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05 August 2020


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"12 mile limits" and "sovereign water" are not the same thing.



Yes, and in a hundred years there'll be enough fertiziler to make it worth going there.

Yeah, Right

"The South China Sea outside the 12 NM territorial littoral band is not Chinese "sovereign waters." "

I agree. I have always agreed. The Nine Dash Line has always made no sense to me.

Note that the Chinese can't actually articulate clearly what that line is meant to characterize, which suggests to me that deep down they also realize how senseless the policy is.

But this entire thread shows how muddled the American reaction is.

Is the USA complaining about China claiming the entire South China Seas as a Chinese lake? Or is the USA's beef because of China claiming the Paracel and Spratly Islands?

You appear to be arguing the former. Fred appears to be having apoplexy over the latter.

At this point it is probably better just to cut to the chase: the USA's issue is that it doesn't like China, and it sees these FoN missions as a means of pissing off those commie bastards.


Taiwan is also capable of building mines.

Taiwan's biggest problem is that they are not willing to spend more money on their defense industry.

You are right. Thank you for the insight. I should have seen that but sometimes I need a more objective observer to point some things out before I can recognize them.



China's been screwing us for decades and it is about time we returned to defending our own country's interests not just the profits of the outsourcing experts. As to IP please let us all know which IP was stolen from China by the US and who did our government give it too? Vietnam is defending their own islands? Good for them. We don't need to defend them at all.


The Trump administration deserves credit for taking a page from the CCP playbook and doing to them what they do to others.

From banning WeChat and Tiktok to requiring Chinese companies listing on US exchanges to comply with US accounting rules. Next should be requiring Chinese companies selling into US markets to do it through JVs with the US partner having majority ownership. CCP should be treated exactly how they treat others. No more free lunch!


CalPERS’ Chief Investment Officer Ben Meng has filed demonstrably false financial disclosure documents, flouting the requirements of the California Fair Political Practices Commission. As a result, not only has Meng committed perjury, ..


Ben Meng is reportedly a CCP cadre. He has now resigned. The question is how did he get the job in the first place to run the largest public employee pension fund? What due diligence do public and private entities make to insure no infiltration by agents of foreign powers? Where’s US counter-intel? Oh! Chasing things like Russia Collusion hoax for political purposes.


Satellite images yesterday showed Chinese amphibious armored vehicles and mobile missile launchers gathering near the South China Sea, according to News.Com.Au. At the same time, Taiwan sent about 200 marines to its military outpost on the Pratas Islands, according to Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post. The Pratas Islands are controlled by Taiwan. Satellite images showed vehicles moving to coastal Chinese cities across from Taiwan, and their missile launchers are in range to hit any Taiwanese targets, according to News.Com.Au. The website cites an article by Kanwa Asian magazine defense editor Andrei Chang saying that the PCL191 rocket launchers deployed to the area "are able to destroy all military bases and government buildings on the island accurately."Pratas Islands are located in the South China Sea, about 275 miles from Taiwan and about 186 miles from mainland China. There are no permanent civilian residents on the islands".


The PCL191 rocket launcher is a MLRS system and has the capability of both rockets, and ballistic missiles.


China has also deployed the PCL191 MLRS near its border with India.


China is working to double the number of their nuclear warheads. China is rolling out their nuclear triad. This portends to radically affect how the U.S. and Russia handle their own nuclear stockpiles. This will also affect India, and given the current situation between India and China, could get ugly real fast.

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