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25 September 2020


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The Twisted Genius

KH and pl,

I started downhill skiing in grammar school. I raced giant slalom on my high school club. Our town hall procured night skiing tickets at nearby Mount Southington. Every Friday night we could ski for a dollar. It was an affordable pastime. On the last Friday of the season of my senior year, I broke a ski and couldn't afford a new pair. When I got to college, I decided to start XC skiing since I could get a set for $35 and I wouldn't have to buy lift tickets. I fell in love with the sport and the freedom of the winter north woods. I honed my skiing skills in 10th Group and went to the Austrian Army Mountain Guide School. That was a true hoot. We wore Austrian uniforms and used their equipment. A Spetsnaz team, using the same uniforms and equipment went through at the same time. The Austrians made sure we were never on the same ridge line. But we did wave at each other.

The antennas at VHFS were mostly gone when I was stationed there. We were located on a small fenced compound within a larger fence line that one surrounded the antenna fields. I was also lucky enough to be stationed at Augsburg and Devens and spent a hell of a lot of time in Berlin. The Augsburg antennas were still there when I passed through. The Berlin site at Teufelsberg was abandoned by then.



He was a WW2 correspondent and friend of Hemingway, Ernie Pyle, etc. Wrote for the Chicago Tribune then. He was editor of the Sunday newspaper of the Manchester Union Leader when I knew him. His son was a college classmate and since my parents were in California I was invited several times to spend holiday leave at their colonial farmhouse in Candia, NH. Many a night sitting in the kitchen talking and drinking good Scotch while my classmate and the young Joe, now editor of the Union Leader, watched TeeVee in another room. We went to ski at places like Sunapee. He said I had an unusual mind both analytic and synthetic and offered me a job if i would not go in the army.



You would have enjoyed the Mountain and Arctic Warfare course at Fort Greely in Alaska. the graduation qualifying event was a 100 mile cross country event with AKNG Eskimos as Aggressors.

Keith Harbaugh

Regarding Field Station Berlin: What prompted a lot of good-humored chuckling was the appearance of its antennas. You can Google its name, then switch to Images, and see their resemblance to the most distinctive part of a man's anatomy :-)

When I visited there circa 1977, its CO was, IIRC, Col. Stubblebine. Perhaps some of you knew him? He subsequently expressed some rather controversial views.


Keith Harbaugh

Is this the one who used to try to walk through walls?

Keith Harbaugh

I would think so, based on the name and service record.

His name stood out to me.
I spent two weeks at Field Station Augsburg, installing a computer system. No one mentioned the name of the field station commander.
OTOH, I only spent maybe two days at FSB, talking with their staff about the computer support they desired to counter the GSFG. During that time they made sure to emphasize the name of their commander, "Col. Stubblebine", whjch they uttered with something resembling reverance.

In any case, former INSCOM CG MG Stubblebine caught my eye for his remarks, not those on paranormality, but those on 9/11.

blue peacock

"Keeping infrastructure critical business functioning is hardly Marxism..."


I've read Solzhenitsyn several times. The big takeaway is that ideology is just a fig leaf for an elite group to acquire absolute power and the systematic subjugation of perceived enemies to retain the stranglehold of power.

So, in your view a private "infrastructure critical business" that keeps borrowing money to buy back stock so that its top management who are issued a lot of stock continually can become incredibly wealthy, must be provided funds by the government, so that top management does not get diluted by issuing stock to private investors, is "hardly marxism". What is it? This is exactly what American Airlines, and United and Boeing and so many other big corporations did. They didn't build up reserves nor invest in their businesses.

Should "infrastructure critical business" be owned by the state? Why not? Should all "infrastructure critical business" be able to access government funding or only a select few like those with the right political connections? Do these "infrastructure critical business" who need government bailouts be held to a different standard?

What is "marxism" in your view?

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