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28 September 2020


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She wants to live in the big White House and travel the world on the big White plane
Everything else is just noise.


Thank you colonel for the comment questioning Mrs. Biden's doctorate. I've always wondered if she actually EARNED it or if it was an honorary PhD.


aakaPatience Perhaps not honorary, but rather merely booty.


It’s a VP thing... Pence refers to his wife as mother.


Two words: Sarah Netanyahu.

This women is a card carrying narcissist for whom Joe is a means to an end.

Diana Croissant

As a retired teacher, I will comment on Jill Biden's doctorate in Education. (And, by the way, remember always that Bill Ayers also has a similar PhD.

I attended a college way out here in the West that at its inception used to attract aspiring public school teachers from all over the country.

I graduated from this institution with a major in English and a minor in German. I also had an endorsement as a public school teacher, having taken all the teacher educations classes required.

We had people graduating from the Education department with degrees in school administration with various other endorsements, such as school finance and curricula, etc.

You need to understand this: Almost all of those who received those endorsements got them with straight A averages because the classes were so, so, so easy. You would have to be a dimwit to get anything but an A average to earn one of those endorsements.

I loaded my quarters (and then semesters when the school switched to a semester system) with classes in my major and minor. I took only the minimal requirement of educations courses because they were so very simple.

The other thing you need to know is that many teachers who belong to the NEA and AFT discuss nothing but really simple ideas of classroom management. There is very little encouragement to learn more about the subject you are teaching in order to raise you standing on the normal pay schedules. I'm sorry to say that many of the younger teachers I taught with knew very little about their subject areas. When it came time to earn more credits to move up on the pay scale, they opted for ONLINE courses in stupid education classes on such things as different ways to arrange seating in a classroom--etc.

Jill Beden's PhD in Education MEANS NOTHING. She is probably capable of conducting pre-school education. It would come in handy now while dealing with her husband. (My guess is she married him for the possibility of raising her economic standing.)


You use English pretty well but pulling "booty" out of the dictionary in that comment was genius.



"pretty well." i am a credit to my people. I should kick your limey ass out of here.


"Pence refers to his wife as mother" That means she is the mother of his children, dummy, not HIS mother.


There are a lot of box top universities handing out doctorates in education - basically online and phone it in, because you bump up to a higher pay grade on the teacher union schedules with one on record - credentialed of course..

The real issue is academic protocol discourages the use of the title "doctor" outside of strictly academic settings when you have an EdD. Mrs Biden is setting a very poor example. Not unlike stolen valor. But we are all living in a house our mirrors right now.

Expect carefully rehearsed bombast and push back, irrelevant of content.

Perhaps even walking off the stage in moral outrage (Trump or the moderator backs Biden into a corner and he can't get out). "I refuse to share the same stage with this man who has brought so much disrepute to the high Office of the President which I served with the former President Barack Obama."

That will get him some headlines as well as free pass to never show up for another debate again.


Mrs Biden teaches English at Northern Virginia Community College - what her students say on Rate My Professors dot com: https://www.ratemyprofessors.com/ShowRatings.jsp?tid=1251801

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