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11 September 2020


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Polish Janitor

This was indeed long-overdue and any effort to bring any of them Saudi perpetrators to true justice is most-welcomed. However the skeptic in me raises the suspicion/question that how much of it has to do with the Trump admin's ongoing pivot to the Arab world's recognition of Israel? The timing is very 'special' and I would like to know why this important development did not happen a year or two years ago?

I hope the Trump admin would consider doing some kind of justice with regards to Jeffrey Epstein or Ghislane Maxwell in coming days too.

Noel Grannell

I am sure the Khashoggi killers will deliver

Babak makkinejad


I fully agree.

US discredited herself when her courts passed judgments against Iran for attacks on US on 9/11/2001.

I read, years ago, on the public Internet, that on and after those attacks on US, there were days of celebrations in UAE cities. Young female students coming to class and giggling about those attacks.

Yet, George Bush went to UAE to harangue Iran, in the streets of her capital city did take place a spontaneous vigil for the dead of those attacks.

I surmise that US policy is so informed by the religious sentiments of Protestanism that it recognizes either Honor nor Reputation.

UAE is now untouchable due to recent formal recognition of Israel.

Mark Logan


It appears to me that Bone Saw had an Imam run a notion of the pole to see who would salute it the other day. It did not go well. Wrong venue, I imagine. He should limit this to his corporate board rooms.


If I may ask, what's your take on this?



Keep in mind that james is an ignorant and naive leftist coffee house musician from BC.

Babak makkinejad

Mark Logan

A gimmick by Saudis to keep the Faranji salviating.

Babak makkinejad


This Love spans the WASP culture continent (a.k.a. the English- Speaking People idea of Churchill and not just US.

Look at Canada, Harper's Government, and Iran.



Terrorism analyst Gina Bennett's 1993 warning is finally declassified and released.

1999 Guardian article:

A brief bio on Bennett


Worthwhile reading


j et all

Just remember "it ain't necessarily so ..."

Mark Logan


Thank you, I had thought it head-scratchingly naive.'For foreign consumption' explains it.

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