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15 September 2020


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You lock Plutarch, Shakespeare and Sinclair Lewis in a room for a week.

At the end of the week, one will be dead, the other insane, and the third will be holding a screenplay titled "Biden".

And how does Biden end? This will depend on which scribbler was left standing.

Polish Janitor

Colonel Do you remember there was this feminist cultural Marxist type arguing in a New York Times op-ed lat year that despite all of Biden's already established and colorful history with women of all walks of life, fellow feminists should not hesitate but to vote for the guy?

The powerlust democrats make Straussians (east-coast to be more specific) look like choir boys with regards to their politics.

I find it odd but predictable that these 'people' whenever they run out of luck they relocate to Florida. I mean of all the places,they always end up in Florida. They used to go to Kansas, Chicago, and Pittsburgh. What is in Florida that acts as a gravitational pull to these people?



"You lock Plutarch, Shakespeare and Sinclair Lewis in a room for a week."

The three deicide that Biden is crazier than Commodus and Kamala worse still. They form a Triumvirate to ensure Biden's blunders are proclaimed far and wide. Google ensures their memes appear only on 8Chan, 4chan being unavailable having been purged of Pepe's people after 2016.


What a choice we have in 2020. Worse than 2016.

Had Trump acted on his promises in 2016, he'd be a shoo-in.



He did act on them to the extent that you people would allow him to do so.

robt willmann

Rumors of Joe Biden and the old Plato's Retreat in New York City, a "Swinger's Club" oriented to "adult activity"! That is interesting. There were also rumors about John Bolton, the former this-and-that in government, having possibly been in attendance at Plato's Retreat. When Bolton's wife left him in 1982, those rumors were apparently also floating around at that time.


robt willman

We, here, are increasingly interested in Dr. Jill Biden. She took Joe as a lover and then divorced her husband. What is she about?

Account Deleted

Whois Zero Hedge:

ZH first appeared in January 2009, its main writer using the pseudonym Tyler Durden. By September of that year, he been identified as Daniel Ivandjiiski, a Bulgarian-born,U.S.-educated former hedge-fund trader. What’s initially interesting is Ivandjiiski’s choice of the title Zero Hedge, given that he himself is barred for life from hedge fund trading, having illegally used inside information to make money during 2008. He did not contest the ban.

In the eleven years since his brainchild’s foundation, Daniel has amassed a personal fortune of $11 million, and lives with his wife in a large mansion in much sought-after Mahwah, New Jersey. A former contributor to ZH Colin Lokey remarked in 2016 that Ivandjiiski and his partner Tim Backshall “live a lifestyle you only dream of, yet are pretending to speak for you.”

Backshall himself used to work for CNBC….not exactly what you’d call a mouthpiece for the Resistance.

Sadly – just as with Guido Fawkes, Max Keiser, Private Eye and so many others affecting greater Holiness than their readers, Zero Hedge is now feted by Establishment critics as Top Ten this and indefatigable that, while also batting for the other side.

The two rarest elements in the 21st century are Trust and Ethics.

John Ward

I wonder if Ivandjiiski knows Roger Stone?


Colonel, huh? I have regularly wrote my representative and senators to support many of Trump's proposals and policies, particularly with industry and trade, NATO, foreign intervention and immigration.

What more are citizens able to do? Join the rag-tag militias?

Rick Merlotti

Will Joe be known as Confabulator-in-Chief, Groper-in-Chief...the possibilities are endless. To be a fly on the wall when Kamala walks into the Oval Office to be confronted with the glory of Joe’s 78 yo body. But I guess she’s used to old guys bodies.


Plato's Retreat is old new? Wait until the photos surface from Kamala getting railed at a swingers club from her Willie Brown days come out.


Let's ask Bill Stevenson, Jill's ex for his take.

[["I don’t want to hurt anyone," Bill said. "But facts are facts and what happened, happened."]]

Did Jill Biden have an affair?

[In an interview with the Daily Mail, Bill asserted that Jill and Joe have been lying about how they met for years]]


This is Daily Mail story:


And this is my favorite part:

Stevenson said he has not yet decided whether to publish his book, before the election or after. 'It's ready to go,' he said. 'They can print 30,000 copies in 10 days.

'I genuinely don't want to harm Jill's chances of becoming First Lady. She would make an excellent First Lady — but this is my story.


Keith Harbaugh

Colonel, I suppose you are happy over this, or not?

"Senate Homeland Security Committee authorizes subpoenas for testimony from Obama officials [including Clapper] as part of Russia probe."


Another item that seems interesting, to me at least, is:

"CIA steers clear of Senate Republican probe into Bidens"



Biden-Harris or Harris-Biden.

My money is on the big DNC switcheroo - by the first debate Harris will be at the top of the ticket and the debate (with block buster ratings) will be Harris v. Trump. Outcome: Harris will rip Trump apart and Trump will still come out the winner since no one can stand Harris.

Aswe only vote for "electors" for each party and not directly for either candidate personally, I assume this last minute switcheroo is possible within each party's inner policy. The parties are not government; they are not bound by laws. Only what works best for the party.

And one of the primary reasons to have electors rather than direct voting - is that sane minds can prevail, when pure direct voting has lost their bloody minds - be it a buffer between the mob and political suicide.

Just like Bill Clinton bragging you get two for the price of one if you vote for Bill - you get Co-President Cankles too. It worked. Problem was President Cankles just did not have legs.


Keith Harbaugh

Sure, but it is too late for it to be important.

Noel Grannell

Americans should take a close look at themselves, the best opposition Democrats could muster is a 77 year old "dirty old man"

Charles Watson

I attempted to send a link to this article to a friend via messenger, but FB blocked it as *abusive" or otherwise not allowed.


Charles Watson

send this link https://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/2020/09/httpswwwzerohedgecompoliticalsecret-service-admits-destroying-records-alleged-biden-breast-grabbing-incidentutm_mediu.html


Deap, it is still possible that the DNC will realise the implausibility of a Buy Joe And Get Harris ticket and therefore send Joe to hospital in an ambulance, from where he could withdraw from the race with the credibility afforded to him (and the DNC) as a man who tried his hardest but to whom an unexpected medical event meant the end of his bid. For Joe, a glorious retirement beckons.

That would open interesting possibilities of who would move into what slot. The new contender would need credibility. I would moot that they would choose a multilingual white guy, some business experience, retired combat veteran and at least a one-Star, with a great family photo, religious, fiscally conservative and definitely a law and order man.
Can they build him in time ? Would they ?


Sounds like Biden is a nudist. Do you think his wife is also? Biden running naked through the vp quarters, what a yuck thought.


So is the idea of the host having the ability to look over what should and shouldn't be posted the same as Twitter deciding what to put up and what to take off? Is this in itself a hindrance to freedom of speech? Or is it all just an idea that the internet is just another form of entertainment and nothing else.



This is not a business. This is not a public service. This is my hobby.

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