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26 September 2020


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In the long ago in Bangkok, a young lady approached me on Soi Cowboy with a similar proposal, albeit couched differently and definitely more intriguing.

Not the worst night I have ever had.


Has this item in the Telegraph accidentally hit upon a major reason why young people have taken to the streets to act out violently and criminally?

It's shocking that so many Americans are willing to submit to unreasonable controls being imposed. Do people function mindlessly anymore, easily manipulated by media, and too lazy to research issues to find out if what they're being told is actually true and/or in perspective? SO, anal sex is okay but attending a baseball game isn't. What a world. SMFH...

The Naked Gun series is riot, but probably couldn't be made today in quite the same way in light of so much touchy censoriousness. I had to laugh when, on the eve of the infamous OJ Simpson trial, the series (in which he had a recurring role) was run on TV continuously for several days.


"Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Diaz is a community health scientist with over fifteen years of experience practicing public health and conducting action research in Puerto Rico, .... His work has focused on infectious diseases, particularly HIV care and prevention,"

Carlos the celibate didn't make any pronouncements on California's SB329, 'cause we sure wouldn't want to irritate the left's gay constituency. Straight people though, that's 97% of the population and they better do what they are told by yet another expert. I wonder if anyone has bothered to tell him who he should be fornicating with yet.


Our lockdown and curfew has specific exemptions for people visiting “significant others”. My Son in law tells me he is still dating despite the virus.


The Naked Gun and Airplane movies were funny. Leslie Nielsen played lead in one of my favorite science fiction movies FORBIDDEN PLANET, 1956, with its monsters from the Id.

Much of today's entertainment, especially music videos, is plain old raunchy. I do enjoy sexy,even when it seems quaint, like this:


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