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04 August 2020


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The tape reveals most importantly the high degree of professionalism of the police officers; and a window into what they are asked to go up against every day. Sympathies accrue to the police officers, who stayed calm and neutral, and compassionately carried out their assigned duties.

There is no other conclusion that can be reached, after listening these presented contemporaneous facts. When do we get the partisan howls the tapes were fake or doctored?

Will another OJ-type jury find the police officers guilty? It could happen. You could read the body language of the OJ jury from first prosecution witness forward - OJ was going to get off. Preserving our system of checks and balances as best we can against the mob, becomes a sacred task.

Mark Logan


Trust me on this. Playing basketball is what he meant and what the officers at the scene thought he meant. If they had thought he was referring to smuggling drugs the officers would have asked him straight away what kind of drugs, as they would have had an unsolicited admission of an illegal act.

John from Michigan

Eric, AK, Deap:

The thought these police officers will be acquitted is false hope. As I said earlier, any juror who votes to acquit is literally putting his life and livelihood on the line. Perhaps a retiree with courage and integrity will be on the jury and do the right thing, resulting in a hung jury. If this causes more extreme rioting, so be it.


For Charlie Wilson,

Brown sugar had a sweet behind.
A little bit loose was the old caboose,
But the downlow crew thought it was fine,
And better than his nose for snorting a line.

He’d squeeze on the lube, slide in the tube,
Then give forth a tremendous shout!

I am hoopin’ it up now and I going to cruise,
So bring me out my old dancing shoes!
I done gone and lit off the fuze!

When he count to a hundred and three,
He could outrun the Robert E. Lee!

j. casey

Well said, Mr. Newell. Perfect setup for later chaos. I also wondered how an autopsy that doesn't mention homicide as cause of death can be used to bring murder charges of any sort. Can a prosecutor file murder charges without an ME finding of homicide?

Stephen Richter

is Chauvin still being held in jail? Just terrible that he has been vilified by politicians ranging from Trump to BLM advocates.

Joshua Estep

I truly believe he overdosed. He admitted to having previously having drugs in his rectum. His own words lend credence to having drugs in his rectum and NOT playing basketball. He was impaired and acting irrationally. Basketball doesn't cause that. Drugs do. Chauvin is partially guilty but will likely be found guilty simply because he had multiple previous negative encounters with Floyd at their previous security job.
As for officer keung and Lane. Lane continuously advocated to his SUPERVISING officer for Floyd to be rolled over, could be having delirium, and him not breathing, he showed intent to help Floyd all throughout the video(3 times I believe) also it was keung and Lane's FOURTH day on patrol and their supervising officer was chauvin. Lane was simply holding his feet while advocating to his supervisor to move Floyd to help him breathe. Yet again I say it was their 4th day on patrol. They knew no better than to listen to their supervising officer. Do I believe they can find a jury who is truly unbiased and who are willing to accept the plain and simple facts, well I doubt that. They 1000% cannot get a fair trial in Minneapolis. They definitely need a change of venue. As far as the federal crimes, I believe Chauvin and Tao will be convicted but there is no negative evidence against kueng or lane. In fact there is multiple pieces of EXCULPATORY evidence that clears their name. Do the police need to change. Absolutely. Were the two cops who were on their 4th day of patrol just beginning their careers deserve to be convicted because of a false narrative... Absolutely not

God bless you all


Does anyone else find it inconsistent that George Floyd claimed he suffered from claustrophobia as a reason not to be placed in the police car, yet he was sitting in a car when the police first approached him?


Since Chauvin and his wife screwed state, local and Federal governments out of $100K in taxes. Both failed to report income for over 10 years. What's really stupid was she was got a 1099 for all the income. I hope they throw the book at both of them. Steal $100k and nothing happens until you accidentally kill a their who tried to pass a bad $20. What a country...


The fact he handed off an obviously fake $20 bill suggests he wasn't all there. There is no denying the toxicology report which does prove he was intoxicated.
Posted by: fakebot | 11 July 2020 at 05:40 PM

Interesting. You feel he could be either the counterfeiter or somehow connected with one of those? But since intoxicated he wasn't able anymore to keep his fake and his non-fake money apart?

In my personal opinion, I think there is a case to be made that Chauvin did recognize Floyd and deliberately kept Floyd on his stomach, with his face pointed downward, so that Floyd wouldn't recognize Chauvin. Maybe Chauvin was also trying to pass Floyd out or induce Floyd to vomit something he may have swallowed to hide from the police, who knows, but the manner Floyd was held down, even if it is considered accepted albeit rare procedure, will not hold in front of a jury. Procedures aside, there has to be common sense.
Posted by: fakebot | 11 July 2020 at 05:40 PM

On top of all you feel that Chauvin may have known, interesting theory*, that Floyd additionally may have dealt drugs and Chauvin knew that?

* he learned while they worked together ...? Or via his police work?

James Doleman

That might have worked as an argument if we hadn't all seen the video of a police officer kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes.
Also even if your story is true, does that mean there is no police brutality in the USA?

Eric Newhill

The professional low level street criminal/drug addict is almost always a verbal machine gun spraying BS at a high cyclic rate. Taking any of it seriously is a fool's errand. That's one reason I'm sympathetic to the cops not paying attention to "I can't breath". If they had a nickel for every time they heard that and similar lines, they'd be retired already.


Out in California, where they refuse to publicize this police cam video, they remain convinced young rookie cops, fueled by toxic testosterone levels, go out joy riding just to kill black men for sport and good laughs.

Just the opposite of what this video demonstrates- very cool and patient professionalism and great restraint under the aggravated non-cooperation circumstance - they had ridden in this rodeo before - yet any comments to the contrary defending these police officer on local blogs get censored. Yes, we do have two Americas. One for the facts; the other for the narrative. But this is the home of Tinsel Town.

Hollywood also gives a cold shoulder to Larry Elder's amazing documentary "Uncle Tom". Meanwhile city residents must drive by the huge downtown wall mural of St George Floyd, strewn with memorial flowers, immortalizing his last words 'I can't breathe". In a town where you cannot go to church, but 3000 can crowd into a BLM rally and march - where the protest leaders demanded the ring of police and mayor ..take a knee.

Take a hike, BLM until you can get your facts straight.



yes, "a contributing factor"" but if he had not been full of fentanyl and booze he probable would not have died. You think the police forced him to dope himself up?


James Doleman
Sanctimonious Bullshit. You live in Scotland? The police are never brutal there? The truth about human nature is that given authority over others most are inclined to abuse that authority.



You know very well that he was arrested for resisting arrest.

Mark Logan


I don't think this was a case of police brutality, just poor training. Want to see police brutality? Google "Rodney King". This was very different. I see no evidence of rage from anyone there. He's calmly kneeling with a hand in his pocket. He didn't know he was killing the guy. He was training two new cops and people were watching. Bet the farm.

I'll go on to predict that won't get him off the hook. Every LE outfit in the nation instantly agreed that kneeling on a guy's neck for nearly nine minutes in that situation was wrong, wrong, WRONG. Even the dispatcher called it in and it was questioned by one of the cops on the scene at the time. IMO this was negligent homicide. Murder two, not one.

Eric Newhill

Mark Logan & James,
I'm going to encourage you, again, to test the "neck leaning" technique. If you're afraid of hurting a partner, use a pillow or something similar. Have one knee on the ground and one across the pillow. See if you are necessarily apply fatal pressure (hint; not at all).

Of course other LE departments across the country condemned the technique. That's merely a political decision.

9 minutes of excessive pressure should have left bruising on Floyd's neck. I don't think such a thing was noted.


autopsy and other evidence reasonable people can disagree, but with certain historical narratives people just accept the official tale no matter how scant the evidence or ridiculous the claims.


Like Al Capone, looks like the Chauvin will go down for taxes; not toxic policing. But for the self-ingested drug overdoses and then lying to the police officer he was clean, Floyd may well have been alive today - to kill himself some other way.

Babak makkinejad

Larry Johnson

One must never take the side of the Strong against the Weak; in my opinion.

Larry Johnson

The neck restraint applied by the three officers was a fully approved technique that had been authorized and taught at the Police Academy in Minneapolis since April 2012. You should actually do some research before opining on something that exposes your lack of knowledge. Moreover, the visual looks bad but is not depressing the carotid artery nor is it obstructing the windpipe. George Floyd was a stupid junky. Simple.

LARRY Johnson

And who might the "strong" be in this case?

Babak makkinejad

The police.


Contrasting interpretation of the same video by Martin Gould for DailyMail


"The terror on George Floyd's face as a rookie cop points a gun at his head while he sits in his car can be seen today for the first time . . . "

There follows a narration of the dialogue between Floyd and officers that is cast as police harassing Floyd while Floyd tries out various protestations -- as E Newhill wrote, "a verbal machine gun spraying BS at a high cyclic rate."

But DailyMail concedes this: "While still in the car, Floyd says for the first time the line that has become synonymous with his death. 'I can't breathe.' Shortly afterwards Chauvin and Thao arrive on the scene."

I wonder if reporter Gould realizes the import of that chronology.

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