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29 September 2020


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"You were and are sworn to defend the Republic, not to accept its demise." Can one not do both at the same time?
As TTG points out history has shown us that, so far, no species that has been 'top dog' has retained that position. Homo Sapiens tenure to-date has been extremely short compared to our forebearers. Likewise for the human civilisations who were all-powerful amongst their peers but faded over time. You can defend the Republic to your last full measure but still accept other powers may eclipse yours without there ever being conflict. PNAC seemed to think this could be avoided by suppressing any potential rivals ability to reach that point and institute some version of their own 1000 year Reich. This seems to be the Israeli plan too.

The Twisted Genius


You and I are talking on vastly different time scales. My views on evolution are on a geologic scale, tens of thousands of years at the quickest. And it is neither a Democratic or Republican talking point. I doubt any party on this Earth can think in those time scales. On the more immediate scale of our lifetimes and this next election, I take my oath to defend the Republic quite seriously as do you, even though we interpret present conditions differently. Another four years of Trump poses a grave danger to this country, its Constitution and, yes, its soul. I see Biden, flaws and all, as the lesser weevil.



No you cannot any more than one of the Queen's officers can equivocate over his loyalty. We give that up when we take the oath. TTG is mouthing one of the Democrat talking points of the day. I have heard it twice today from other Democrat partisans. Joe Biden's inclination to China is affecting the whole Democratic Party.



"Another four years of Trump poses a grave danger to this country, its Constitution and, yes, its soul." A gravely mistaken view. IMO Biden is a cheap machine politician who has sold his soul to and for his family's corrupt money and his old man's lust for the power he would never have even approached if the Democrats were not now so badly split and under the influence of the Marxists enemies of the US.



Just which parts of the Constitution has Trump violated to date?


Like TTG I was thinking on longer time scales and accepting that the US has been the dominant Civilisation on the planet for much of the post WW2 period a role it took over from the British Empire which was declining and then two WW finished it off. Your officers did not have to fight ours to achieve this so there was no dereliction of duty just a decline and fall. China may inherit the role but it has been there before and is having a renaissance.

different clue


China may well be having a renaissance towards partial world hegemony. I would like to see America remain a successful holdout against Chinese Rule within the borders of the US itself.

The only hope for achieving that would be a swift and sharp break with International Free Trade-ism and the restoration of a Thorough and Complete Protectionism which would allow America the space to restore what balanced industrial economic ecosystem our diminished resource base can still permit. Our trade with the One Ball One Chain Great Han Co-Prosperity Sphere should be as close to zero both ways as we can achieve.
We must not permit ourselves to become one of China's "overseas Tibets" the way Australia looks on track to becoming.

We must never ever permit the building of a railroad across the Bering Strait or a tunnel underneath the Bering Strait. We must never ever permit the laying of a natural gas pipeline or huge electric transmission cables under the Bering Strait. America must remain physically air-gapped from China at that physical level to prevent a Chinese takeover by slow-overwhelm.

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