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14 August 2020


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John Minnerath


You evidently don't have a clue of the effect of a gun barrel pointed in your direction. People in a mob are gutless and will melt away at the sight of someone standing up against them with just about any fire arm. The clatter of a pump shotgun chambering a round brings fear to everyone in a mob, even if they're not out in front.


What do guns and kids have in common?

Let me just point out that most people who have guns for self defense, which is not an assault rifle, are cowards to the core. The fact that you own an AR 15 or other assault rife is not for self defense but it is for you to feel like your are more of a man or woman because you own one. Much like six beers in a bar makes a small man feel taller. Just like the man and woman who will speak at the republican conventions are nothing more than cowards. Their behavior exemplified cowardliness. The government and industry suckered you into buying gun to drain dollars out of your pockets. Who are you going to attack BLM, proud boys a government facility? But of course ammo is in short supply because you cowards are afraid. They will drive the price up to pull more money out of your pocket. You rubes, the second amendment, your gospel, says nothing about self defense. The government doesn't give a shit about you having guns. They can wipe you out from hundreds of miles away. They don't give one iota about your AR 15 cap pistol that make you feel big and free to talk big about killing fellow human in self defense. You think it is democrats, when in fact the cornered rat is sending unmark federal troops into your cities on the pretense of protecting federal property. I thought you rubes believe the local sherif was the law of the land much like shit for brains Amon Bundy God you all make me puke.

The answer to the question above is neither.

I am sure most you probably are hoarding guns and having kids that will grow up to emulate the cornered rat who epitomizes all that is wrong with the human race. Cheats on all his wives, lies everyday, with whores he pays for sex, filed over 4,000 lawsuits, fat, out of shape, wears lifts, wears make up like a girl and worries about hair and TV ratings. But I don't think he owns a gun. He pretends he does. But he can go golfing.



Pathetic castrating feminism.

Mike Kaas

My drill instructor in basic training used to say "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. You can however, make him wish he had." I agree that an individual under attack from a large group will be lucky to make it to the point he runs out of ammo and doomed once he does run out. One can only hope to make the opponent realize overpowering you will come with some cost and they may move on to an easier target. The recent riots seem to have rioters who assume nobody, including the police, will stand up to them and then they will come before District Attorneys who will not prosecute. This leaves them with very little skin in the game. Once they run into some firm opposition, my guess is they will have to re-evaluate the risk/reward of the situation. I personally believe these mayors who fail to take action to address public safety are adding fuel to the fire. Once the violence and destruction start, it is too late to deescalate. At that point overwhelming power deescalates. I keep reading that there is a lead shortage in the US because we have no smelters anymore. Every round fired in the US is sitting there waiting to be recycled. Fear of violence and fear of stricter gun control put more guns in American homes that target shooting and hunting ever would. I also agree with one other post that a small quantity of rounds fired every week is the best way to stay familiar with handling your firearm. It keeps safety, muscle memory and thought process current. As much as possible, most of the shooting process should become second nature constants so your mind can be thinking about the variables that arise.

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