. 6 2017, and published in an Ignatius column Jan. 12 2017 had major legal exposure issues.


To this day, not investigated, and thus no one charged with those crimes.

Today we find out Obama leaked that. Officially, according to a court filing, in Flynn case [based on redacted email message it was WH staff ["presidential daily briefing staff" "white house senior" staff, etc.] that leaked the calls to WAP.

Redacted emails apparently was in possession of Mueller's Special Counsel's Office SCO.

Link to that WAP column is below.

Ignatius posed four questions in it on Jan. 12, 2017.

Let's look at his third one again.

[[Question 3: What discussions has the Trump team had with Russian officials about future relations?]]

Ignatius asked this while in [recent] possession of the leaked Kislyak/Flynn phone call, compliments of Obama.

For what it is worth, this column states -- following this question: [[According to a senior U.S. government official, Flynn phoned Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak several times on Dec. 29. . .]]

I'll make this sentence clear, now: [[According to President Obama, Flynn phoned Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak several times on Dec. 29. . .]]

Had this column read accurately with this fact, at the time - which is a basic journalistic and routine function -- what would public reaction have been [at the time]?

Perhaps it would have made obvious Obama, revealing classified information about a telephone call with the incoming national security advisor who is a three star general, made obvious the sitting president was up to no good.

Obama would have looked like an idiot, in other words.

In other words: the whole thing would have been exposed on Jan. 12, 2017 for what it was -- sedition against the president-elect.

And the chief Obama butt licker Sally Yates did all she could to protrude this into endless scandal, ----to hide the actual scandal, of them and their comrades.




Suspicious death of Tesak in the labor colony where he is serving his sentence. What an arc for this guy over the past decade and a half, can't say I'm too surprised.


Russia is blasting both D.C.and the E.U. for meddling in Belarus internal affairs, as neither one is recognizing Lukashenko as the legitimate President of Belarus.

The Kremlin has a point. D.C.'s ramblings are like the pot calling the kettle black. Both the E.U. and D.C. are calling the demonstrations as the will of the Belarus population.

Excuse me, how can they call demonstrations of just over 100,000 as the will of the Belarusian population, especially since their 2019 census shows them just under 9,500,000 in population (2020 drops just a hair). Both D.C. and the E.U. need to retake their classes in math, and get their own houses in order.

Russia Blasts US & EU "Meddling" In Belarus As Both Declare Lukashenko Is Not President


NATO jets have changed war-game tactics, now routinely simulate MISSILE STRIKES against Russia – Defense Minister Shoigu



This one appears to have gotten the Kremlin's attention

SAM System That Guards Washington DC Just Made Its Lowest Ever Intercept Of A Mock Cruise Missile



Tikhanovskaya starts forming shadow govt of Belarus



Turkish servicemen present in Azerbaijan, directing military actions - Pashinyan


Keith Harbaugh

I am no expert on Russia, but even so the following, by John Hulsman, looks to me like an accurate analysis of Putin:

The Hill: The world according to Putin | TheHill.

Does anyone disagree?
Responding to that analysis, the U.S., IMO, should not waste its limited resources fighting the objectives attributed to Putin that are described in that article.
And if you do believe that it is the job of U.S. to enforce the value system you call "human rights", why focus your attention on Russia's neighbors?
Clearly there are areas in Africa and Asia where the situation is worse.


How much U.S. taxpayer money is being spent or wasted given your perspective by both State and CIA on the 'shadow government' of Belarus's dissenter Tikhanovskaya?

Such an operation will go nowhere IMO now that Lukashenko has cemented his Presidential position. Expect to see more and closer cooperation between Minsk and Moscow in their Military and Intelligence matters. Tikhanovskaya has become to use the term mildly, 'loose change'.

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