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06 September 2020


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Are we back now in a global arms race? Do young people even know what the Cold War was, or whether duck and cover is another drinking game?

Where should we be vis a vis in the nuclear energy race?

Will China guarantee high seas safety for all commercial traffic like the US had undertaken; or will China just make the high seas safe for their own commercial traffic- cargo and fishing?

Will China annex Pakistan as a satellite dependency after the Belt and Road project is completed, or just invade Pakistan and take it over. Will Pakistan be better or worse for this outcome. Or will this make China's Muslim problem more volatile?

After China harvests all the krill under Antarctica for human consumption, what will happen to the penguins? Or the saved whales who are currently starving the penguins out of their former share of this essential underwater delicacy.

My questions are more serious than they might appear to be.

Godfree Roberts

Can a knowledgable missileer correct or amplify my impression that, in every missile category from A2A to ICBM, Chinese missiles outrange ours by 50%-150%?

That is certainly the impression that USNI and Congressional reports convey.


I would suggest that we recall the Soviet military threat and what our intelligence claimed was their capabilities.

We saw the reality only after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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