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07 September 2020


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Diana Croissant

At this end of the comment thread, I doubt there is any chance that my comment will reach many eyes. However, that concern is also appropriate because of the point of my comment.

Herman Melville's story "Bartleby the Scrivener: A story of Wall Street" came into my mind after having not really thought of it since my undergrad years as an English major.

It actually has been considered a masterpiece. I believe Melville was the best of our writers during his time.

His story came to mind after I began experiencing trouble while trying to communicate through mail, using the USPS. I've never had trouble using the USPS before in my long life. But simply trying to mail something important to me from northern Colorado to Long Island, NY recently has now caused me to feel that Trump is absolutely correct to warn against mail-in ballots.

I am not concerned about fraud in this case. I am concerned that the USPS has become totally disorganized recently and would absolutely be unable to handle the mail in voting process.

I first became concerned when the USPS could not get a letter from the northeast side of my small town to the southwest side of my small town. That letter is still missing after two months.

And now a more important mailing that I sent on August 12 to an insurance company on Long Island, NY is missing somewhere in the system for almost a month.

At this point, I have given up hope. It's all I can do to avoid driving myself to the same fate of poor Bartleby in Melville's story. If that letter never arrives, I will be out of a large sum (for me). But "I prefer not to" allow myself to die as Bartleby did in the story.

I plan to take my ballot to my county's Clerk and Recorder's office to deliver it in person


“The hardening of the GOP into a toxic conglomeration of hucksters, quislings, racists, theocrats, and cultists is already happening,”


I concur completely. The institutionalized political party industry must be disassembled. Both major parties... either is welcome to self-destruct first.


Diana, I always look forward to what you post so happy to see your name in the side bar to continue with this thread.

Speaking of which DH just got a Christmas card returned he had sent to a friend last December 2019 - how does a 9 month UPSP turn around delay sound?

Too bad the postal workers union came out publicly for Biden - that is unnerving considering they are the buffer between mail in votes and the elections offices and that adds to the growing concerns.

Election Day and in person polling places worked for years. Nothing they are now doing is increasing voter participation in California - it is going down every where after every "reform".

The Democrat machine was able to control elections with every "reform" so it has become useless for anyone to bother to vote. Even Democrats, becasue they know thwy "win" anyway - to the point independents or other party persuasions do not even bother to field candidates.

Last elections, many candidates had no opposition so they just got appointed being the only one running. A little more balanced interest this year, but the machine politics of personal destruction has gone in to high gear that it is unlikely any of these actually good people will win anyway.

So lost ballots or sabotaged ballots will just make Calif deeper blue. They really gamed the system out here - in the name of "voter participation" Pains me to say this, but they won the PR campaign and I expect no surprises for this state come November. Thank goodness enough other states cancel the damage California will inflict.


Some more interesting rocketry news. A drag-sail design to bring second stages into a decaying orbit rather than leave them as debris. I think SpaceX has the better path forward, but maybe this will turn into a light-sail concept at some point?

Keith Harbaugh

Colonel, a personal question:
You are about six years older than I.
The oldest television shows I recall watching are "Kukla, Fran, and Ollie" and the "Howdy Doodie Show", circa 1950.
What are the earliest TV shows you can recall watching?
Just wondering about what was going on in those earliest years of television programming, even before 1950.


Keith Harbaugh

My parents bought a very small screen TeeVee in California around 1950 and I remember those programs as well as Betty White doing knock-knock jokes in the afternoon as well as a lot of silent movie comedies.

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