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13 September 2020


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Blacks in fact hunt down police and shoot them for sport. The BLM narrative is turned totally upside down. The Left's Big Lie crumbles. Now what? If the radical goal was all along to start a "race war", what will be its final outcome.

Hope to God, it is the emergence of enough strong black voices who say enough of this and squash what these few hot heads are doing and start putting family, faith and work back into the black community; not fatherless homes and out of control birth rates, subsisting only on welfare checks.

Whites (in a general sense) still write most of the welfare checks for blacks. Whites (in a general sense) still provide most of the success ladders for blacks out of the punishing ghetto. Mutual aid remains the only way out. But it has to be a two-way street. Street violence is a dead end. No two ways about it.

Support for Historic Black Colleges is a proven success model.


Both officers are listed as being in critical condition. From what I understand both took multiple shots, and both took at least one head shot.

At least some in the community are decidedly NOT rallying around the officers and the LASD:


And it seems it took the mayor of LA approximately 16 hours after the attack to issue a statement on it.

Eric Newhill

Fox News: Main deadline story, Two LA County Sheriff's deputies ambushed and shot; in critical condition. Black BLM "protesters" outside of hospital where deputies are being treated shouting, "We hope you die", "This is just the beginning", "We're going to kill you all one by one". Shows security cam video of black woman shooting the deputies. Shows video of protesters and what they are saying can clearly be heard. Video includes shots that have the hospital with its name in background. Has vid of Sheriff saying that this is where irresponsible rhetoric gets us.

CNN: Main headline is something about Trump being "vicious". Story about deputies being shot is smaller and off to the right of the page. No video of black woman shooting the deputies. No mention of protesters outside the hospital and no clip of the Sheriff's words.
Fake news by omission this time. They are the irresponsible rhetoric and they don't want to own up to it or cease it. Brain washed idiot lefties on social media, "The protests are peaceful and the violence is done by white supremacist infiltrators", "fox News is lies".

Information control is power.


I have to wonder what Chicago Mayor Lightfoot is doing to help prevent her city's Police Officers from being murdered in cold blood by Chicago gangs who made a pact to target Chicago PD.

So far, the only one trying to prevent Chicago's Police Officers from being murdered is the FBI.

FBI-Chicago warns that gang cabal may be targeting CPD officers

To the protesters blocking the entrance & exit of the HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM yelling "We hope they die" referring to 2 LA Sheriff's ambushed today in #Compton: DO NOT BLOCK EMERGENCY ENTRIES & EXITS TO THE HOSPITAL. People's lives are at stake when ambulances can't get through.


This is sick!!

Eric Newhill

It doesn't get better on its own. Just wait until Nov. An iron fist is required. Sooner the squeamish among us accept that, the sooner we can clean up the mess and get back to being a successful first world country.

Laura Wilson

Whoa...and most arsonists are white (and the West is burning up). Wouldn't it be better to focus on the crime and not the race?


For whatever it is worth today, this happened in GOP's Sono Bono and Mary Bono's old congressional district. Which has gone totally Democrat of late, as did the entire state.

It is a very rough area today with Compton the poster child for failed elected governance at every level. What happens in California, unfortunately does not stay in California.


All federal student aid has to go. It is financing a Maoist revolution based in the academy where the fish now swim. Dry it up.

blue peacock

"An iron fist is required."

Should the "iron fist" also apply to the powerful and wealthy in government, in Congress & state legislatures, in the biggest corporations and on Wall St and in the media, who have destroyed much and are likely the behind-the-scene instigators of discord & violence?


Whoa...and most arsonists are white (and the West is burning up). Wouldn't it be better to focus on the crime and not the race?

Linda, any chance those folks might be Antifa?

Eric Newhill

Yes; especially those guys and their media allies. The iron fist is to be applied across the spectrum. Anyone supporting the revolution for whatever reason must be crushed.


"“lower socioeconomic economic unprivileged groups”"

Thank you to the press and social media for regaling us with "I am black, I am victim" news stories all year long. Joe "44 years in government" Biden, using all of the courage and ingenuity he possesed, did what over all those years? At least Hunter avoided military prison and has a successfuil international investment firm handling billions for communist investors. The proper solution to this 'problem' is obviously to follow Biden's lead, and put communism first. Just like the founders of Black Lying Marxists do.



So we have a few radicals. Your solution is to try to tear the colleges down by depriving them of money and depriving millions of nonrich students of an education.

How would that help the situation? I would think the millions of people denied any post secondary education would not become happy conservative Republicans out of gratitude. In fact I would suspect they'd become pretty dedicated progressive Democrats eager to restore full financial aid to America's students. We would have high unemployment for native born Americans, a lot more competition for jobs that only required a high school education and a lot more immigrants coming in to take over jobs that you have prevented Americans from learning how to do.

Meanwhile the children of the rich would still go to elite would still go to elite schools and some would still become woke.

How would any of this be fair or right?


Higher ed today is little more than a professor union full employment plan and lifetime pension shakedown. America's love affair with "higher education" is over. It hoisted itself on its own petard.

Plus most of what is taught during the undergrad years can be delivered online with greater efficiencies and maximum cost savings. Support only tech schools where hands on learning still means something - Kinetic education.

Otherwise just take out a country club membership to obtain the college year socialization values, and polish your tennis or bridge game. And call grad level what it is today - government funded research, but make it produce something this time that actually returns on the massive investment of tax dollars, or make private industry pay its own way to get access to any research it later exploits..

Surely you can't forget SNL's Father Guido Sarducci and his Five Minute University - where in five minutes he could teach what a typical college graduate remembers five years later. For a few extra bucks he throws in a glass of orange juice and get a Florida winter break.

PS: I highly value education. I highly value the guided learning experience. I celebrate curiosity and exploration. What is happening on college campuses today is not education. Done with it. Time to re-visit the US maturation model, because four years of college is no longer delivers it. Plus Obama put college kids into suspended animation until age 26- keeping them on the federal dole.

Parents and their children will need to come up with something else, because right now it is a waste of tax dollars to put it into higher education. Free college is nothing more than one more education industry union cash grab. Give us a blank check and we promise you nothing in return. No sale.

Progressive forces in higher education today reduced it to its lowest common denominator, which is now zero. You got what you wished for, progressives. But wait until the Millennials and Gen X'ers wake up and find they got stuck with the bills.



Please give a numberical value for "a few", to me it looks like thousands of them.

"depriving millions of nonrich students of an education."
What has all that education accomplished in the past 40 years, beside debt bondage for a diploma?



I still favor outdoor prison camps in the Aleutians with the best Chinese made camping gear available with weekly drops of food (MREs) and medical stuff, also made in China. The bears can act as an auxiliary guard force. Ever see "the Grizzly Man?" Maybe they could have boar spears for self-defense and they could do a "Lord of the Flies" thing. I used to know a group of lawyers in Mississippi who hunted enormous feral hogs with boar spears.



I suggest community/vocational colleges where students can learn beer making (fermentation science) or hyperbaric welding while reading Steinbeck. The kids will love it because it will be fun and there will be good paying jobs and no debt at the end of the tunnel.

The state university systems can get back to being spartan places of learning, not all inclusive resorts that preach the destructive anti-Americanism that undergirds the current violence.

The elite institutions have evolved into highly overrated beauty contests. Think about the weight that “so and so went to Yale” used to carry. It’s not even close today. They will benefit qualitatively.



"So we have a few radicals..."

False. Institutions of higher education are giant indoc centers for this ideology. My wife works for a major state university, and she runs up against this nonsense on an almost daily basis. The Marxist/Maoist campaign of cultural revolution has infused itself into every last corner of university administration at her institution and is now pretty firmly entrenched even in the STEM departments. We as taxpayers are funding the very revolutionaries who seek to destroy our culture and everything it has ever accomplished. And my wife's institution is primarily a research university. Imagine what is happening at the liberal arts colleges where applicable, practical STEM fields have no bearing on the institution's raison d'etre, and where revolutionary ideologues have been the backbone of the faculty for three generations now. Wake up.

"We would have high unemployment for native born Americans, a lot more competition for jobs that only required a high school education..."

Once again, false. First you seem to assert that we should purposely send a certain number of otherwise unqualified individuals to useless four-year degree programs in order to "free up opportunities" in the trade jobs for even lesser qualified people. That's patently absurd from a logical standpoint, and it's based on assumptions about the trade industries that are fundamentally not true. Work opportunities in the trades are not at all scarce, or at least they weren't before we committed national economic suicide with the PLANdemic shutdowns. If you look at industry figures for the blue-collar trade occupations, they have been facing perpetual labor shortages for many years now. This is not due to the fact that so many high school graduates are unable to perform these jobs. It's due to the fact that we as a society have sold the four-year degree as a must-have for anyone to be worth anything to society. This began to happen right around the time the federal government started guaranteeing student loans (while also prohibiting bankruptcy on those loans). It's not a coincidence. It's a collusion racket between the government and the higher ed administrations to effectively steal from the future earnings of two entire generations of young Americans. So nowadays, you are more highly regarded as a barista with a Gender Studies degree from Bard and an axe to grind against "the system" than you are as a skilled electrician (btw, my brother has a four-year degree in Fine Art Photography but works as a skilled electrician, and he's worth his weight in gold to the people he works for).

"...and a lot more immigrants coming in to take over jobs that you have prevented Americans from learning how to do."

False again. The universities are utterly dependent on immigrant student populations as it is, because these people are not eligible for financial aid and the schools are able to charge them exorbitant amounts of tuition, which they can somehow readily pay upfront (or they don't come). Again, I see this in my town. There are 50,000 people (incl. the student population) here and a disproportionate number of customized luxury sports cars driving around. If you see a souped-up Benz or Beamer, you'll see a young Asian kid behind the wheel. If you see a souped-up American muscle car, it'll be a young Arab kid. They're everywhere, and again it's a small town.

The schools are already denying Americans the opportunity to learn those highly skilled jobs you mention by inviting and accepting waves of immigrants on student visas that can then easily transfer to H1B status upon graduation and work those jobs to which you refer. The vast majority of immigrants who work highly skilled jobs in the U.S. were trained at U.S. universities. Oh, and while they're here working in America, we allow them to steal our intellectual property and trade secrets while they're at it. If you want proof of this institutional dependency, rather than proposing cutting off federal funding, just propose to any university professor or administrator the idea of cutting off the student visas from China, and you'll see a face consumed simultaneously by indignant apoplexy and sheer terror at the prospect. They know full what that would mean for their racket.

Let's face it, when the counter-revolution comes, we who are willing to take part in it should probably set our sights first and foremost on the universities and their faculties, followed by the mainstream media institutions. Sad but true.

Babak makkinejad


There is a global crisis of tertiary education that has been in the works for 40 years.

People desire degrees, for prestige, for persumed job opportunities it confers, and because of certain insidious doctrines of social and political equity.

40 yeras ago, in my experience, the Chinese student with the BMW was not present, but the Middle Eastern one with the Trans-AM has been a constant.

Babak makkinejad


The Foreign graduate students and post-docs provide cheaper manpower for the research programmes that the United States Government initiates and funds at US Research universities, in comparison to US citizens - who have shunned that low-wage, low-prestige labor for decades.

So, basically, US has a robust R&D program on the back of foreigners who have their own reasons to endure that yoke.

I agree with you on the inutility of university education - outside of professional and technical fields - to most of mankind.

Young people are sent too 4-year colleges for holding purposes, at 18, with a cheap and cheapened highschool diploma, they cannot support themselves, available jobs will leave them homeless.

What is needed, in my opinion, is a fundamental re-organization of retail channels in favor of expansion of the number of small shops that can be owned and operated as a family business and to provide a steady employment.

In the United States, insurance companies are regulated and vertical integration is legally hindered. Same can be done elsewhere to maintain college-less employment opportunities.


I live in Portland and have been following the fires closely on the news and internet. The people they've arrested for arson involving wildfires are a couple of homeless meth-heads, a couple of women and one maybe a couple of hispanics. The facebook page of of one of the arsonists shows him to a radical, could be antifa or on the fringes or just an idiot. He got caught by live streaming himself setting fire to the highway median strip. Most arsonists are white and look to be crazed drug addicts. Oregon attracts drug users and homeless because we (not all of us) are pathologically altruistic and damn proud of it.


The headline is misleading in the following article about one of the suspected arsonists. She was identified by people who saw her leaving two fires. What gets me is how these arsonists are proud of their criminal activity and brag about their antisocial feelings.


John Merryman

The reality is that money is a contract, where the asset is backed by a debt. Even gold backed currencies are only the receipt, not the gold. The consequence is that our national religion of money creation and accumulation is built on an economy of debt. All those student loans get bundled and sold as investments.
The government doesn't actually budget, which is to list needs in order of priority and spend accordingly. Instead they write up these enormous bills, add enough pork to get the votes and the president can only pass or veto them. The result is mountains of public debt, but ask yourself, if the capital markets could function, without the government siphoning up trillions in investment money? Where would it go, otherwise? Derivatives? Apple stock? Real estate?
The only proposal to change this system was the line item veto, which had an ice cubes shot in hell of passing congress, as it would have gutted their control over budgeting.
Yet if they actually wanted to make it work, they could break these bills into all their various items, have every legislator assign a percentage value to each one, put them back in order of preference and the president draws the line. "The buck stops here."
Since items below the line would have limited support and the president wouldn't want to be a spendthrift for little reason, it would naturally cut spending and force economies further up the list.
Yet the financial system would implode, without all that public debt backing private wealth.
Eventually we will have to come to terms with the fact that while money is an efficient medium of exchange, it is a lousy store of value. Blood is a medium, fat is a store. Roads are a medium, parking lots are a store. Hallways are a medium, hall closets are a store. If the average five year old can figure it out, eventually the economists will as well.
Now we have this consumer culture, where every need and want is glorified to sell something and restraint is antithetical to the system. The result is lots of dry tinder.
The future we have borrowed against has arrived.



"Oregon attracts drug users and homeless because we (not all of us) are pathologically altruistic and damn proud of it."

I noticed this three years ago when we moved here. Not just the homeless and addicts, but the pathological altruism. That's why we're already leaving.

I have no respect for anyone who would allow another person to s**t on their doorstep and then call their own acceptance of such behavior "compassionate". Even the "normal" people are painfully weird here. The majority of the city-folk also seem quite weak in their psychological constitution.

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