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23 September 2020


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Richard Ong,

Try viewing the unedited video of Trump's remarks on Charlottesville rather than the edited version.


Ked, you write:

"As to civilian casualties during civil strife, one can debate the percentages but not the phenomenon. If an active armed participant’s life is deemed worthy of honor, why not thousands of bystanders?"

Your first sentence agrees with my point that civilian casualties during civil strife by police are a phenomenon; by definition an extremely rare occurrence. In Portland the peaceful rioters injury many more police than police injure rioters. Just the other night of rioting a couple of civilians tried to fry some cops by throwing Molotov cocktails into their formation. I don't consider the peaceful protesters innocent of intent to destroy and cause harm in that they are shields for the violent actors in the crowd.

Trump does stretch the bounds of civil discourse but if he means to incite violence, he is not succeeding. The violence I see comes from the left and not the right. Just look at who is burning buildings, beating bystanders, pulling drivers from their cars, shining lasers into cops eyes and throwing hard objects at them. Who is encouraging chaos with their silence, misdirection and even encouragement? It ain't the right. It ain't even Trump.

I don't even know what your second sentence means unless you are referring to WW11


On Aug. 15, 2017 Charlottesville veteran radio broadcaster Joe Thomas was interviewed on C Span https://www.c-span.org/video/?432556-3/charlottesville-radio-host-discusses-aftermath-white-nationalist-protests-violence
He said,

"The first thing I want to point out is that I think the President was correct in saying all violence in any shape or form, any of this mob rule mentality has to be called out for what it is and has to be stopped in its tracks. If it doesn't we will get further down the rabbit hole. The fact that he didn't pick out one specific group -- supposing he just picked out the Black Lives Matter groups that were protesting on the other side, equally violent. I was there for four hours getting pepper sprayed by both groups. There was plenty of violence to go around. "

Thomas claimed that the Black-White confrontation that seemed to take place is not reflective of sentiment of Charlottesville natives but evolved from a shooting in South Carolina, where the shooter was associated with Confederate symbols. Thomas said,

"After that, one of our city councilors said, Wouldn't it be nice if we could get rid of all these Confederate symbols."
Before that, most Charlottesville residents were opposed to removing the statue of Robert E Lee.

He informed the audience that to the extent tensions exist in Charlottesville, it involves issues of the poor vs those better off, and that he is among those in Charlottesville who are part of citizen groups trying to resolve those issues peacefully.

ADL played a major role in provoking the comparatively little violence that occurred. (That is, compared to the length and spread of current BLM protests, the millions of dollars in destruction caused, and the actual targeting of police including burning police facilities, Charlottesville experienced "comparatively little violence." The woman who died was not the victim of an intentional attack; moreover, the person who is said to have caused her death was charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to 400 years in prison.)

Based on comments from a Jewish organization of New York City lawyers that has formed an ADL-seeded 501c3 to prosecute in civil court several of the Unite the Right organizers,
the focus of outrage -- the issue that keeps Charlottesville in the spotlight -- has less to do with Blacks, nothing to do with Robert E Lee, nothing to do with the conditions and needs of the poor in Charlottesville, but everything to do with Jewish identarian sensitivities that slaps the label "Nazi" on any activity that offends Jewish people.

I find this practice highly offensive, not to mention historically inaccurate. Seventy-five years after the event, it's time to stop demonizing a defeated adversary: we don't do the same with Vietnamese or Japanese.

To paraphrase Trump's statement, "all vilification of the Other as "Nazi", in any shape or form, any of this mob rule hate mentality has to be called out for what it is and has to be stopped in its tracks. If it doesn't we will get further down the rabbit hole."

That we have descended down the rabbit hole was crystallized in comments by TX Rep. Dan Crenshaw on the House floor in June 2019 when he said:

"When you call someone a Nazi you can say that they are inciting violence. There is a common thread in this country that they are bad and evil and should be destroyed. When you're operating off that premise and it is a good premise to operate on, what you are implying is that it is okay to use violence against them. When one of the most powerful social media companies in the world labels people as Nazi you can make the argument that it is wholly irresponsible and it doesn't stop there.
@ 1:32 https://www.c-span.org/video/?462052-1/social-media-content-monitoring


On the topic of "civil discourse", here's a fully tenured Stanford school of law professor, Potty Mouth Michele Dauber taking the liberty to be incoherent.

I don't see how what she says is any less "uncivil" as it were than commander in chief.

Dauber is commenting -- making up quotes as she goes along -- of a Harvard man, the law professor who made a fool of himself during Impeachment Gate, Noah Feldman.

She is doing an Adam Schiff on Feldman, as it were.

Below is link to the Twitter feed. [I read Feldman's essay in Bloomberg earlier today; that is what Ms. Dauber is referencing, to which she is making up quotes about what Feldman wrote.]

Here is one snippet, example of Dauber Tweet: [[Noah Feldman: "I am stupid and get women to do my homework for me. Yet because of my white penis I had a job I apparently admit I did not deserve."]]

The tenured Stanford law prof also refers to the Harvard man as --- [[worthless shitty white man]]]

[The following content is rated R, for Raunchy (or resistance)]


Be that as it may, this is part of what and who are leading charge against the supreme court nominee.



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