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04 September 2020


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The left is busy destroying the independence of small business owners using the cover of covid as an excuse. The ongoing consolidation of power by the elite at all levels is accelerating. I see in the NYT that psuedo conservative is now gaslighting for a color revolution when what looks like Biden's inevitable loss happens. He's not the only one.


The comments to article on the uber-Liberal San Francisco Chronicle - online SFGate - about Scofflaw Nancy's illegal hair salon appointment are scathing. There are both cynical and conservative voices out there in California after all.

NB: a "blow out" using a hair dryer and rounded brushes to give hair a smooth finish and lift, in stead of setting hair with curlers and waiting for the hair to dry. There are some salons who only do "blow outs". Branco cartoon this week is a classic - showing Nancy getting the blow out and the next panel showing what happened to her after the blow-out blow back - shooting off the borders of the cartoon.

Could California flip - strong distaste for Pelosi, Gavin and Kamala Harris? Unlikely, since the big public sector unions continue to run this state and control critical masses of voters.



No. They will just fabricate enough votes to carry the state.

Eric Newhill

In NY state Cuomo is becoming persona non grata as he increasingly displays an ego maniacal side of his personality that some, somehow, hadn't previously recognized. He's not fooling anyone any longer.

NYC - the Big Crummy (LOL) - might be a different story - or maybe not. There are apocryphal stories of a mass exodus, unheard of apartment vacancies, frightening crime and filth. Maybe the stories are true. I haven't been there since Feb and have no desire to return. So no personal knowledge of the situation. There are murmurs that NYC could go Trump, in which case Trump would win the state. Though that probably would be suppressed by manufacturing votes. It will be interesting to see what happens

In my college town in Western NY the students have returned and I see them having house parties all over the town. They are not social distancing or wearing masks as they mingle.



The students are smart enough to know they were getting fed a line of political b.s. Now to see if they just give the powerful in the front of the room the answer they want to hear to get a decent grade or begin to believe the leftist indoctrination.


If you have been paying attention since they first started lying about German soldiers spiking Belgian babies a hundred years ago, this morning's outrage fits a familiar pattern.

The dual citiens and their puppets are clearly prepping the ground for traitors in our security apparatus and officer corps to remove Trump.

So, say the vote seems close but Biden and the networks declare victory the minute poll close in the midwest, officials in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin project him ahead but refuse to certify the vote because of mail-in ballots, the media begins a full spectrum BIDEN WINS campaign, and the streets fill with Antifa and BLM.

Anyone here care to speculate on what the Army and Marine Corps is going to do in this situation? Obey the President? Signal support for the traitors? Hide under their bunks until it all blows over?


Are there really that many Antifa members - they have to ship the few they have all over the place it appears.

Think they might be just a traveling JV team, and not a movement. By now, we should we not know a lot more about them - numbers, locations, organizational structure, command control, communications network?

Still far more organized public sector union members who will be doing the real damage on election day - all 44 million voting as a block -united in every community. And solely for their own self-interest. Can you blame them?

Right now the public sector unions who are fronted by the Democrat party in my town are aggressively recruiting know-nothing candidates to run for every school board and community college trustee seat - just to insure their teacher union agendas get carried out with zero dissent.

Probably happening in your community too. Then they follow up with letters to the editor discrediting any non-union independent candidate - they are smooth, slick and sadly all too often very successful. They excel at the grassroots level since they have so many public sector employee interested parties in every community. We even know a lot of them by name - but not necessarily by their conflicted agenda.


The official word from SFGate about the status of beauty salon in San Francisco: No two ways around it - FancyNancyBad.

Outdoors only: after Sept 1
Indoors with limitations: after Sept 30

"Hair salons and barbershops: The state allows for indoor operations with modifications, and S.F. began allowing them to operate outdoors on Sept. 1. Indoor operations will be permitted at end of September with limited capacity."


So, we get Trump down here in Florida, Biden in his basement,and hair raising rebel Pelosi in the White House?

I sure hope President Trump has some earth shaking developments just around the corner cause he's running out of time to sort this out.



And today Old Joe is weeping and moaning about how Trump insulted his hero son by saying that KIA/WIA were "suckers and losers" during his trip to France. Trump and the people around him deny that ever happened. The Dems must be worried. BTW someone should tell Joe that his hero JAG officer son was neither killed nor wounded in Iraq. Joe may be a little cloudy about that.

scott s.

Army and Marine Corps will do nothing. The first important date is 14 December. That is the date electors meet to vote for pres and vice pres. The question is what happens in a state if the electors don't meet, or the state (I think typically the state Gov) does not transmit the certified electoral votes to Washington.

Even then it's not a crisis until 6 Jan 2021 when the new Congress counts the votes.

We've had the situation in 1876 Hayes v Tilden where there was dispute over the validity of the electors' votes.

Laura Wilson

All -- Army veteran and Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) hit President Trump over his reported comments disparaging fallen soldiers on Friday, citing injuries she sustained in the line of duty.

"I take my wheelchair and my titanium legs over Donald Trump supposed bone spurs any day."

What say you all who have served?

Eric Newhill

The ironic thing about what Trump is alleged to have said about the troops (I doubt he did) is that the lefties think exactly that - that they are suckers and losers for imperialist capitalist running dog colonizers. Biden loses votes by feigning distress over it, if anything. Trump's base doesn't believe unsubstantiated allegations, especially after all we've been through in that regard.


Laura Wilson

He did not say it.



How many do they need? The IRA provos never had more than a couple hundred men on "active service."


Laura, Why do you want to believe and republish these anonymous anti-Trump statements? (Signed: Former USAF camp follower)


Lara Wilson,

Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic tosses off innuendo surrounded by quotation marks but surprising no one does not list any name he is directly quoting. It is only 4 paragraphs in that you find McCain's sycophants are still sore for Trump doing what McCain couldn't, win the White House, and refuse to expand the endless wars overseas. His remarks from November 2018 are online. He's the first President to visit that site in 100 years.

Laura Wilson

Well, Trump sure said this! And he even re-Tweeted was he said!



Sheesh, even John Bolton refuted the goofy story in The Atlantic. That magazine has become such a worthless, pathetic effort but a very good example of political activism posing as journalism.

Gov. Cuomo is digging a deeper hole for himself. Evidently he's instructed NY to not cooperate with the DOJ's civil rights investigation into Covid nursing home policies/deaths.

As for Joe Biden, I heard a great line on TV last night to the effect that more people have been seen at bus stops than at Biden campaign events.


I am disinclined to believe anything that comes out of the MSM these days that does not have specific names and dates attached to the information. Not out of any special devotion to Trump, but simply because the MSM have long since shredded their own credibility on matters attributed to "anonymous sources".

Anymore, if you believe anything like this from these outlets, you are either a patently gullible rube or you are so partisan that you'd rather be lied to in order to confirm your own biases than to know the truth.


John Bolton,who was with Trump at the time, 100% denies Trump ever said such things but the damage has been done to some effect. My wife got a call from her daughter but she was out so I spoke to her, she was worried that the $100 birthday gift we gave her live-in boyfriend would be worthless as he doesn't have a checking account, he then got on the phone and advised me about Trump's disdain for veterans (he know I'm one). Since there's no point in arguing with a 45 year old idiot who has no bank account, I said nothing other than it appeared that Biden was mentally losing it. The daughter said, "yes, we know but mailed in our votes for him". Funnily enough, I like the guy in person but as the saying goes, "you can't fix stupid".



The Atlantic also has an "interview" between Ann Applebaum and Peter Strozck. Not mentioned is the word "FISA". One wonders why. Of the many doozies of statements is this:
"The former FBI agent Peter Strzok worries that Americans will never learn the full story about Trump’s relationship with Russia." and this one:
"Applebaum quotes from Strzok's book:

“If Clinton’s email had been housed on a State Department system, it would have been less secure and probably much more vulnerable to hacking than it was on her private server.”"

Wow, I didn't know Barak fouled up our national security so badly that the State Department - under Hilary - was less secure than that set up in Clinton's closet.

Durham and Barr must be close to actually indicting someone up the foodchain from Clinesmith if these folks are willing to destroy the last of their credibility by spreading this crap in the hope it force's people to spend hours debunking this crap rather than pay attention to things that are more important. Like riots, indictments, Pelosi's fraud etc.


Laura Wilson

McCain was a crazed man. I first met him just after he was elected to the House. He was traveling with Goldwater who seemed to pity him. Mad as a hatter.


Laura Wilson,

Marine Corps birthday is November 10. Armistice Day is November 11. Trump and Melania would routinely send the Marines the traditional greetings; I just looked up the birthday message for the 243rd and note that it ends with "Semper Fidelis." The Vice President also sends a birthday greeting. Mike Pence's son is a Marine. If Trump was in Paris in 2018, whatever the scheduling or other reasons for his decision not to go to a distant American/allied war cemetery (bad weather), he would still have been very much aware of Marine Corps birthday. There would have been some jarheads nearby in his entourage; also, probably, some embassy Marines would have come into view, and they would have been emitting dignified signals of gusto etc. He would have liked that, too.

Timothy Hagios

It seems the media have learned that they can claim virtually anything, no matter how implausible, without proof of any sort, and the public will still keep going back to them again and again.

Over in Russia, the Russians supposedly poisoned someone else with novichok, the super-deadly nerve agent that never kills anyone. Proof? Of course not. With this latest fake news, it seems like they are taking a break from publishing lies about Russia to publishing lies about Trump. Five bucks says that they find a way to tie the two stories together.

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