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20 August 2020


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If Joe Biden has dementia that is obvious to one and all, it would take a big conspiracy to make him the anointed one for the Democrats. Everybody capitulated to him after he won in South Carolina. I did not and still do not want him as the Democratic candidate but I cannot see why the Democratic Party would want him if he were unable to serve due to dementia. There were so many other possibilities. There still are.

I am willing to listen to arguments about this but I am skeptical. I just can't see the advantage to the Democrats of electing an unfit candidate.


Who would have been a more appealing and/or acceptable second string POTUS for the Democrats to have picked? i do not see much talent in their farm club.

Unless Tulsi Gabbard could have generated more than 2% - maybe a Yang-Gabbard ticket in 2040? In the next 20 years, after a little more big business and administrative operations seasoning for both of them. But in 20 more years, I suspect both of them will have become GOP.


Larry Kart

Yes, DJT is quite different and he does not handle the government machine with grace but do you really want the collection of Orwellian pigs that have been on display the last few nights to run the Animal Farm? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_Farm


NancyK, it is not what Trump says; it is what he has done and what he has been able to accomplish regardless. Time to stop being superficial and understand why Trump has both loyalty and staying power.

Appreciate what he has accomplished - Victor Davis Hansen just laid it all out for you in a recent superb article. Look it up. And guess what, we know he speaks goofy. Got it. Ans wish he would shut up while he is ahead. But it is what he has done, promises made and promises kept that keeps Trump a winner. He has surprised even me, who had been initially put off by his word salads. But he has delivered steak. (Or soy burgers if you insist, whatever)



"I cannot see why the Democratic Party would want him if he were unable to serve due to dementia. There were so many other possibilities. There still are."

The many other options were all trotted out during the "parade of monkeys with two left hands", otherwise known as the Democrat Party primaries. None of the other options was seen fit enough to win a general election due to the insanely radical policies on display from one and all (excepting Tulsi and Yang, who were unacceptable to the MSM or internal party shot-callers). None of them was remotely viable in a general election.

The Dems are crazy and also quite stupid, but not so stupid as to run an open Marxist like Sanders or a closet Marxist/congenital liar/scolding librarian like Warren. And their own voter base overwhelmingly rejected Harris before the first vote was even cast. The media wanted her so very badly, but she is just terrible at this whole "winning friends and influencing people" thing, at least outside of her own DNC/media bubble.

Now imagine this simple scenario, the one that is currently playing out, as I see it. The DNC knows they can't put forth their preferred candidates or their preferred policies (how much of their own policies have they touted in the last four days? And why is that?), because both are overwhelmingly anathema to independent voters and especially to the 2016 Trump voters they need to defect in order to win. So everybody gets behind Biden, shout from the rafters of his "moderate" platform (DO NOT mention $4 trillion in new taxes, repealing the Hyde amendment, confiscating all guns except muzzle loaded antiques, etc.), let's get his sorry carcass over the finish line, prop him upright for a year for the sake of propriety and then have him politely step aside "for health reasons." This plot would surely have the full backing of the MSM, and I sincerely doubt Biden would put up much resistance to this. He is not in a state to wage that fight. IMHO, he just wants the title and a seat at the big desk even if only for a brief moment in the sun.

A recent poll indicated that 6 in 10 registered voters do not believe Biden will serve out his first term. Does that mean anything?



"Biden appears to be physically fit, last week biking with reporters. Physically fitness and mental acuity go hand in hand."

Respectfully, this statement is a fallacy of composition where what is true of parts must be true of the whole. You're argument has no legs. One being that because Biden was riding a bike he must be physically fit. The other, because physical fitness and mental acuity go hand in hand, then Biden must be cognitively competent.

"I would be more concerned about Trump's mental acuity. He's obese and abhors exercise."

Same faulty logic you used with Biden. Because Trump is "obese and abhors exercise," then his mental acuity must be in question.

To sum it up, your overall argument concludes that Biden has more of the cognitive advantage over Trump because he was seen riding a bike, therefore he must be physically fit. And because physical fitness goes hand in hand with mental acuity, Biden is mentally competent. Furthermore, you make the argument that because Trump does not like exercise and is obese, his mental acuity is greatly diminished therefore he is not competent.

There's nothing of substance with this argument. It makes many illogical assumptions at best.

And let's be real. The same argument you're making about not taking Jackson's comments too seriously because he's a Republican can be applied to Biden's dog and pony show of a bike ride, packaged elegantly for the media because he's a Democrat. Typical, age-old political tactics and positioning using marketing principles to create an advantage. It's all optics.


Scott Adams called Harris as VP several months ago and he called Trump when he was at 3% in the polls. His view is that Biden will withdraw soon and Harris will replace him. It seems also clear to Adams that Harris has had serious professional grooming and training since her terrible primary run.

Given that his handlers have not even let Biden take press questions, it is hard to see that he can stay on the ticket.

Ken Robert

Re blood-drinkers (per Artemesia at 0329pm 20-Aug): I heard a report from a friend in our small but quite social Cdn city: TWO such theorists met in a shop and got chatting, riffing off one another, decrying the blood-drinking evildoers. But, as this is Canada, they also had to suggest that Queen Eliz was looking so youthful because of. Aargh...! (Reminds me: kids riddle, what is a pirate's favourite letter?)

Cheers, and take care,


The closer the election, the more emotional the expressions. Thus, the worse things look for Trump, the more demented is Biden. Myself, I still favor reduced cognition over insanity. I’m a bit surprised no one wants to take Q-anon seriously... at least as a symptom of mass insanity. Nietzsche (always good for an aphorism) pointed out, “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” America is reaching peak Exceptionalism - we’ve got both.



Evidence of Biden's reduced capacity is clear. What is the evidence of Trump's insanity? Is it that he does not agree with you? In the USSR you could be committed to a nuthouse for not agreeing with communism. Is your opinion similar to that?

Diana Croissant

I can understand Jill Biden's desire to cover for her husband and to minimize in her mind what is actually happening to Joe's mental abilities.

I do think Biden is/was a good husband and father, though as often happens, the son's character flaws are often minimized in the father's mind because of his love for his son. That was the case when he allowed Hunter to run amock.

I watched my godmother, my father's youngest sister, develop Alzheimer's disease. I believe, because of my times visiting her in the facility where she spent her last days, that her mental acuity was really not as bad as many thought. The ability that was most affected in her was her ability to talk or to speak.

Some people in an arts program came in to have the pateints do some painting. She painted a bird whose beak was shut. Underneath she wrote, "He can't speak."

This was the youngest daughter in a malily of outgoing and quite independent older brothers.

I understand Jill Biden's effort to "minimize" Joe's condition; however, I would not in the same circumstance want a husband I love to be subjected to so much ridicule and stress. The people who pushed Biden into this campaign are clearly not thinking of Biden but of their hope to "control" him should he win.

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