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08 September 2020


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Math majors...what is the likelihood that more than 10 top Mueller officials all put their phones in airplane mode and then forgot the password and used too many passwords to wipe em out?


Wouldn’t the network carriers have all the communications from these phones including text messages?

Adam Housley a former Fox reporter who broke some big stories during his time, has been tweeting that there are more people likely to be indicted than Clinesmith in the Russia Collusion hoax probe.

Unless these happen in the next few weeks it will depend on who wins the election. If Biden wins the coupsters will be home free to get their own Netflix series.

It would appear that the Mueller special counsel was a corrupt attempt to cover up the origins and machinations to frame an opposition presidential candidate and then oust a duly elected president.

Keith Harbaugh

Re:All those SCO lawyers having their phones wiped/erased.

If that isn't a conspiracy, then what is?
Of course it was manifest conspiracy.
That shows you why so many people, in the media, in politics, in social media,
have made such an effort to demonize "conspiracy theories."
So that when real conspiracies arise and are uncovered, describing them as what they truly are can be derided.


LJ,, the Brennan secret Trump Task Force is finally getting some wider publicity.

Red State is now running a story with links to more articles about this - the Corpulent Vindman

. We heard it here first from you as you point out - a long time ago. So how frustrating is it when you know about something like this, and it does not get the immediate traction it should be getting but maybe it needs to wait for wider context ......and an organic acceptability in the readers themselves which may well be closer now to the Durham report/cases coming to fruition:

Let's see where the now "breaking" info about the separate Brennan Trump Task Force finally breaks now. It does tie into Brennan lying under oath, does it not? Look how long it took to dig into Benghazi and still don't think the story ever finally came together - what was the CIA really doing there with such a large base, and why were they running the cover story it was consulate - you busted that one too.


Explosive stuff - RedState - Digging into the Corpulent Vindman":
VIPS to the forefront for a must read:

......"Some former and still-serving members of the US Intelligence Community speculate that the Obama administration compromised communications security in the White House and National Security Council prior to Inauguration Day 2017.

Their goal was setting traps for privileged classified communications that could be collected and spun by trusted agents in the media to undermine Trump policies, and to sow suspicion and discord among Trump White House/NSC personnel.

This would involve setting up long-dwell passive collect-and-store sensors that would gather information for later downloading by Obama embeds loyal to former CIA Director John Brennan or former FBI Director James Comey who remained in the White House and on the NSC staff with access.

Another possibility is that the previously existing White House fiber optic networks might have been spliced or tapped by induction at some point outside the walls of the facility/building, at which point the data could be routed clandestinely to an external collection source, and perhaps decrypted using codes provided by those same Obama embeds.

Either way, these measures might have been implemented by the Obama embeds to ensure that the passive sensors were protected from detection by periodic communications security sweeps aimed at detecting communications compromises, bugs, and unauthorized taps.

It is quite possible that the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) would agree with this assertion based on past disclosures from the organization. Note that a key member of VIPS is William Binney, a former senior technical officer at the National Security Agency and whistleblower who argued convincingly on technical grounds that the DNC server was not hacked by Russia, but rather that information was downloaded internally and leaked by an insider, as reported here. ........

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