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04 August 2020


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Eric Newhill

I am a senior manager in health insurance business analytics. It's my job to use data and other objective means to develop an actionable understanding of challenges and opportunities. I've been in that career for about 20 years. I'm 56 now. That's a hint that I'm not just some guy that landed a corporate job right out of college, if you're implying that a corporate desk jockey doesn't know anything about physical confrontations.

Anyhow, where do you see evidence of racism in the Floyd video? I see cops being extremely polite to to an incoherent and somewhat beligerent Floyd and I see cops of a few different races involved. What systemic racism in America? This is where your existence as a "Canuck" comes into play. How much time have you spent in the US? Yet you seem to know that we are all racists. Well, I disagree strongly.

Have you experimented with the neck restraint yet? No? Yet you seem to know all about that too. You tell me, from your extensive experience controlling large, resisting, intoxicated men with violent felon histories, what a better way to restrain Floyd would have been per dept guidelines. You know that sitting on his back would cause chest compression that could suffocate, right? How many cops should have been involved. In what way? What would be happening elsewhere in the city if so many cops came to help out? How would Floyd have been restrained while waiting for the reinforcements? How would the lethal dose of drugs in his system not have killed Floyd while waiting for those resources or whatever other plan you think more appropriate?


"American Right's Positive Program of Action" and "Guns".
You probably are not familiar with this, but the firearm industry, and the past 12+ years of gun sales boom, has been responsible for creating many thousands of gunsmithing and other light manufacturing jobs. Not to mention the thousands of tinkerers designing and making all of the firearm accessories.
[Yes, also a lot of overseas factory jobs from making some of those components, too.]
American gun making is a highly decentralized, craftsmanship, business. In part, we have the Democrats and Brady Campaign to thank, for making size a negative. They sued all of the big companies into downsizing.

So yes, the Second Amendment is responsible for keeping and creating many manufacturing jobs in America for the Republicans.

Babak makkinejad


Thank you for sharing that information.

Babak makkinejad


Who is responsible for the destruction of Detroit?

The Left?

Or was it the Right?

Or may be the Center?

Who decided not to invest in the United States, her people and her infrastructure?

It was not the immigrants, the Chinese, the Blacks who made those decisions.

That much is certain.

And spare me about the Great Orange White Hope; I am still waiting for his Great Healthcare Plan.


Larry said: "You're an anti-semitic ass."

This is typical Israel-firster insult, a conflation of any negative mention of Israel with anti-semitism. It is a cheap cop out. I stand corrected that the knee hold was not taught by the Israelis. But the MPD has, in fact, received training from Israeli Security consultants (just like China).

"People like you, with perfect 20/20 hindsight" is precious, too. People -- and cops -- that don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Just how many times have these incidents resulted in riots? What was the taxpayer cost of Ferguson, Rodney King, and now Floyd? Isn't there a lesson to be learned?

Our host has written extensively over years about the disasters that the US has been involved in MENA. It STILL has not learned from its mistakes and throws more treasure and lives down the toilet. Just like the MPD has now accomplished for the whole country by not learning from history.

Just because kneeling on Floyd's next was an approved, written policy of MPD doesn't mean Chauvin wasn't behaving like a brutal goon. He didn't decide to remove his knee until the guy was dead. It doesn't matter if he was intoxicated or not.

The sooner MPD is disbanded and reorganized as a new agency the better. Any cop with a litany of 17 complaints like Chauvin should be fired. There should be no labor contract with police unions (they protect bad apples and juice overtime). The US military has no unions; why are cops special?

To reiterate -- we need good, professional police. We don't need goons.

LARRY Johnson

Upstater: You're the one who raised the "Israeli"/Jewish trope. Not me. And then you concede that you had no evidence whatsoever for your specious claim. What's worse is your continued propaganda about the police as "goons." If you took time to watch the entire video, which it appears you have not, you'd see that the police handled Floyd appropriately. You've never been a cop and you've never been in the position of having to make snap judgments with a drug crazed suspect. This entire affair was inflamed and propagandized on a lie. I'll repeat--at no time during the entire encounter with Floyd was any racial epithet or racially induced violence present. None. Those officers just had the bad luck to detain someone who was dying from a fentanyl overdose.
BTW, if you knew anything about me you'd know how ridiculous and unfounded your "Israeli Firster" smear is. I've been very critical of Israel's tactics with the Palestinians. No comparison with what the police in Minneapolis did. You have no shame.



You obviously aren't the same Babak that posted here before.

Who was Coleman Young? Who is Kwame Kilpatrick - also who were his parents and just what did they do for decades; Who was Congresswoman Deborah Dingell's predecessor in office, and for how long, and what were his decisions regarding trade policy? What policies was she promoting while at GM? Who did the "immigrants" you mention vote for once becoming citizens, how about the black Americans?



I look forward to Trump reforming the Minneapolis police force since it is apparent four decades of Democrat-Farm Labor leadership is not up to the job of running a professional police for in the city.

Eric Newhill

It is common for artistic people to mistake how they feel about something as being objective reality.



Ah, I see - the Republicans were only in the same room as the Democrats when all of this transpired.



Avoiding answering who actually ran the city of Detroit into the ground since the late 1960s doesn't change the fact of which party, and which party's ideology, ran the city for the past five decades.


Please re-read my original comment. "Jewish" does not appear. You imagined it. You're baiting.

And a cop like Chauvin with 17 complaints from the public is a major problem. There are 800 other MPD officers and I doubt the vast majority have any complaints lodged against them.

Whether race was an issue is completely irrelevant. The police union protects such goons and the public picks up the tab.


Allegedly it was drugs in the workplace, bussing in the suburbs, and competition from Japan that drove MoTown into the ground - the car industry; not the music which saw ascendency during the same time period. And also the publication of "Wheels" - an insider view of the auto assembly works.

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