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09 September 2020


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Wishing you the best!

Gargle with salt water a few times a day. Most importantly, once before bedtime. Half a teaspoon of salt per cup of water (or 1 teaspoon if you are not worry about hypertension). It is a professional secret that dentists won't tell patients.


Stay safe Colonel; I hope you are on high ground.


A Black kid I'd never met asked me, "Why are Blacks violent?" I just said,"I don't know." All I know is a larger percentage than any other group are.




You are referring to the flash flood from the torrential rain yesterday. It was enough to block streets in old town near the river.

different clue

I hope that your molar-removal hole is steadily healing and I will risk assuming it is. I assume all the immune-system maintaining nutri-supplements will help your body keep the removal site infection-proof. Protein and Vitamin C for connective tissue restoration is probably good.

I once had an infected-site wisdom tooth out. I remember that being reasonably painful. But the other three have been no problem from then till now.

different clue


An interesting question arises . . . are middle-class-and-above Blacks more violent than middle-class-and-above non-Blacks? ( I would be surprised if they were, but that may be my middle-class self-image conditioning showing).

Are working-class-and-below Blacks more violent than working-class-and-below non-Blacks? Does the violence level change with every rung down the economic ladder?

different clue

And another question occurred to me . . . . is there a regional difference in violence levels between Black Southerners, NorthEasterners, MidWesterners, Westerners, etc.? Does number of generations removed from rural life on the land make a difference? Does size of city lived in make a difference?

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