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08 September 2020


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".....there is no indication that Judge Boasberg has tried to initiate a contempt of court proceeding against any person in the Department of Justice, the FBI, CIA, NSA, or anyone else for the misconduct done to the court going back several years."
Of course not.
Judges are among the biggest swamp creatures.
Most of them come from politically connected law firms and are firmly committed to preservation of the swamp/ruling class.


The date is tactically after the election.

Being an old cynic it seems to me that the sentence Clinesmith gets may well be dependent on who has won.


What hasn't sunk in yet thanks to the media hyenas obstructing the public's understanding is:

FBI counterintelligence investigations are to prevent terrorist attacks against this country's people and our infrastructure and all that this implies, including of course military assets.

In other words, Carter Page was deemed to be assisting foreign agents [as was Flynn], whether of allies or enemies of USA -- deemed to be assisting them in their effort to -- in words of FBI: "including those involving weapons of mass destruction and attacks on critical infrastructures."


The Evil of targeting a CIA asset, Carter Page, deeming him to be directly participating in activities with foreign agents involving weapons of mass destruction and attacks on critical infrastructures to our country -- this cannot be just whistled away.

This Evil has not been stressed at all, or worse, media hyenas and the forces perpetuating the evil against Page continue.

By FBI DOJ CIA and congressmen and congresswomen -- some of them, past and present.

Perhaps from the perspective of these who continue to bad mouth and/or minimize the evil done to Page, perhaps from their perspective, law enforcement went "easy" on him compared to Lt. Gen. Flynn.

And, thus, Page should be grateful he was never charged with crimes.

Had Page been offered and accepted a job in Trump administration, who is to say he would not have been arrested and also made "an example of" -- and to endure humiliation by Mueller and Weissmann and the Judge Emmett Nurse Ratched Sullivans of our broken judiciary and law enforcement systems?

Clinesmith was not acting alone.


Bill H

We do now know that, as I have said since it first became public knowledge, that the Durham "investigation" is "sound and fury, signifying nothing" and will hold no one of real consequence to account.

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