12 September 2020


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Peace deals 3,
Wars- 0,
Outrage ∞

The only thing hurt worse than the Biden Mega Donor owned Atlantic's credibility is Obama's Legacy.


The Democrat-media party has been anti-American for a long time.
Trump's election so enraged them that the last mask dropped.
Then, Trump ramped it up by his open contempt for the media and his desire (badly carried out, thus far) to put a halt to the "ruling class" gravy train.
His second term is perceived as a real threat to the Democrat-media,their deep state allies (most of the employees of the Fed.) and a significant number of Republicans - all living well as the ruling class.
Remember the 4 wealthiest counties(plus Falls Church City) in the country are in the DC area.


I have not looked at a teleprompter close up, can they be hacked, how often do they crash? Is there good footage of Biden answering hard questions off the cuff?. PM Theresa May lost the plot in one live interview and just spouted prepared remarks unrelated to the questions.


Censoring the News

If Trump campaigned with determination and vigor he could win Massachusetts?

In case any one missed it, in southeastern part of state this past week BLM planned a protest.

Trump supporters showed up and there were more of them.

Make of it what you will, story at:


City and town clerks here take very seriously their role, in each of the 351 cities and towns, their duty to conduct elections free of fraud and waste and abuse.

Should Trump campaign hard in Massachusetts and win the state?

Who knows if he might win.

The point is, if he won Massachusetts, no one in their right mind would be able to dispute fact Trump won the election.

It would be over that night.

Reagan twice won the vote in Massachusetts, 1980 and 1984.



Atlantic owned by Laurene Powell Jobs. Being woke with the wealth that Steve earned.

Green hick

You know, I value an authentically conservative perspective on things, and agree that any discussion of cancelling the Nobel Prize should have begun when Obama was nominated, at the very latest.

But what grates is to try to score petty points by referring to the DNC-MSM takes as of "the Left". These are neoliberal, globalist managerialists. Miles from the Left. A bit of respect for actual Left perspectives, please. Bernie is to the right of FDR, mainstream social democrats both. Antifa? Whatever they actually represent, to be nominally anti-fascist does not make them automatically of the Left.



Romney was the governor of Massachusetts running on a Republican ticket. Now he’s as woke as the media wokesters.


Green Hick
Bernie IS NOT to the right of FDR. If you claim that you are just another leftist/antifa agitprop agent. I have zero respect for the Left, all of it. Get lost. I do not provide a platform for your evil BS. ah, you are a Canadian hick from that little town in SE BC. Are you and James buddies? Maybe you ARE James.


Romney got elected governor, first by trashing the sitting Republican governor in Mass., Jane Swift, and muscling his way in.

Swift's family was a big Republican name in the Berkshires, in far-western Massachusetts.

Romney was always a carpet bagging egoist who did not care who he shat on to get ahead.

While governor, Romney decided one way to bring more money into state coffers was to sell "surplus" land.

In one case, he and his henchmen basically stole land.

When I-84 was being built, 6 acres of a 144 acre hen farm in Sturbridge was seized by eminent domain in 1952 for $1.

At that time, a person had to petition the state to get paid what the land was worth. The woman who owned that parcel, however, died shortly after seizure of her land.

This land ended up never being used to build that highway.

Fast forward to 2004 and Romney.

Despite protests from surviving heirs to estate, Romney and his henchmen sold that parcel for $260K at a public auction in the spring of 2004.

Romney ignored calls from democrat and republican legislators to halt sale of that parcel.

That's what Romney is: a pig headed jerk who fits right into the swamp.

His governor's chair was still warm when he immediately began trashing the state, when departed to run for president.

Years earlier, he ran against Teddy Kennedy and was ahead in the polls for a long time; but ended up losing that senate race.


FDR saved capitalism in USA; Bernie wants to destroy it. Bernie is as phony and Romney.


Speaking of hit pieces, seems that WSJ is the only one telling the truth, while the Hartford Courant, Political Wire, Talking Points Memo, Politico spew lying headlines as to why Nora R. Dannehy resigned. She resigned in an email saying a brief farewell with nothing about political pressure. Dannehy was not hired by Durham to be a court room prosecutor. Dannehy's legal specialty is the exacting task of putting together complex white collar and public corruption cases.

Dannehy leaving is a signal that her work is done, and now Dunham can begin making arrests.

Dannehy's skill set

WSJ article that talks about Dannnehy's reputation as a pit bull, stubborn as hell and very very smart, a grinded out lawyer who'll just sit there and work she's a real pro, doesn't play politics.

Fox News article alluding to more charges in the works.

Barr interview where he disembowels the lying media,.

WSJ article that tells the truth about Dannehy resignation.

Leftist articles that lie about Dannehy resignation.




And now to the Retd. General Flynn case, yesterday leftist retired jurist Michael Gleeson filed a 30 page screed in Federal District court accusing Attorney General Barr and the Department of Justice of corruption because they dropped the unjust Mueller prosecution of Flynn. Gleeson screeds that Flynn needs to be punished. Interesting how Gleeson and others like him aren't saying a peep about the Mueller team's committing anticipatory obstruction of justice with their coordinated illegal wiping of all of the information from their government phones.

Gleeson rant

Gleeson screed in Federal Court against Flynn


I haven't paid attention to the Nobel Prize since they gave it to Le Duc Tho back in 1973. The guy was a freaking murderer. And not just of GIs and ARVNs. He engineered purges in North Vietnam, and in the South and in Cambodia and Laos.

The Nobel Foundation should deep-six the Peace Prize and focus on Medicine and the Sciences.


I wish I had the colonel's knack for making points so concisely AND without the use of bad language. If I were writing about this subject I probably couldn't avoid using the word a**holes. And that applies to Madame "It Was A Set-Up" Speaker too.


I believe the "Nobel Peace Prize", headquartered in Noway, is totally separate from the original Swedish Nobel Prizes in arts and sciences - two different operations, directors, criteria and financial support. Just a common name, and plenty of coat-tailing one by the other.

Yeah, Right

The article in The Atlantic is not behind a firewall, so anyone can read that op-ed for yourself rather that relying on comments in the Daily Mail to tell you what it says.

It is rather more nuanced than is being portrayed here.

My take is that Wood is saying that the Nobel Committee should award the peace price to individuals based upon the outcomes of their actions, not by the promise of their actions. He says so in the final paragraph.

It actually isn't that outlandish a concept: Watson and Crick published the structure of the double helix in 1953, and when they got their Nobel Prize in 1962 that was regarded as remarkably quick. Einstein got his Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for work that was published in 1905, and that is far more typical.

Giving a politician a Nobel Price in the same year as their supposed-breakthrough is a ludicrous proposition, regardless of whether the prize-winner is named Obama or Trump. Obama certainly didn't deserve his. Trump hasn't earnt one either.



So Wood’s op-ed must be the second of a two part series of lamentations, the first being when Obama received his prize.


When the Nobel prize was given to Obama for not being George Bush, it became a participation award.
If Trump gets one (he won't), yawn.


Yes, TV, the Nobel committee showed its vacuity when it awarded Obama the prize for nothing more than noble rhetoric and hot air. In his acceptance, Obama basically spit in their faces for misreading him, but accepted the prize nonetheless. (It’s a nice chunk of change.)

Apparently the committee never learned its lesson and begs to be shamed.

If Obama could win it, then it only affirms someone’s prominence...like being chosen as a commencement speaker

Yeah, Right

JMH All rather presupposes that Graeme Wood had a journalistic career of note back in 2009, which is not a given.

The one mention he makes to Obama's Nobel Prize in that recent article makes clear that he does not think it was deserved.


I nominate Melania Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, who for four years has taken incoming partisan flak daily and never blinked and never punched back.

Instead she stands tall, serene and beautiful. Unbowed. A model of peace for us all. She lives her Be Best anti-bullying campaign by her own deeds. This has been heroic achievement, under heavy fire. This noble effort should not go unrecognized.

I also remember in the early days of the Trump administration his claim he would bring peace to the Middle East and could think of no better negotiator than his own son-in-law. I scoffed in my mind -good luck with that. Many have tried and none have succeeded. Yet, Trump has come close to doing just that with his own art of the deal style of negotiating interests; insistence on specific outcomes.

History will be kind to Donald J. Trump. The Democrat's 24 hour Mean Machine not withstanding.


Don't be sure about history's treatment of Trump.
History is written by historians, academics who are 99% left wing.

Account Deleted

Peace between the UAE and Israel?
When did that war start? ..



The two countries have been legally at war since the UAE's independence from the UK.



The Arab states with the exception of Egypt and Jordan have considered themselves to be at war with Israel since its creation. This is a matter of law in those countries. If you don't believe that try entering one of those countries with a passport that contains an Israeli border stamp or visa. That situation is now ending in the UAE and Bahrein.



If I may be so bold, would you be willing to make a post with regard to the current Israel-Arab situation now that UAE and Bahrain have begun official proceedings to recognise the Izzies. More specifically how is this playing out with the arab population at large and do you forsee negative consequences for the regimes from their own populace for taking these steps to recognize Israel?


TV: History will be written long after any contemporaneous memory of Trump personally; and will register only the impacts and deeds of his administration.

History will be kind because what got set in motion due to his administration will be valued, if only in retrospect. Your point about liberal history profs today is very well taken. However keeping in mind history is ultimately written by the winners; not the losers.

More enticingly is whether the origins of TDS will finally be revealed, in the long view of historical perspective.

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