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11 September 2020


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Deap, 'wokeness' within the military ? This would be a good example, and it's so esoteric that you need to use your imagination to reconstruct the level of fear that the O-5 must have felt.

'Nagasaki' and 'Japan 1945' are racist usernames.
'Gamer word' would seem to have a generic meaning except to those of better than average perception. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=gamer%20word

The point is that all of this was implemented by an O-5 recruiter, hence new enlistees will have this poured down their throats as part of their formative experience of military life.

Japan 1945. Conjecture: 'Enola Gay' as a hypothetical username would be problematic in that it could be racist by the above logic, or cultural misappropriation of LGBQTI(?) property. Best if it's both to avoid being accused of leaving one out.


A.I.S, you just don't get the current left in the USA ? Are you saying that the DNC does not correspond to anything that you would regard as a disciplined well led organisation with coherent policies based on rigorous intellectual authorship ?

If so then look at it's leading lights. Would you expect the aging Clintons, Pelosi, the wild eyed AOC and a horde of suits who balance ideology and self-interest and are trained to be minions not leaders to over time devolve into anything else ? Not even the left wing academics are creating any material that could provide a basis for successful action within the democratic system of government. The DNC's backers and sponsors have long since lost control of their vehicle.
They still expect people to vote for them on the basis that they are not Trump; to them that is sufficient.
The physical realities of where this delusion could lead is another matter, a serious one.

I just realised that I forgot to mention Joe. As if he really mattered.


Colonel, "mail-in ballot chicanery" ?
I'm sure they'll try it, and I wonder what their operational plan will look like. Clues would be in the outcome of every other bit of chicanery attempted in the last four years, ie., evidence of poorly thought out positions, industrious idiots, amateurish acting, transparent lying and eventual failure. I suggest any fraud plan would have the same characteristics.

While this previous chicanery was handled, boxed and shelved by the relevant legal processes, a post November situation could arise where despite a deluge of document and witness evidence of DNC ballot fraud, they reject all of it and claim a tight win and eventual victory. Certainly it will end up in the USSC, but that will take time in which much damage may occur.

Whatever they try, they will mess it up. They are most certainly stupid enough, in the event of a tight result, to drag your entire country into this chaos alongside them.

Eric Newhill

A PA court has ruled that mail ballots can be counted up to three days after the election and they can be counted even if they are not post marked. I think that is exactly one of the cheating scenarios and it should put a lid on the "Nah, cheating never happens and it can't" brigade's argument.

I hope the Trump admin appeals that decision.

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