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06 September 2020


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I was surprised to see the very dignified and formal Gen US Grant archives in the Mississippi State University Library, on their very lovely campus in Starkville, MS. That prime location had to symbolize a great deal of healing had taken place - post bellum. In fact much of Mississippi today demonstrates that much of the former ....heat of the night ..... has cooled.


Trump is stopping the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the federal government, a theory which accuses all whites of being racist and blacks have no agency in their own failures. He is also looking into stripping fed funds from schools teaching the 1619 Project. Good for him, good for us. Biden will, if elected, bring all that back with a vengeance.

I was, as I did last election, going to vote third party or for Pat Paulson but have decided to vote Trump. He doesn't negotiate with terrorists.

Diana Croissant

Thank you for posting this. It's good to have details like the ones provided here. I will have to find time to read more.

As an ex English teacher, the major problem I faced with students was their reluctance to read much more than a paragraph. I was the child at our family table with a book on my lap so engrossed with my reading that I forgot to eat until, occasionally my Mom told me to take a bite.

Television news with its sound bites and tendency to quote from "authorities" who are not necessarily that well-read has caused our country to become robotic repeaters of the newest sound bite.

I'll have to acquire your source for much of this post and read it thoroughly.

I wonder if you've heard the theory that the reason for the break up of the Black family in some ways came about because Black women in northern cities were more able to find work in White households while Black men had more trouble finding work that paid them much. I'll have to investigate that now.

It IS important to get people reading rather than just shouting at each other. I have little hope of that happening in our current public high schools, however. Another reason to push for home schooling, charter schools, schools of choice, and so on. We have a long way to go in creating an educated populace.


Excellent essay.

Account Deleted

Larry jumps from Andrew Johnson to Donald Trump, almost 150 years of American history. Why did you stop at Johnson? You could have at least gotten to the Democrat Woodrow Wilson and perhaps further. I'd like to see your revisionist tale beginning with the Southern Strategy, where the Reagan Republicans embraced the southern Democrats pissed off because of JFK, MLK & LBJ, to today. Mr. Trump is trying out his own Southern Strategy - it might work.


Never satisfied, eh. Write your own stinky essay instead of telling others what to write. You got criticism-- say it like it is, Dudester.

patriot joe

trump is right. you guys are losers and stupid. as usual, trump is truth behind doors


patriot joe

You are obviously right. Only a fool would volunteer to fight for people like you.



"The revisionist tale" begins with 1619, just like the cultural marxists want it to begin. The last thing they want is a balanced view of American history, and certainly not anything as recent as Democrat LBJ. Trump doesnt' have a "Southern" strategy, he has a Greek one. Like Xenonphon and the 10,000 had when they found working for a rutherless oligarch to help him gain power would leave you stranded high and dry far from home surrounded by enemies.

Today that is, metaphoricly, alive and well in the autocratic city-states of the elitisits left. NYC, Seattle, Portland, LA, SF and dozens of others. Submit and obey or be driven into poverty by government decree and BLM/antifa terrorism. 100 days of 'mostly peace' (but suddenly now even the left calls them 'riots') and counting in Portland and the 'mayor' has abandoned his condo just like he abandoned the people he was elected to serve as his political future as a democrat is over if he fulfills his obligations to something other than the Party.


All well and good but the cultural marxists, backed with hundreds of millions in tax exempt oligarch donations, are promoting the neo-marxist line that America was founded in evil and are busy dividing the Republic on any line of differentiation possible. Almost a third of the residents in this country have no connection to the Civil War and certainly none to the founding. The left wants to erase actual history so as to prevent any sense of connection coming into being.


Since we are talking about Klan, it would be remiss not to mention the Klan revival in late 1910s and early 1920s. While the original Klan was a southern-based anti-emancipation organization, the revived Klan was based on a broader nativist and anti-socialist agenda.

It is interesting that many historians tie the revival and rise in Klan popularity in 1920's to the changing moral values of the Progressive Era, culminating in the Roaring 20's. There are many similarities between that era and today, weakening labour movement due to low unemployment, increasing economic inequality and detachment of the stock market from economic fundamentals, political focus on the social agenda.

This indirectly led to the formation of the Republican party as it exists today, as the southern conservatives of the Democratic party formed the conservative alliance with the Old Right of the Republican party in opposition to the Second New Deal. This realigned the domestic agenda of the two parties and created the North/South blue/red divide that persists until today.


History is indeed a harsh mistress.

One thing, there are several historical example of former slavers overthrowing and overpowering the masters.

Well, none of these turned out to be particularly fun. Russia for one, did not exactly became a peacefull nation of happy tree friends after crushing the mongol-tatar yoke.

Nor did the Mameluckes, former slaves who seized control of Egypt, were particularly reknown for being incredibly nice to be around
On the subject of Mongols, well, Temujin was enslaved once. Millions would have lived hat he stayed a slave.

Nothing that Black Lives matter has done so far disabuses me from the notion that they are jerks, and that their asshattery will scale quite linerarly with their power. Good thing that I dont see a Pyotr Velikiy or a Temujins amonst them though. For the most part, they seem to be preoccupied with some loot, some wanton destruction and some blackmail shenangians.


I wish we could turn the clock back to 1618 and never let slavery come to our shores and prevented these ensuing generations of unhappy resentful persons who now carry US passports - one of the most coveted possessions in the world.

But we can unring the bell. We simply have to live with these very, very unhappy, resentful and angry US passport holders, and wish for the best. Ghana was smart - they are currently marketing come to Ghana where we want you; don't stay in America where you are unhappy.

Ghana would be trilled to have the importation of US skills. Just like the waves of European immigrants who came to America in search of a better life. If the door is open in Ghana, go for it.

Bill H

Are you aware that contributions to political organizations are not tax deductible?

John Unhinge

History is written by the victors. Truth is what the victorious say it is. The first governmental act that Hitler did was to outlaw usury. The second was to ban vivisection. Yet the usurers like to tell us that the National Socialists in Germany conducted invasive medical experiments on living humans!
The victors always pervert the historical truth to suit their agenda. Consequently history can not be trusted.
John Unhinge.


John Unhinge,
Repeating a catch-phrase should not be allowed to pass for careful thought.
What the Victors write is NOT history; as you say, it is disseminated to "suit an agenda;" often as not it is an alibi.

In a wide-ranging conversation when Brian Lamb was in his prime, historian Thomas Fleming talked about his book, New Dealers' War; he said that it takes at least fifty years to compose "history;" before that, what is proffered as history is actually emotion-laden (and agenda-laden) memory, and as most know, memory is most often flawed and easily distorted.

Fleming spent a week as a guest in Harry Truman's house, interviewing both Harry and Bess; their reflections on FDR were far different from the chorus of admiration that one most often hears about FDR: Truman said FDR was the coldest, most duplicitous man he'd ever encountered.

It is as essential that "history" constantly undergo revision as it is that the individual consistently seek his own improvement and even redemption.

History properly done applies logic, intellectual rigor and objectivity to hard evidence, and in earlier times, hard evidence, such as state archives and personal diaries and memoirs, did not become available for many, many years after the event.

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