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06 August 2020


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Epistemological question - How do you know all that business about the SVR in Belarus? What is your source for that?



The SVR director's comments regarding SVR cooperation with Belarus Special Services were directed to the Russian media in general on Sept. 2nd, and are cited in TASS and in other medias.

Sergei Naryshkin went on to state that the SVR is keeping in focus everything happening on the Western side to include ideas AND plans being made and informing their colleagues. This IMHO shows they have personnel inside some of the NATO membership's intelligence apparatuses that are feeding their intelligence leads back to Moscow.



NATO member's intelligence apparatuses need to pull their heads out of their backsides and practice strict OPSEC, and stop trying to play james bond. Ukraine's intelligence among others appears to be a cheesecloth as far as protecting their and NATO state secrets. NATO needs to wake up and start acting like professionals. And of course this is just my personal opine regarding it.



Where are the links for sources for these assumptions?

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