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23 September 2020


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And I let you comment here? Will wonders never cease? You are sure that you are not George Soros in disguise? Well, well.



"The Antifa groups are organized only on a local level. That is by design."

How do you know those two alleged facts?

"For God’s sake, look at what the alt-right did with 4chan and 8chan."

Just what did they do TTG, post memes? Hurt feelings with bad speech? Corrupt the youth of the Republic?


PL, I have no doubt that the intelligence agencies of your generation would have been all over this and seen it coming for miles to boot. You made a comment about a year ago about the Clinton generation denigrating the HUMINT community in favor of SIGINT. Was this the means by which it was essentially disbanded or compromised over the intervening two decades? If there are elements within the IC that are shielding this uprising, or at least blinding the administration or the rest of the IC from detecting its roots, then nothing short of a brutal purge will be sufficient to remove the infestation. The question then becomes, who remains that could make the list and physically round up seditious.


From what I know of the American security establishment, I can't believe that the NSA and FBI don't already know exactly where the money for the rioters is coming from, who the leaders are and what to do. Bank accounts and money flows have been under strict supervision for decades now, at least within the US. The security establishment know - they just let it continue like this, maybe they are all democrats and in hock to Soros/Steyer. It's strange how the funders of riots and revolutions (thin line really) all turn out to be jews - be it the Russian revolution in 1917, the attempted communist takeover in Germany shortly after that or now in the United States.

Anyone who lets the rioting continue is a traitor to the nation. No two ways about it.

On a side note, the Cathar crusade and the subsequent burning at the stake of the gnostics is no laughing matter. Led by pope Innocent who incentivised the army with titles to cathar land. Thousands of people not just indiscriminately killed but all of them burnt at the stake - the most excruciating death imaginable. The Catholics surely showed who they worship - the burnt flesh of their spiritual enemies as a sacrificial offering perhaps? and not for the first or last time either - they just enjoy burning people alive


44 million Americans are government card-carrying union members. Thier jobs, livelihood and future existentially depend on their continued government employment.

That is your division in America today - and they are 99% Democrat. There is no greater divide in America today than between the makers and the takers. Biden represents the takers. Trump represents the makers. Which way this country's future does go, hangs in balance with this election.

There is diversity among the makers and there is diversity among the takers. Divesity is not what divides us. The melting pot is represented among the makers and among the takers. This does not divide us.

Direct dependency on government or indirect dependency on government is what divides. Does more government help us or hurt us - that answer divides us.

We are far more a diverse and melting pot country than may be asserted. But we are divided over what role the government can or should play in our lives, and whose money gets spent carrying this out. Pocket book issues separate us - the makers and the takers.



I agree with your opinion that the IC already knows how and by whom the marxist rebels are supplied and funded. But they do not have "agency" in the matter and Trump is waiting for the election before doing rough things.


There is a clear history of funding of terrorist left groups via the establishment liberals. Italian Red Brigades were backed by well-known university professor Tony Negri, who ultimately went to jail for being a major recruiter/advisor to the terrorists. Remember kidnapping and murder of former Premier Aldo Moro and NATO General Dosier.

Look at the late 1990s riots at Seattle during G-20 meeting, which were heavily funded/supported by Teddy Goldsmith, funder of UK Green Party. They set up "non-violent" training camps which prepared the violence. Then as now, protesters were flown around the world to be the provocateurs. After Seattle, same dynamic in Genoa at another international conference.

Guarantee there is continuity of the liberal support apparatus. Soros is the most well-known name but there are many others. Not hard to map the network. May be above the FBI's pay grade, but it can and should be thoroughly mapped out. Shut off the cash flow and the enthusiasm of the "revolutionaries" is greatly reduced.



In that case, what happens if Trump loses. Is he so sure of his victory that he can hold off incarcerating the funders of riots? Or does he think that the riots will help him win the election?

If he loses, the funders of the same rioters terrorising the streets of America will hold the reins of government.

God help us all if that comes to pass!

Look at the lead picture and the person sitting to the right of the stairs. This is from 2007.


Col Lang -

It would be nice to have Soros' money, but alas I live on a military pension and social security. Not complaining as I am luckier than most.

And thanks for not booting me off.

Regarding Congressman Buck's T-shirt, I am not offended by the sentiment printed on it like some in the media. We jarheads said the same thing 50-plus years ago. But he has never served a day in the military so has no standing to wear a shirt that shows a Special Forces insignia.



A US Marine. OK, but a US Marine with little sense of humor.


If Trump loses, it is going to be one heck of a ride with the gloves off until the Biden official embalming ceremony. Hope Trump has a lot of fun on that last swan song ride, because he still holds a powerful office.

Dems have kept him in a straight jacket for most of it with their absurd machinations. Time to pardon Julian Assange and let Team Biden clean up the mess. And release any other classified documents that are still secreted away.

God love him. Trump has broken the mold, at just the right stultifying time to renew our nation. Don't think the "run fast and break things" motto just applies to FaceBook.

The Twisted Genius


No, I never did work full time in the Business realm. The closest I got was with a small group shortly after I retired from DIA. We were in negotiations with Deutsche Bank for an IT security contract in their NYC operations. My strongest contribution was in the HUMINT field. During the negotiations, I advised my friends to walk away from this potentially lucrative venture. I assessed the DB types to be soulless sharks who would quickly leave us holding the bag if anything went bad. I sensed this was DB's plan from the beginning. We were far too small to protect ourselves in this world. Given what we know about DB now, it was my first, last and best business decision. Since then, my friend has made quite a name for himself in AI with several companies under his belt.

I did spend 7+ years in continuous cover as an IT business owner. I engaged with local small business owners on a near daily basis. These were mostly struggling start ups. I admired their agility and vulnerability in their quest for profit. I also negotiated with regional, national and international data center and service providers. They were tough, profit driven, but would strictly adhere to the terms of any formal agreement or even a personal promise. It was clearly not what I see in Trump or any in the business world you describe. It must be the nature of this particular industry.

I wasn't aware that the Appomattox pedestal was removed this summer. Do you know if the nearby bronze plaque still remains? Are you aware of the UDC's plans for that monument? Perhaps it will eventually stand closer to Appomattox itself.

We are obviously backing different weevils in this race. I still see my choice as the less dangerous by far of the two. With another four years, I fear Trump could do real damage to our constitutional republic. I doubt our people want another civil war, but they can be goaded into one.



Thanks for the information.


Trump’s frequent, casual endorsement of domestic political violence in his campaigning is enough for me to count him the greater of evils.
Lest we forget, the trend in the “democratization” of civil warfare in modern times is that combatants suffer the least losses, while innocent civilians (aka collateral damage) suffer the greatest. I’m not sure those aching for armed conflict are processing that... though with God on your side, I suppose it doesn’t matter. The Law of Unintended Consequences is a hard one to beat... there are no judges.



"combatants suffer the least losses, while innocent civilians (aka collateral damage) suffer the greatest." I doubt that except as civilians are subjected to the barbarity of strategic bombing.

English Outsider

David Habakkuk - I hope the query's not out of place here but were other European countries, in particular the Dutch, also likely to have been involved in the attempt to bring down Trump?


Could have something to do with groups like this:


This group was led in part by Bill Ayers (the former Weatherman Underground terrorist with ties to Obama).

Protestors carrying signs reading "NOV 4 IT BEGINS" blocked traffic on U.S. Route 101, near Alameda Street in Los Angeles, on September 26, 2017.[10] The road blockade and the planned protests became the subject of a conspiracy theory alleging that anti-fascist groups were planning to foment a civil war in the United States.[11][12][13][14][15] In an article posted on September 29, 2017, Refuse Fascism claimed[16] that "[E]very branch of government has been taken over by fascists, and their base has been mobilized to enforce their ideology on the streets. White supremacists. Christian theocrats. Violent misogynists..." and called for the November 4, 2017 protests to "grow day after day and night after night—thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions—determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power."
Eric Newhill

Where has Trump endorsed domestic political violence? Where?

OTOH, that is just about all the Left is doing (if we don't get our way, burn it down!). Where has Biden denounced any of that? Harris has offered support of it.


Col, Thx for publishing my post.
I do dn’t realize it spoke w/ one voice... very non-leftist, & something I’ve never seen (esp when it comes to violence) in the course of my eight decades.
as to Trump’s advocacy (he incites more so than commands... so far) of casual & increasingly not-so-casual violence:





Biden rejecting civil violence:

listening closely to his pep rally rhetoric, there’s enough dog-whistling to unleash packs of disturbed folk bent upon destruction.
have a nice (if rainy) weekend,



Conserning your first link concerning Trump inciting violence, he said, ... that the bodyguards assigned to his rival Hillary Clinton should "disarm immediately" and "see what happens. What he is pointing out is Hillary's gun control measures endanger average Americans. I think that's a good point.

Concerning Trump finding it "beautiful" that a reporter whines about getting hit in the knee with a rubber bullet. That's what happens when you mingle with violent rioters. As far as I'm concerned this rioting is a result of the classical conditioning by the media, along with cultural Marxism's indoctrination of at least 2 generations, promoting violent revolution. The news shows clips of police shooting Black over and over. I counted one newscast showing Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck five times in one half hour segment, and it always emphasizing "Whites" killing "Blacks". Then the news associates these rare instances of police violence against Blacks as systemic White supremecist murders common to policing. Rarely does the national news report on the much more numerous occasions of Black on White violence, much of it on video and reported on local news, and if they do it's not endlessly repeated. The media is a great recruitment tool for anti-police anger. Instead of dog's trained to salivate at the bell we get protesters and rioters conditioned to react with anger and violent action, or, at the least, sympathy for a media created cause.



Congrats on recognizing the landmine in Deutsche Bank's contract offer.

As for Trump's biz practices, making no excuse, it has occurred to me that he is creature of the world that formed him. My view of the world of NYC R.E. development was formed in mid-80s, when I was attending school and working there. One episode stands out, though I cannot recall names or precise location now.

A developer had acquired a midtown Manhattan property, on which he planned to erect a modern hi-rise. Standing in his way was the old building on the property, which enjoyed protection through historic designation.

Having acquired the property, the developer went to court to challenge the historic designation. The neighborhood fought back, and his legal case was failing.

Then one morning, Manhattan awoke to find that the old building had been demolished overnight. The developer found a demolition firm willing to do the work, despite the prohibition. At suitable cost, no doubt. The developer paid his fine to the city, which must have been negligible compared to the profits to be realized from the new building. Who knows what palms were greased? No matter the number of king's horses, Humpty could not be rebuilt, and the new building was soon underway.

Raising development capital is another trick, involving salesmanship, likely a few mirrors and, on occasion, funds in need of a clean up.

NYC real estate development is not an undertaking for the faint of heart nor those with too literal a regard for law.

Richard Ong

@Leith, as a proud Democrat you seem blind to the fact that it's Democrat cities and states that allow free rein to AntiFa and BLM. Those people are enabling murder, arson, assault, vandalism and looting by their studied passivity toward and encouragement of leftist street thugs. Do you see that they are enemies of our constitutional order? Or would you vote for them as a proud Democrat?

Richard Ong

The passivity of virtually all government regarding this insurrection is maddening. Anonymity is key to the survival of the marxist thugs but NO ONE is spearheading enactment of anti-nasking laws and the police act like they're helpless to identify transportation, assembly points, or communication nodes that offer opportunities for surveillance and identification. Each "performance" springs onto the stage with officialdom in full Mr. Magoo mode about actors, set designers and financial angels. What good are these "fusion centers" if they can't marshall vaunted state surveillance, decryption, and big data crunching tools? Or do those only ferret out the occasional Lavoy?

It's the same with Trump with his "ain't it awful" attitude toward obvious mail ballot irregularities not to mention his insubordinate appointees and the rolling coup d'etat against him.

Then there's the obtuseness and misanalysis of Trumpian proportions. The KKK, militias, and "anarchists" are NOT part of the problem and everyone at Charlottesville was NOT good people. The Russians are not our enemies and Syria is not a threat to our way of life.

It's really a cosmic joke that at this critical point the leaders of the two contending factions are so mentally and intellectually underpowered.


Optimax... great rationalization for direct endorsement of violence aimed at civilians by a President. Throwing in “the media” is a double edged sword, considering Trump’s use of that hackneyed excuse in order to amplify his dog-whistling about violence against those his followers hate.

As to civilian casualties during civil strife, one can debate the percentages but not the phenomenon. If an active armed participant’s life is deemed worthy of honor, why not thousands of bystanders?

I am surprised people avert the eyes from the purposeful incitement of rage by Trump’s campaign. Such rage does not go unrequited & there is no excuse to pretend Trump has nothing to do with it.



Richard Ong

Trump did not say that all those at the Charlottesville melee were good people.

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