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24 September 2020


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The answer would be no, but the story of factional wars and the downriver side of having no term limits could only be fully told in an insider's objective unbiased book-length autopsy of the process of elimination that got the DNC to where it is today with Joe.
Taking the 'no' concept further, I am not convinced that Joe will make it all the way to election day.

Diana Croissant

Ah, c'mon man! Haven't you figured out by now that Biden, if elected, would be the POTUS in name only. And they have to know that all of us know that also.

I'm not saying that they'll allow Kamala to take over. I don't think the Democrats are dumb enough to allow that to happen. Her record in CA is too frightening.

I think we will be experiencing another Chicago presidency if Biden is voted into office. Now, that IS also quite frightening to many--So, it's just not going to happen.

The Democrats may be be counting on all those young rioters to get them into office. I, however, doubt that most of them have lived in one place long enough recently to get registered to vote. Even if they have, they probably haven't figured out the process for registering to vote. Their idea of voting is throwing stuff against the wall and hoping it sticks.

Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff have used up all their bullets, and few are listening to their dire predictions about a Trump second term. The investigation into Hunter's escapades in shaking down foreign governments for money is coming to greater public awareness. The Supreme Court will soon have a CONSERVATIVE justice (gasp!) to replace Ginsberg.

This election has simply become Kabuki Theater.

That, however, doesn't mean that I will give up my chance to vote. Trump just makes me happy because he makes so many people on the left go into cognitive dissonance and nearly wet their pants on tee vee.

Yes, I would like to take our Presidential elections seriously and would love to see dignified, thoughtful and erudite candidates. Sadly, that is not to be this time around. And with our current public education system, it may not happen for a long time.

So, I get my pleasure in watching Trump rallies where many in the crowd are wearing their MAGA hats and driving the snobs on the left into bouts of the "vapors."

I'm putting my faith in our great American middle class. It just keeps on working and feeding their families and having family reunions and attending church and watching NASCAR races--you get my point.


The 2020 DNC field was definitely weak, and heavier-weight possibilities like Cuomo and Newsome or even someone like Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) seemed to think a Trump win was inevitable and so sat it out. That Stacey Abrams, the losing candidate for governor of Georgia in 2018 who still refuses to concede her loss, is considered such a rising star in the party is telling. As it is now, the Democratic Party is the Bernie Sanders party. If the Biden/Harris ticket is roundly trounced, will the far-leftists of the party be marginalized? Fat chance I'd think, as the democrats need to keep them in the fold rather than risk schism.

Evidence of some of Biden's corruption, as outlined by yesterday's report of his ne'er-do-well son's exposure as family bagman, is being ignored/dismissed by the MSM. So the addle-brained guy continues to get help from the Usual Suspects, just like Crooked Hillary did.


We saw the parade of Democrat POTUS candidates and the farm club back-up team for VP, so yes, Harris-Biden is the best the Democrats can do.

But it gets worse with the new generation of Democrats, once they pass their 35th birthday.

On the other hand, GOP has a wealth of diverse talent with proven track records. Nice place to be.


aka patience

IMO Joe should say he would nominate Stacy Abrams. That would be helpful in clarifying things.


You did read it? I am impressed!! I tried to read it to impress one of the Utah dance team (remember the Utahnas?) back when we were both ensconced in Milton-Bennion Hall and environs. I couldn't make it past ten pages.

Now you have really impressed me Colonel!!



"I loves Mohzart." Bill cosby

John Merryman

Respect and responsibility hold society together. Fear and greed pull it apart.
We are a long way from the former.


Joe will likely keep mouthing blarney until the light fades in his
smilin' Irish eyes & that's no malarkey.


Video Surfaces Of Biden Calling Troops "Stupid Bastards" When They Won't Clap


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