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11 September 2020


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It broke our hearts to lose them but them didn’t go alone,
For part of us went with them the day God called them home.

The Twisted Genius

I, also, was in Alexandria that day. I and a coworker from NSA were in my office overlooking the Potomac preparing for a meeting at FBI headquarters. We couldn't get our secure comms up due to a wonky encryption device so we heard nothing of the NYC attacks before we started the drive into DC. We thought the traffic was awfully heavy as we headed up the GW Parkway. I saw some black smoke ahead and figure it might be a bad car accident. As we got closer, we realized the smoke was far more than a car fire. It was the Pentagon. We turned on the car radio and heard what was happening. Obviously there was not going to be a meeting at FBI that day. We continued on the GW Parkway to see the east side of the Pentagon. The black smoke plume from the west side was massive by this time framed by two large American flags flying in front of the building. The cell phone circuits were overloaded and unavailable. It took several hours to make it back to our Alexandria office. When I finally got in contact with SWMBO, she told me she was happy that, for once, I told her where I was going to be that day. She was glad I was not at the Pentagon that day. The roads were so jammed, I couldn't leave for home until late evening. The two of us spent the rest of the day planning on redirecting our collection platform. We knew it was coming. GWOT was upon us.

I knew only one person well who died that day at the Pentagon. I worked closely with Chuck Sabin of the DIA Comptroller Office in setting up my collection platform. He was the most gracious man I knew and supremely skilled in his field. Every contact with this gentleman left me feeling uplifted and satisfied, whether I got everything I wanted or not.



I don't remember Sabin. His boss, Lou Prombain, was one of the worst assholes I ever knew in government. He knew the cost of everything and the value of nothing. I remember that at an offsite conference he started mocking the men of MACVSOG. He had been a comptroller puke in VN. I told him that he should be careful who he said that to. He looked even more pasty faced than usual after that.

The Twisted Genius


Prombain was universally despised. Perhaps that's what made Sabin such a breath of fresh air. On several occasions, I was able to change Prombain's overly cautious and parsimonious mind with the support of Sabin.


I did some research. The bum is still alive and lives in Mclean.


I was in grade school eating apple jelly beans from a recent trip to disney world, it was early in the morning not too long after 9 when my mother came to dismiss me from school along with a black friend of mine. We went to my home and watched the whole thing unfold on TV. The images that burned in my mind are of the people helplessly waving from the windows, holding out their bodies and waving things, images of people covered in dust like ghosts. But I was a kid, and at one point a fly was crawling over the camera as the towers were burning in the background, and me and my black friend started laughing at the fly. His mother came in and slapped him. So we went downstairs to play videogames


I was in my office at the (then) NASDAQ Data Center in CT. when I was paged to the computer room a little before 9, never a good sign.
I walked into the computer room just to see the second plane hit the WTC on the big TV set in the middle of the room.
Bedlam- would the NYSE open?
We found out that they couldn't, so we can't open.
For a computer system that's programmed to open a market(it's more complicated than ringing a bell) at a certain time, it's not that simple to halt it.
AND, as someone pointed out - dividends - at which time we had to explain stock dividends to the lawyers who ran NASDAQ at that time.
So, we opened the market at 9:30 and then shut it down.
In the 30 or so seconds that it was open, several trades were done and our market control people had to call those traders to cancel the trades.
The traders were in California and said that they didn't give a
f**k about what happened in NY and they had to trade.
Lesson: never let your daughter marry an equity trader.

scott s.

My wife was assigned to what was then PACOM J6. Her secretary always came in to work early and called her from the office. My wife was able to get out the door, into the car and into Camp Smith before they locked down all the installations (and effectively grid-locked Oahu).

Meanwhile we had a tenant in our house in MD who was a Navy LCDR in OPNAV in the Pentagon. He had a meeting but had gone back to his office to get his wallet. That saved his life.


It was a beautiful day in DC with hint of fall in the airI. I had decided to take a leisurely walk down 15th Street, rather than a cab, to my next appointment. Before I left, I had called a friend at another agency about this accident at the WTC & she told me that the rumor there was it probably wasn't an accident. I thought the plane crash was tragic, but still went on my walk.

I had to stop at the corner of 15th St. and New York Avenue. For those not familiar with D.C., it's the intersection adjacent to the blocked street in front of the Treasury Department and, next to it, the White House. I had to stop because black SUV after black SUV came speeding out of that previously blocked street.

While watching this, some tourists near me talked about how cool it was to see a motorcade. I shortly connected the dots and said it couldn't be a motorcade (I'd seen and waited through quite a few of them), that it was instead an evacuation, an evacuation of the White House. I didn't get to see their reaction because I turned on my heel, went back to my office to pick up my stuff, and started walking up to my home in Takoma Park MD (a good long walk, but a Good Samaritan after awhile gave me and an African American woman who had met up with on this long walk a ride up to the general area where our homes were. Our Good Samaritan said she'd always wanted to repay someone for somone's kindness to her sister back when another terrorist event happened in DC back in the 60's-70's.

As a side note, we had in intern then in our office from China. He left shortly after because he thought the US was too violent & he didn't want to stay. On the other hand, he was a newlywed away from his bride...

Lord Curzon

London, Docklands: in an office near the top floor in a tall building that looked directly on to the HSBC building and a cluster of others, with aircraft coming in to land at the nearby Docklands airport.

A colleague leans round his computer and announces," A plane has just crashed into the World Trade Centre!".
I turned to him and said," You've been reading too much Tom Clancy!", but immediately went on to the BBC news website to confirm. A TV was switched on and we all saw the second plane go in, and we all suddenly knew everything had changed.
Eyes went straight to the windows, to the flight path outside, almost expecting to see the next plane making its approach to Docklands Airport veer into a building.
Then the phones went crazy.


I was in downtown NYC (Tribecca) in a large loft building. I think Col. Lang is familiar with the building. When the first plane hit, one of my colleagues heard it fly overhead before it hit the WTC. I didn't. He said that he thought a plane had hit. I pooh poohed the idea. Another colleague ran in from the back where we had a gym, to tell us a plane had hit. After a while i decided to take a ride down the elevator to street level to smoke a cigarette and clear my head. Ironically, in the street i saw some hassidim and muslim gentlemen debating something in an animated fashion. From Greenwich Street, i had a clear view of the remaining intact tower to the south. As i stared up at it, taking a long drag of my cigarette, the second plane hit, and an enormous mushroom cloud of flame, smoke and then paper, exploded sideways from the building.

It occurred to me that i had just watched hundreds of people die. I threw my cigarette away, took took the elevator up to the office, and announced that i was heading home. I didn't see the point of waiting for my colleagues to reach the same conclusion.

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