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22 September 2020


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The Telegraph really nailed that one. It is an utter farce. A sledgehammer that cracks nuts all round.

No-one in the Civil Service (the politicians do what they are advised to do in the main) has done proper risk analysis.

The high risk groups, the old, the non whites, the overweight, are being treated in the same way as everyone who is not at risk.

It is so wrong.


Expecting a few hundred 18-19 year guys and girls all meeting each other in a brand new social setting with plenty of booze around, and expecting them to be 'Covid-safe' ????
I can see a Covid-safe (not) version of 'Blind Man's Bluff' spontaneously arising in the first five minutes. HA !


Strange how government policies are now exactly what our scientific advisers were saying they shouldn't be back in early March. Covering the asses of the politicians who panicked under media and lefty pressure to adopt a lockdown. Thank God for the Swedes.

The government has now doubled down on their error and reimposed many restrictions, miserable, and I am not one of the ones losing my job or business.


Politicians learned an important lesson:
People are easily panicked sheep.
My personal observations are that the fear is greatest in people under 40 - millennials and gen Z, the "snowflakes."



Not so. They did perfect risk analysis. If Trump and his supporters are not crushed and he driven from office their sinecures, pensions and social positions will all be "Gone with the Wind". Quite appropriately too since most of it has been hot air since before 1619, which even the projects Marxist founders are trying to disappear now. Even the Socialists are noticing:

And adding to the howling is Trump's Tweet:
I can't wait to see the lawyers decide they can make a killing suing all the BLM backers for discriminatory practices. Let the fun begin.

blue peacock

This is an experiment in societal control at a global scale. The use of mainstream media and social media to drive the hysteria of fear, then backed with draconian rules promulgated by governments at all levels that only apply to the controlled population. Elites and big corporate interests are of course exempt and given free reign to extort.

We have seen the future. Everyone will be tracked, controlled and manipulated. The perfect Pavlovian society. There is no resistance. The overwhelming majority comply. The dystopia of science fiction is now a reality.


Reminder ... Prof Ferguson ... is the one with the AVAAZ Director paramoor who unleashed his wildly inaccurate Imperial College of Medicine covid death model upon us, until he had to resign in disgrace after breaking his own mandated lockdown curfew with his married AVAAZ lover.

But did he start the Great Toilet Paper Hoax or does that track back somewhere else that started the covid porn hysteria so readily embraced in the US.

It is time for a re-cap - what happened to the early players and the early rumors that so many the world and especially the US Democrats were so eager to embrace? Did we in fact drive into a cul de sac with blinders on, and now we can't get out?


Fred, my comments were about the UK. Not sure how the US election result changes them. We don't have an election for over 4 years.



Thanks for the clarification. We were quite affected here by St. Fauci and company utilizing the bad data model for weeks.

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