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11 September 2020


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It looks like the left would rather foment rebellion than face possible indictments for criminal conduct of Obama administration officials and loss of largess from the federal treasury for major constituancies such a educational establishiments, medical reseach, "green" industries of all types, H1B dependent sectors and the immigration and refugee resetlment industries. The only way to stop the fraudulent voting is to control the states agencies responsible for voting registrations and certifications, and in a number of swing states that is probably already too late. In California look to seeing a complete wipeout of all republicans currently still in the House as the downballot races will be what they will succeed in stealing even if they must persevere through 4 more years of Trump. Goodby house of Representatives, hello impeachment 2.


So Democrats will cheat in order to win the election? That Trump has lied about almost everything has no bearing at all? Here in NC the group cheating with absentee ballots was the Republican party.


Nancy K

The claim of lying is one of your side's lies. You people "fact check" his opinions to construct a false narrative. You are a nurse. Tell me about Joe's mental abilities. Tell me.

scott s.

My state legislated all mail-in prior to Corona (whatever Oregon or Washington do we slavishly follow). This is the first big election under the new system. Every registered voter will have a ballot mailed to registered address. The only accountability is at the county clerk offices. There is no concept such as "poll watcher" to verify the procedures. There is supposed to be software to match signatures on ballot envelopes with signatures on registrations. I have seen no evidence of how this software was vetted or validated. The last pick up of ballots from USPS is supposed to be 1800 on election day. I don't see how they plan to account for ballots distributed vs ballots returned and the acceptance/rejection rate. Like almost all offices in Hawaii, the county clerks and state office of elections are appointed cronies of the Democrat machine here.


scott s,

Even if every clerk and official were as pure as an angel this the fraudulent voting will get done. Just a few dishonest postal employees, and some folks at appartment complexes, will garner you thousands of blank ballots. In Hawaii's case it won't effect how that states electoral votes are likely to go, it sure will affect local races.


Hard to see how this ends well if domestic peace, or even a facsimile of concord, is the desired end.
The Clinton machine, with more help than it ever could have expected or hoped for from the infamous cabal made up of the top leadership of the FBI, the CIA, the National Security Director, the so called special counsel with a team of blatant partisans, in order to assuage the sting of defeat, gravely undermined the American public's confidence in its ability to insure a fair election to put in office a legitimate President. Bad enough. Now the left, postulating that Trump is an illegitimate President, has adopted an end justifies the means approach to removing him, by pushing a cockamanie mail in ballot scheme, that nobody but a complete moron will believe can deliver a fair result. The perfectly foreseeable consequence will be that no matter who wins, the losing side will be profoundly and permanently aggrieved. Having destroyed the integrity of the electoral system, does the Left really think the losers will go gently into the good night, that the losers will not have learned from the abominable behavior of the Left? Either the left is stupid, or, more likely, it assumes that once it controls the power it will be in a position to crush the oppostion. We will see. The falcon is flying farther and farther from the call of the falconer.

Diana Croissant

I worked for two yeas counting mail-in ballots in a different county from the one in which I now live. I was able to observe all aspects of the counting--even how they check signatures for possible forgeries. I felt it was a safe and accurate process. In any case, it was a strongly Democrat county, but several Republicans won also. Then, that year, the newly elected Democrat District Attorney had to prosecute three newly elected Democrats for some shady use of county money to help their many friends and family.

Now I reside in the county in which I was born and in which I lived until I was almost 27. I am now back. When I grew up here, the county was solidly Republican. Now it's mixed. Too many people from more liberal counties have moved here for obvious reason: Republican know how to manage money better and costs aren't so high.

In any case, I had a nice telephone talk with the Clerk and Recorder of this county. We've had mail-in ballots in Colorado for some time now. It's done for primaries also. I was never afraid of the process. I wanted to be assured that all the ways to cheat that have been mentioned in the news and on the Web have been considered.

The Clerk and Recorder has set up lock boxes all around the county so that people can simply drop off their ballots in those rather than mailing them. They are situated at government buildings, post offices and some other common areas where they are watched. I know that people will most definitely use those, as few people I know buy many stamps. If they do, they get them at grocery store check out.

I am, perhaps, being too trusting in regard to our citizens here. However, there are more churches per capita here than in metropolitan areas. The Ninth Commandment against bearing false witness should cause most to refrain from lying by filing a ballot illegally.

I hope I'm right. But, of course, only time will tell.

All I can do in regard to the enormous number of other counties in the country Is to pray that all will go smoothly and honestly.

I would hate a return to the hanging chads, the Black Panther goons. (I think that was the group scaring white voters away during Obama's time.) And the lost boxes of ballots finally showing up in a poll worker's car trunk.

As I've mentioned before: when I was helping those years, the most common fraud that was being caught came from parents voting for the college students who were away at school. They were caught through checking the signatures. Those people were called in and told their names were put on a list, the ballots had been thrown away and not counted, and if they ever tried that trick again, they would definitely be prosecuted.

It was impressive to see the signature checking system. Think of how many legal documents you have signed in your life. At least in Colorado, those signatures are on file and can be checked on a state data base of signatures. Big Brother is Alive and Well.

In any case, I will cast my bllot into an official lock box nearest me and will send it off with a prayer.


I appreciate the danger to the republic, and I do not want to give false hope. However, some Constitutional researchers have argued that POTUS can suppress Democrat cheating by legal means.

The researcher quoted below claims that POTUS can declare an insurrection and use the NDAA.

Trump’s “secret weapon” revealed: Fourteenth Amendment allows the President to strip Electoral College votes from states supporting censorship against voters; enables mass arrests of mayors, governors and judges who support BLM
End quote.



Polish Janitor

To all,

Let's be frank here, alright? Trump will win and the democrats will lose in November. I don't know why some people are still clinging to Biden enjoying this much lead or that much percentage point advantage or other similar wishful thinking... There is not need for Alan Lichtman's secret formula. It is very clear that Trump's path to re-election is very clear, unless dems really, I mean really take matters into to the extreme.

Based on these 3 factors Trump will definitely have a clearer chance to win:

1. The Wall-street loves him and the markets need someone like him, unlike Biden who is still struggling to convince W-street CEOs that he won't go full Warren on banks and setting regulations. Several big-time CEOs have already indicated to Trump's win in Nov.

2. As long as cities keep burning and looting continuing and people getting killed and the possessed anarchists/community organizers unleashed in the streets, Trump will win. But he needs more action than photo-ops. So far he has been all words and no action. Biden as been all Zzzzz as usual. Trump needs to cpitalize more on this and solidify himself as law & order candidate not let Woodwards of the world depict 'Trump' for him.

3. Biden is no Bernie, who in all honesty had a decent chance against Trump had it not been for Dems' digitally screwing around with his Iowa and NH primaries and rigging everything for Biden. He is destined to lose against Trump, don't believe me? Wait and see it for yourself in Sep. 28th.

What is really unfortunate is Trump really sucking up to the pro-Israeli lobby and the big-daddy zio donors. It is such a shame that they have so much power to make or break things in elections.

I too identify as a paleo, albeit with more libertarian/free-market tendencies than economic nationalism. I totally understand why our Colonel here, and other paleocons such as Pat Buchanan, Tucker, Daniel McCarthy and Michael Anton have been pro-Trump. But for me, two things have been a major repellent regarding my view of Trump: 1. His bad character and arrogance, coupled with the lack of humility (I wish he had acted more like Reagan), and 2. His totally soft-spot on anything and everything Israel. And don't let me start with Kushner, because there are a lot there too. But still, Trump's smack-down of unhinged dems is a rare sight to see these days for sure...so there's that too


scott s says
"Like almost all offices in Hawaii, the county clerks and state office of elections are appointed cronies of the Democrat machine here."
Please allow me to correct your misinformation about Hawaii. Elections are the responsibility of the Lt.Governor, who happens to be a MD, and is running for Governor in 2022, and is considered a serious political opponent of the current governor. As for the county clerks, they are appointed by the mayors. In Maui County, all elections are non partisan. In the past 30 years a vast majority of Maui Mayors have been registered republicans, i.e., Lingle, Tavares, Arakawa, and Tavares (daughter of first Mayor Tavares).


polish janitor

They can still cheat their way to victory.


Diana Croisssnt

Mail in ballots or absentee ballots?



What is the "National Security Director?" Get your stuff together.


A media mouthpiece spills her beans and says it's her job to control the American people.

Twitter wants to control the topography and determine their (big tech) president

Facebook's Z-man on media consensus determining who is the president

With big tech and media, what's left for the American people to decide?



Well, we all should know that Mika is not too smart. Her dad's rep got her into Williams where she was a C student in spite of his rep. I actually heard her say that on the air. she said to the world "Its our job to tell people what to think."


turcopolier: care to address the obvious point? Sorry if I distracted you from it with that stuff about getting Clapper's titled position in the deep state wrong. The point is that government and political malfeasance have undermined American confidence in electing a President with electoral legitimacy that will have lasting consequences for both sides.



Yes, IMO that is true.

Eric Newhill

Nancy K,
Assuming no photoshopping, as a nurse, what does the mark on Biden's hand tell you? Looks to me like they were dripping something into him to prop him up (blood doping).

All, Whether or not there is cheating via mail in ballots, the process is going to cause the legitimacy of the election to be called into question and further divide the country; probably to the point of breaking.

Having worked with IT teams, as a business lead, to develop big data sources for analytical purposes, I am certain that even with the best of intentions, there is no way to stand up a massive mail-in ballot system between now and the election. The system needs to have relational databases (for example to determine if someone is registered to vote, is active, is a citizen allowed to vote, to preclude voting by mail and in-person). The IT infrastructure would have to be built and then tested under various scenarios. Private industry - again, with good intentions and bonuses on the line - could not get it right in time; the govt much less so. IMO, together it right is at least a two year project. And no, the usual absentee voter system isn't scaleable to handle ubiquitous mail-in without considerable work. Anyone who says otherwise has no idea what they are talking about. There WILL be problems and those problems will not be small. Indeed, those problems/issues will be large enough to somewhat legitimately call results into question in swing states. Then there is cheating/bad intentions, issues with the postal service, etc. Each issue will be used by each side for political purposes. IMO, this has always been a purpose of the CV-19 panic.

In a legit election, Trump would mop the floor with Biden/Harris. He may even do it despite cheating. Regardless, there is going to be chaos because lefties and the Deep State won't accept four more years of Trump. They would rather destroy the country. They may even see some "creative destruction" as a feature as opposed to a bug. Everyone should be preparing for what is coming.

Eric Newhill

I should have added that the tech to read the signatures on mail-in ballots (comparing the signature to a voter registration) is critical to mail-in working. That aspect of the process is highly problematic in several ways. I know about AI, machine learning and simple automated hand written text reading software (like doctors' notes in my business). All of that software has bugs. It takes a highly skilled IT team a long time to implement it correctly and there is always an error rate that isn't so small that it couldn't make the difference in a tight election in a swing state. I repeat that the talking-heads have no idea what they're quacking about and/or they are dishonest. Anyone repeating what the pro-mail-in talking-heads say is a partisan dupe of the first order. Folks, they are planning to wreck this country in one fell swoop and they're telling us how they are going to do it and something like half us are just sitting there breathing through our mouths thinking it's all fine and dandy.


Here in Washington State we have been safely voting by mail for decades. No complaints have been raised by Republican officials here about the accuracy of the vote. The key is that officials of both parties are represented in the elections process. In principle there is no reason why voting by mail can't be done nation-wide, though the compressed timeline is a practical challenge.

Here is a USA Today article from earlier in the year describing how it's done here:

Republican leader: My state shows why voting by mail is secure and trustworthy


What's one to make of this by Col. Richard H. Black, (USA Ret.)?

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Retired Former Chief of the Army Criminal Law Division, Col. Richard Black, Warning of Military Generals Undermining President Trump




No. Voting by mail can be safe only if there is no intention to use it to cheat.


I’m a permanent absentee ballot voter. I believe the local county clerk verifies signature on ballot envelope with signature on file prior to counting. Is there a different process for general Mail-in ballots? How accurate are the voter rolls to mail everyone on the list a ballot?

Eric Newhill

Is the local clerk a non-politically aligned hand writing expert? Is the clerk used to a significantly higher volume of ballots?

As I read the law (I'm not a lawyer), the votes have to be counted and the delegates ready on Dec 14th. Will the all of the counting be done by then? I also read the law to state that the polls are closed at the end of Nov 3rd. What about mail-in ballots that have not yet been counted and that have no post mark? I get lots of mail that isn't post marked. What about slow mail delivery?

Eric Newhill

off trail,
What about states that have not had that infrastructure established for decades? You want the trial run to be an extremely important and contentious national election? Does that sound smart to you? Sounds like a high wire act without a net to me. Why can't people go to the in-person polls like they always do?

Is your state's infrastructure ready for much higher volumes of mail ballots?

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