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13 September 2020


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Col. Lang, were the lawyers successful? Did they throw the spears or use them as lances? I used to watch packs of feral hogs run out of the brush along the coast of South Carolina in the late 70s and think, "best to leave them alone."


Babak, I always appreciate your commentary even when you tell me, correctly, that I am misinformed or wrong about Iran. Your recent phrasing is brilliant even by your high standards. "40 years ago, in my experience, the Chinese student with the BMW was not present, but the Middle Eastern one with the Trans-AM has been a constant." Thank you.



They used them in the medieval way by stabbing the hog or bracing the butt on the ground with a foot and letting the hog impale itself as it charged. Gutsy fellows. This was a hunting club and they did it often.

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