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13 September 2020


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wondering if the shooting was related to this:


the 2 officers shot, while not part of this group, were in the same area at the time...



I found the tattered ripped pair of jeans she was wearing in that image an indicator of moral decline.

I am not sure the appeal of those tattered pairs of trousers; are they indicators of some sort of public virtue-signalling: "I am with the poor?"

The wretchedly poor sub-Saharan Africans, wearing the discarded clothes of North Americans and Europeans, take great care to appear at their best - and touchingly so, given the depths of poverty that they live in - when going to church, attending a wedding or a funeral, practicing ancestor worship rites, going to mosques and other such formal and semi-formal social occasions.

Tattered jeans on all these rich people are just revolting.



Some of these people wear torn up clothes because that is all they have. Drug addiction does have a way of whittling away your worldly possessions to almost nothing. However, by and large tattered jeans are less a signal of solidarity with the poor, and more a signal of the fashionable apathy with which the disaffected show their utter contempt for society. It's a way of saying to the world, "I care nothing for what you may think of me, (but in reality I do care, otherwise I would not choose to outwardly signal my contempt for you and your standards in such a way)." I have a few pairs of tattered jeans which I keep for both sentimental and practical reasons. The holes worn in them were earned through use and hard work. They were pristine when I bought them. They're also still useful for wearing around the house when performing dirty jobs (painting, etc.). The public never sees them.


Babak and AK

The torn jeans are a fad. A fad I find to be a sign of Portlanders devolving into primitive behavior is body tattoos: not just a few but sleeved arms, legs and who knows what else completely covered. Add to that body piercings with all manner of metal attached. Ugly hair. The women seem to despise their natural beauty and consider destroying it a form of high status.

When I moved to Portland in 1990, it was fairly conservative with plenty of blue collar workers. But the woke have taken over and the old hippies are reliving the 60s.


Food for thought


maybe not everything is what it seems...



you are implying that this is a police conspiracy?


Levi's originally cost around $39 dollars and were very popular for decades. Then "designers" got into the act and started charging hundreds of dollars.

That is where the first "tattered" jeans started showing up - in the very high end designer jeans- a statement of faux humility - don't hate me because I just dropped big bucks on a pair of $39 jeans, while you are stuck with just the durable Levis. Then they started showing up in high end restaurants, even the starred ones in Europe.

People who should know better and can afford just about anything think tattered jeans are now called dressing up, and even call them their "good jeans". Pretty much like calling full body tattoos "art".

They are reactions; not independent fashion statements. I speculate they are ways of saying --Look at me! Look how unconventional I am! -- in our brave new world of lowest common denominator, homogenized participation trophies.

Babak makkinejad


30 years is not a fad.



I have no idea what actually happened in Compton. I do know it is not a nice place to live, work or do business. I have been there. I also know that in any organization there are good people, ones doing their time making a living and evil people. The more degenerate a community is, the greater proportion of the latter prevails. There is considerable corruption at all levels of government, whether it be D or R or whatever.

A great neighbor of mine is a former SWAT team member. I know and trust him. But the fact is he tread on a very thin line for a very long time. I have no idea how I may have responded in such an environment.

Also, as a father of a daughter that was killed in a hideously violent crime, I know there is, in fact, a "thin blue line" for police and prosecutors. We need competent, professional cops, prosecutors and judges to keep us safe and to apprehend, prosecute and imprison the degenerates and criminals. We do NOT need corruption and extrajudicial criminals,too.



The continual reduction in police hiring standards has certainly led to gang members joining LA PD. Going after some random black guy isn't thier m.o. To quote a knowledable source:

"Another angle is that Compton dismantled its police force about two decades ago and signed a contract with the Sheriff’s office to police the one-time home of gangsta rap. While Compton is filling up with Latinos, the politicians are mostly still black. The current black lady mayor of Compton Aja Brown hates the Sheriff’s station in Compton, perhaps for good reason."



When I knew Compton in the late 40s, early 50s it was very much an Okie place.



So, you think what? Cops shooting other cops?



OK. It's rich people identifying with the poor. The uglification of the pretty. What was noble is base. What was base is noble. The great becomes small, the small become great. The meek shall inherit the earth is a natural law according Albert Schweitzer. Everything changes into its opposite is a natural law of Taoism. Hebrews defined evil as ignorance and so did Epictetus. Many of those who consider themselves "natural" are ignorant of natural laws.



I was last out there in the mid '90s. The immigration act of '65 remade California.

Eric Craig

I am curious if one or both of them had one of the tattoo features in this story:



Word is from someone recently visiting Oregon once you leave Portland, the rest of Oregon is a forest of Trump signs.

Meanwhile, Portland transients -- the 'most vulnerable amongst us" -- have a very well-funded and developed annual migration route - summer in Portland and winters in coastal Calif.

Democrat riddled cities in Calif suffer from this same misguided, virtue signaling "compassion", though it is finally wearing very thin since coastal California has been seriously degraded by the itinerant Portland camper crowd, once they found out they were basically free-loading grifters, enjoying their summer homes and their winter homes on someone else's dimes.



"Meanwhile, Portland transients...."

Don't appear to being dying in droves from the Wuhan flu.


There are hardly any Biden signs in Portland. Plenty of BLM signs.


I have visited Portland and Seattle a couple of times and California many times (end-to-end and multiple visits to the Bay area/Silicon Valley).
Taking out pockets like Eastern Washington and Oregon and a few enclaves in Northern California, the rest of the west coast seems populated by children in adult bodies.
I always had the feeling that I was dealing with children who wanted to be liked.


Colonel, as I said, I have no idea what happened in Compton.

You were in Vietnam; fraggings happened, albeit under radically different circumstances. Frank Serpico was shot in the face by drug dealers when his partners stood outside because he opposed systemic corruption.

Are we to believe that Compton is such a garden spot that there are no crooked cops, as there are 120 miles south of there? Just saying...


fragging only happened to shitty, weak officers. you are a leftist agitprop agent.


Colonel, I'll refrain from further comments here. I appreciate your forum and read it most days and will continue to do so. Thank you.



There are people wearing pajama bottoms during the middle of the evening. what does that mean? Saw it tonight then I went to pick up my Thai food order. America is going off the rails. I apologize to the rest of the world for our devolution.


"The Black Futures Lab, a venture of Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza, is sponsored by the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), an organization that works with China’s communist government to push its agenda in the United States, according to an investigation by the Heritage Foundation’s Mike Gonzalez."



An Oregon with a gun holds a suspected arsonist until the sheriff arrives. Some armed citizens have set up roadblocks in burned areas, stopped cars and questions drivers to ascertain their reasons for being there. Goody-tushoos are upset private citizens protect their towns from looters and arsonists. Too bad.


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