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13 September 2020


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Rick Merlotti

Chinese spies are committing espionage? The world is upside down. Next thing you know every major nation will have spy agencies committing espionage!

difficult bird

That "spy" is a fraud. He is a common criminal escaping justice from China. All his "revelations" are pretty much open source. It was a joke.


In October of 2019, ASIO (Australia Security Intelligence Organization) had a walk-in, a CCP spy walk-in. Wang ‘William’ Liqiang apparently gave a sworn statement to ASIO regarding CCP's interference spy operations in a number of countries and within governments that include Australia, and Taiwan.

What a timely stroke of good fortune during a Western government/media campaign in construing CCP as bad.

A partial Western government/media list of supposed CCP transgressions:

Attempting to subvert the rules based international order

Responsible for the Cornavirus

Stealing Western intellectual property

Committing human rights violations against Chinese Turkic Muslims

Suppressing attempted Western backed/directed Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong

Nefarious/manipulative economic polices with various third world nations

Constructing defective/failing Three Gorges Dam

Promoting an expansionist foreign policy that seeks world domination

Attempting to smear your opponent with allegations that they have committed odious acts that you yourself have engaged in is a page out of the propagandists handbook.

Godfree Roberts

Wang claimed his work on Taiwan aimed at "infiltration into media, temples and grass-roots organisations." Wang said they successfully influenced the 2018 Taiwan elections and that he was given a "fake South Korean passport" to interfere in the 2020 "presidential election" in Taiwan. He also disclosed alleged details of "China's actions to exert political influence in Australia."

Ordinary people would think Wang is a veteran intelligence officer holding an important position, based on these media reports, however, Wang is only 26 years old - some Western media said he is 27 - and his wife and child are in Australia. His publicly stated purpose of defecting to Australia is to seek political asylum.

Chinese people would intuitively know that Wang sounds like an opportunistic liar, probably a swindler. Indeed, Shanghai police said on late Saturday evening that Wang is an ex-convict. He was previously sentenced to 15 months in prison in 2016 for fraud and put on probation for 18 months. Now the guy is trying to cheat internationally.

To work in China's national security establishment, one has to pass the civil service examination. Many hold graduate or a PhD degree, or bachelor's degree at the minimum. A 26-year-old person can only be a novice, so how could he hold an important position as Wang claimed? Wang was only 22 years old in 2015, and even if he was lucky enough to work in the national security department at such a young age, he would be in a training or intern program. How could he possibly be responsible for the "negotiation and tasks to be implemented?" The only explanation is that Wang made it up.

Besides, it is extremely rare that a person who works in China's national security establishment to have a child as early as 26. It is especially bizarre that an intelligence officer's wife and child both live in Australia. How can Wang's hollow lies fool Australia's intelligence agency? If Australia's intelligence agency really believed Wang, it would have taken secret counter-espionage actions instead of letting the media expose it.

It seems more likely that Australia's intelligence agency is aware of Wang's opportunistic purposes and does not think his story has any intelligence value. But Australia finds his story valuable in public opinion. Thus The Sydney Morning Herald, a media organization that likes to smear China, has hyped Wang's story into an explosive story.

Now they have all got what they wanted. Australia's intelligence agency has shown its loyalty to the Western system, the Australian media has gained enough attention, and Wang has more chance of being granted political asylum.

The disgusting farce has fooled many Western people. The atmosphere of hostility toward China has been intensified in Western public opinion. Western media reports on China now only care about stance and completely ignore facts and logic.


difficult bird

thank you comrade.


Godfree Roberts

Yes, I have known many Chinese intelligence agents. It was my job to do so. They were all very educated. How educated are you?


The Chinese have been meddling in Australia for at least the last five years overtly and probably much longer than that covertly.

The “not so secret” stuff has been leaning on the Chinese diaspora and students here (anyone with family in China) as well as funding politicians and “friendship societies”, etc. I would assume University researchers are also targeted.

My own, uninformed, opinion is that they are clumsy and not very subtle. They also have the same problems as westerners in China and Japan - they don’t blend in very well.



Yes, the Chinese spooks I have known were very educated but also very clumsy operators.

A Chinese company with links to Beijing's military and intelligence networks has been amassing a vast database of detailed personal information on thousands of Australians, including prominent and influential figures.


More of these espionage schemes being unraveled. CCP got a free ride for decades. Time to roll it back.


As an Australian, the ongoing Chinese government infiltration on all levels in society is disturbing to me but I'm glad our government finally calling a spade a spade so to speak. We have massive infiltration of our universities and infrastructure projects (especially Melbourne)
Political opponents to Chinese interference mysteriously being found dead, sometimes the muscle flexing is not even covert, like when 3 Chinese navy warships turned up in Sydney harbour last year...albeit with armed marines posturing on deck. Let's not play down the reality....




The Chinese don't need to send in the marines when they can just infilatrate confidence men, college students, and corporate partners.



I agree which they have done so for a long time now.

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