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11 August 2020


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blue peacock


Shouldn't Sally Yates, Rod Rosenstein, Jim Comey and everyone who signed the Carter Page FISA application also be indicted for perjury? They signed a FISA application and made representations to the secret FISC on the basis of false information. Shouldn't representations to FISC need double verification since the accused has no opportunity to defend themselves or confront their accuser?

An average American doesn't get the option of saying I signed under penalty of perjury but I didn't know what I was signing.

What about Clapper who lied under oath to Congress? The same crime for which Roger Stone was indicted and convicted.

We've got less than three months to know with certainty if we have a two-tier justice system as if Trump loses the election we can be certain that these violations of the law will be buried and forgotten.

English Outsider

And the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court had no idea that they were involved in anything out of the ordinary? As long as they crossed the i's and dotted the t's this was just a routine case like hundreds of others and how could they have known the thing was a fix? Poor trusting souls, misled so badly by such bad people.

Utter bullshit. They were only dealing with what must have been the most explosively sensitive issue ever to come before them. We're expected to believe they were innocents misled?

Sometimes not asking the right questions, and searching questions too in such a high profile case as this, shows complicity just as much as if they'd been assisting.


Average Americans are not held to an oath of office when taking high level government jobs either.

So indeed, these folks are special, but not subject to special rules when they violate that same oath. In fact they chose themselves to be sujected to a higher standard of conduct. Time for them to honor those choices they made.



"Average Americans are not held to an oath of office when taking high level government jobs either." Not so.



"But McCabe knew in February 2017 that Danchenko had no genuine intelligence and was simply passing on rumors."

Did McCabe know Danchenko was employed by Steele and previously by Brookings for 5 years (a period that also coincided with Fiona Hill working there.)?

Larry Johnson

Blue Peacock,
Yes, everyone who signed off on those applications should be brought up on charges. I don't know if that will happen, however. Based on what I know of Barr from friends who worked very closely with him, Barr understands the threat that allowing a two tiered justice system poses to the future and he is intent on correcting that abuse.

Larry Johnson

Yes. He knew. He was involved with the Steele Dossier as early as July 2016.


blue peacock,

There were more than one FISA application to surveil Carter Page. Each application extended the time of surveillance. FISA surveillance is not only current electronic communications but also past as well as surveillance of everyone that the target is and has communicated with.

You correctly point out that FISC is a secret court with no opportunity for the accused to contest the allegations.

The fact that Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein signed off on those applications without any verification of the representations made, if they are to be believed, is outrageous. An American citizen’s and all those in contact with this citizen have had their liberty taken on the basis of known false evidence. It can’t get more outrageous than that.

The only redress is the maximum punishment! If that does not happen let’s be clear, we no longer have a functioning constitutional republic and we’re living in an Orwellian state.


Halderman, Erhlichman, Dean, Mitchell, on down the Nixon food chain, all ended up in the slammer for their misdeeds. What has changed since then?


Excuse my awkward phrasing regarding federal employees and their oath of office, which does set them apart from members of the private work force:

....."On their first day on the job, all Federal employees hold up their right hands and take an oath of office to bear truth, faith and allegiance to the United States. This oath underscores that working for the Federal government requires a unique level of public service and dedication......"

Bill H

Nothing will happen until after the election, if then. I want to think of Barr as a good man, but he is part of the establishment, and he will protect the establishment.


NEVER EVER FORGET that McCabe's wife was an out-of-the-blue candidate who ran for public office (VA State Senator) in 2015, during which she reportedly received over $650,000 in support from Clinton crony, then VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe. Her candidacy was suspicious in that she had no previous political experience (she's a physician who was on record as having voted in a Republican primary!) and it was promoted over the local VA Democratic Party's recommended candidate, a well-known retired Army colonel, attorney and party activist.

And yet McCabe, during this same time, was rapidly promoted to #3 in the FBI and didn't recuse himself from the Hillary Clinton email scandal investigation until one week before the 2016 election (and months after the infamous Comey press briefing in July when he declared Clinton would not be prosecuted), after the $650,000 donation came to light.

It's obvious why there are some who would think the very generous political contribution to McCabe's wife was in fact a backdoor bribe to her husband.

exiled off mainstreet

If McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Lisa Page and Priestap et. al were to form a law firm, they should use the name Perjury and Sedition, Attorneys at Law.

blue peacock

English Outsider

FISC is a rubber-stamp. This secret court exists not to protect and defend constitutional prerogatives but to provide the Potemkin Village facade of "judicial review".

FISA & Patriot Act and all the other national security laws legislated and signed into law by overwhelming bi-partisan consensus are just cover to enable the national security apparatus to do anything and everything in secrecy and without any accountability.

Interfering in an election and framing a duly elected president is a natural evolution when "organs of state security" have zero accountability. Look at the kabuki in the so-called investigation of that. There's the president himself who was nearly ousted in a coup spending his time crying on Twitter, who never exercised the power of declassification which accrues solely to his office. We are seeing now how the DOJ investigates itself, which is more pretension and obfuscation. Then you have senators with investigatory authority who pretend to investigate while running out the clock. Exemplified best by Sen. Lindsey Graham, who pretends to do something by writing stern letters to the FBI demanding to know who provided the SSCI false testimony, when he knows as it is in the public record which FBI officials briefed SSCI, and even more ludicrous even if it was not in the public realm, could have easily called his colleagues in the SSCI to find out.

There's something rotten in the state of DC and the stench is only getting more vile. Yet even here on SST, let alone social media and corporate media, much of everything is viewed through a partisan lens, when clearly the depth of corruption has become so deeply ingrained and widespread that it pervades every institution in the nations capital.


Blue Peacock

"Yet even here on SST," To what are you referring?



"The Wall Street Journal cited campaign financial records that showed McAuliffe’s political-action committee donated $467,500 to the 2015 political campaign of Jill McCabe, wife of Andrew McCabe, who is now the deputy director of the FBI. In addition, the Virginia Democratic Party donated an additional $207,788 to McCabe’s state senate campaign. "

Those donations were before Mr. McCabe was newsworthy. That the state party would get involved in a state senate primary race is unusual, but not shocking, especially to some who have been involved in Democratic party politics. The concept of 'hands off' during primaries is honored more in theory than fact.

There is a well known bias amongst the Democrats for women candidates, picking one would only give a modest primary edge to one candidate over another. That may or may not have played out into the general election race later. The fact that a nationally prominent Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, who is tied to the Clinton patronage network and their wing of the DNC, would pick a female doctor would be a sign that that candidate had a great deal of national support and the fundraising that was going to come along as a result. It was a targetted seat and thus the focus on a candidate they thought could win.

Perhaps you could clairify the issue with the money, as both sides spent similar ammonts, close to $1 million, in a state senate race, which I would agree is an obscene amount of money. If you are implying an impropriety as to how it was spent, such as the rumours circulating around Ilhan Omar's campaign spending being directed to a company owned by her husband, you should point to some proof, as it does not appear to be the case here. I supsect McAuliffe might have connections to people at the DNC would could be linked to the later Russia Hoax, I doubt very much that Jill McCabe knew anything about it nor just what her husband eventually became involved in, other that what came out in the press.

For reference Jill McCabe's senate primary was on June 9th, 2015. Trump didn't even announce his candidacy until the 16th, a week later. Steele wasn't even a gleam in anyone's eye, or drain on their wallet, then.

blue peacock

Col. Lang,

What I am referring to is that many correspondents address issues through a partisan lens. There was only one senator that voted against the Patriot Act. Sen. Russ Feingold a Democrat. On FISA abuse, the Republicans have had a majority in the Senate these past 4 years yet they did nothing. Both Republicans and Democrats have had majorities in the House in that same period, and even such a stalwart as Devin Nunes when he was Chairman of the Intelligence Committee knowing about the abuse passed the FISA renewal.

We have seen time and again that both parties are equally culpable in the corruption. With this degree of abuse, IMO, both FISA and the Patriot Act should be repealed. The DOJ, FBI and IC have demonstrated that they can't be given such extra-constitutional powers.

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