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20 August 2020


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Larry Kart

Ah, yes, the eminently repair Ronny Jackson.

Wikipedia: "On March 28, 2018, President Donald Trump announced that he planned to replace David Shulkin with Ronny Jackson as secretary of Veterans Affairs.[4][29][30] Some senators expressed skepticism of the nomination due to Jackson's lack of management experience.[4][12]

"On April 23, 2018, the [majority GOP] U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs postponed a hearing on his nomination after current and former employees on the White House medical staff accused Jackson of creating a hostile work environment, excessively drinking on the job, and improperly dispensing medication.[31][32] Senator Jon Tester told CNN on April 24 that Jackson was known as "the candy man" inside the White House, according to around 20 people who brought these concerns to the Veterans' Affairs Senate Committee. He would allegedly hand out Ambien, Provigil, and other prescription drugs "like they were candy".[33] CNN also reported that during an overseas trip in 2015, an intoxicated Jackson loudly knocked on the hotel room door of a female employee, so noisily that the United States Secret Service reportedly stopped him to prevent him potentially waking up then-President Barack Obama.[34] Trump responded during a news conference the next day, defending Jackson as "one of the finest people that I have met", but also hinting that his nominee might drop out, while blaming Democrats for mounting an unfair attack on the admiral's record.[32] On April 27, 2018, the Secret Service reported that it had no records of any incidents involving Jackson having caused any commotions in hotels in 2015 when Secret Service personnel were guarding President Obama.[35]

"Jackson was widely criticized for giving an uncharacteristically glowing and untruthful assessment of president Trump's health, saying that "if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years, he might live to be 200 years old" [!!!],and that he had "incredibly good genes, and it's just the way God made him".[36] He was accused of misstating the height and weight of the president in order to minimize his obesity. [37]"

Biden may indeed be screw loose, but why would one take Ronny Jackson's word on that?

Larry Kart

Larry Kart

Sorry -- my computer somehow transformed "eminently reliable" up top into "eminently repair."


Larry Kart

OK. Take my word for it. He was a mean spirited screamer when I knew him 20 years ago. Does he not seem demented to you?



BTW Whoopie Goldberg's delusion not withstanding Jill Biden is not a physician. She has an Ed.D in educational leadership with dissertation titled "Student retention at the community college." This was awarded to her by the University of Delaware when her husband was a US Senator from Delaware. For her to insist on being called "doctor" is much the same as a J.D. wanting the same thing.


I wouldn't take Jackson's comments too seriously:

1. When was the last time he was White House physician and around Biden, three and a half years ago.
2. He's running for a Republican House seat.
3. Biden appears to be physically fit, last week biking with reporters. Physically fitness and mental acuity go hand in hand.

I would be more concerned about Trump's mental acuity. He's obese and abhors exercise.

Larry Kart

Yes, I have been taking note of your first-person accounts of Biden, and they certainly are worrisome or worse than that. But dare I say compared to what?


Larry Kart:
Who you gonna believe - "Doctor" Jill Biden or your lying eyes?

Ed Lindgren

The print edition of the Wall Street Journal yesterday had a photo of Biden, his wife and others on the front page. Balloons were hanging in the background.

In the photo, Joe looked just like the nursing home resident who was dressed up and taken down to the community room so he could celebrate his birthday with family and friends.

Barbara Ann

How is Bernie's health? And how bad does the Entitled One really want the presidency? For your amusement/irritation a What Would Niccolò (Machiavelli) Do fictional tale:

The Dems 'discover' the fact of poor Joe's patent unsuitability for the highest office in the next few weeks, before the election. But that just means a Bernie candidacy and the DNC don't want that, right?

Bernie himself is 79 in a couple of weeks, he had a heart attack last year. Should he by chance also be struck down with a serious health issue Warren is next in line. With her dismal 63 delegate count would it not instead fall to the DNC to save the Dems' electoral chances (so the messaging would go) and call upon the Hildabeast to pull it out of the bag? Reluctantly, the Most Qualified Candidate Ever steps up.

In unrelated news, I hear Alexei Navalny has just been poisoned.



It looks like the same cognitive decline my father experienced, only they are making it accelerate with the campaign stress.


we’re dropping NATO, why not The Football?
given the polity’s QC in selecting leaders, seems like a prudent thing to do.


Larry Kart

I suppose you mean Trump. I admit that he is an unpleasant man but he does not seem to be demented as Joe is and he is slowly learning to be president. His worst trait is that he cannot escape the mentality of bidness and wants a positive money balance sheet for the US on everything.


Who would be in charge? Those who are running the show behind the scenes right now: the heads of SEIU, teachers unions, UAW, AFSCME, AGE, etc, etc.

They are the cabal behind the scenes calling the shots for the Democrat party, setting the policies and choosing their own winners and losers.

Why else would the Green New Deal demand all jobs be union jobs. Why would teachers unions refuse to go back to school until all barriers to unionization were eliminated and every state becomes a closed shop state, regardless of the SCOTUS ruling to the contrary. Why does Ocasio-Cortez use her own brief 60 seconds to demand all future jobs be union jobs.

There is your "unified" Democrat party there, the public sector unions riddled into every single policy statement they make. Never up front. but snuck in often towards the end of their demands. They are not hiding this, but you do have to dig a bit to see it plain as day. It is always there.

This is their unifying dog whistle to their own base. But they use razzle dazzle pie in the sky promises of free everything for everyone, and hide their real agenda - grow the government and in turn grow public sector membership and grow union dues....paid for with your tax dollars to be turned around and used against you in every election..

There is Nancy Pelosi's fund-raising cash cow - the vast numbers of public sector unions and the tight network of public sector bosses who control their rank and file and push out their mind-numbing themes into their nationwide media network so they all say exactly the same thing and gin up exactly the same issues.

Once you break the code, all the apparent inconsistencies and blatant hypocrisies become finally obvious. Every Democrat party platform grows the government, which in turn grows public sector union memberships and grows union due-spaying member support for Democrat candidates. Got that now?

Public sector union are not an arm of the government. Voters play no role in their operations. They are private third party membership operations run by their own elected officials, yet their control how our tax dollars get spend and are now increasingly determine who in fact does get elected - just so they can grab an even larger piece of the pie.

The takeover of public employee unions, after term limits in this state, is why the State of California went crashing off the cliff during the past 20 years. And why Clinton "won" so many popular votes in just this one state - they knew she was their gal.

Decode the Democrats - and you will find somewhere and some how benefit accrues to their friendly public sector unions - clear pay to play.


Academic protocol demands one does not use their PhD title "Doctor" outside of academic settings. Same with using a JD degree - otherwise I would be Dr Deap, which would be a silly pretension. Just like Dr. Jill. As Babylon Bee noted, more people trust Dr Pepper, than even many high profile "real doctors" today

Since community colleges are open enrollment institutions, there is no issue in retention unless one only worries about losing them as cash cows. That must have been a really masterful thesis.

The larger issue is trying to get rid of malingering community college students who do not demonstrate "the ability to benefit", by hanging on forever, taking up space, and accomplishing nothing of merit, other than for their own entertainment at ongoing taxpayer subsidized expense.


Victor Davis Hansen sets out plenty of reason to support Trump in a recent, in depth article. Well beyond his well acknowleged personal abrasiveness.

Don't toss out the good because of personal pique. We may never get this underlying momentum again. Keep the faith. Don't let them rot your brain out. American Thinker and MOTUS are good daily antidotes.

Democrats propping up a bio-mort with Kamala Harris as back-up, and the truly evil cast of characters, as the shadow cabinet should scare the living daylights out of everyone.


I doubt there will be a debate between the two contenders, each for their own reasons will not want it. If there is, then Trump will go very easy on Biden. The last thing he wants is for Joe to:
(a) lose the plot and and offer to fight him in the carpark, or otherwise,
(b) look like such an idiot that the DNC will have no alternative to asking Joe to spend a couple of days in hospital then reluctantly announce his withdrawal while surrounded by doctors and medical equipment. It's a long way to November and the possibility of a last minute run-on DNC candidate for either P or VP is very real. The list of usual suspects is ominous.


He's worse than "lost." He has dementia, Alzheimer, etc. The " demon Democrat Vultures" are planning to take everything ( executive decisions,etc.) out of his hands, to institute their "corrupt Socialist" policies. It's so damned OBVIOUS. YOU HAVE TO BE "BLIND" NOT TO SEE IT. In fact Biden could be dead by then. Then they'll really have a "black," who isn't really "black," and a Socialist in officeHope it never happens. God help us. TRUMP 2020!!!


As we move closer to the election the American voter will better understand that they are voting for Kamala Harris to be President and will have a much harder time in the voting booth voting for her. The D's made a major mistake in their VP selection.
Its tough to be Doctor Biden knowing that the one you love is slipping away thus one puts up the big front to get him over the winning line is all she is doing. Its Sad and she knows it.

Larry Kart

Pat: We're talking about two different kinds of demented, right?: !) demented, as in dementia (severe decay of cognitive functioning) --Biden supposedly) and 2) demented as in significantly/dangerously awry emotional behavior (Trump supposedly, even if that behavior my does not involve any cognitive problems). We may see Trump differently, but I take note of just a few key things: 1) his seemingly immense capacity for grievance and need to take revenge for injuries minor as well as major, even when the practical political reasons fur such attacks would seem to have evaporated (see Jeff Sessions) 2) the seemingly driven and also often seemingly purposeless lying, beginning with the insistence on the size of the inauguration crowd ; 3) fabulations that might as well be outright lies and can be outright dangerous: e.g. kids don't get Covid-19, bleach as a cure for Covid-19 -- in the area of his many off-the-cuff remarks on the virus I begin to lose track 4) his patent inability, over close to a full term, to choose cabinet officers, advisors, and other high officials with whom he can get along, and his need to vengefully attack them when they leave, this pointing it would seem to a failure on his part to grasp what such cabinet officers, officials, and advisors ought to do/how they should behave toward him 5) his apparent failure in foreign affairs to grasp the otherness of other peoples, and, as you said, operate there in a mode other than that of a crude balance-sheet businessman. I could go on and on, but in sum, at age 78 (that's me, not Trump), I've never seen anything like this in a U.S. President.


I hired a handyman company to complete a list of items. The foreman came, ostensibly, to check on progress. Instead, he spent 45 min telling me about websites/conspiracy theories he frequents. Their focus is (hang on to your hats) that Epstein, Podesta, etc. gather little children; terrorize them in order to make them produce a certain brain chemical only present in a state of profound fear; presumably they kill the children, in any event, their souped-up blood is taken.

Members of the Epstein-Podesta etc. cabal are injected with this blood as it is believed to prolong their lives.

Biden is or was a member of this Live Forever group, but now it is argued that he has either been cloned or the 'Biden' that we see is a body-double.

I spend an inordinate amount of time researching and discovering "counterfactuals," but the things I read are, i.e. autobiographies of persons who influenced events (like Chaim Weizmann) and the like. I have never, ever even dreamed of anything as crazy as the tales the Foreman spun, and showed me on his iPad.

BUT -- Kissinger, Ginsberg, Soros are inordinately old and still active.
Peter Thiel has published and spoken about his quest to "live forever."

If one-half of Larry Johnson's articles on the scam of the Covid virus are true; and given that a major outcome of that scam is the emiseration and even death by suicide & other non-virus, etc., of millions of people, it is inarguable that something truly evil is abroad.

Boundaries have been rendered nonexistent; all things -- all evil -- is possible. Even drinking blood to live forever.


So Biden has dementia but Trump who is narcissistic, grandiose, delusional. paranoid and a bottomless hole of egoistic need is perfectly fine. Come on, Biden may be old, but he seems able for the most part to put coherent sentences together, unlike Trump. Try reading some of his speeches, so much word salad that it really needs a dressing. Now Trump seems to be cozying up to the Qanon crazies. Maybe he can see himself as Q.
Sonia, Harris is biracial, she refers to herself as Black and Asian/Indian American. How do you feel she should define herself?

Polish Janitor

I assume many here on SST have seen the recent Trump ad attacking Biden's mental faculties. It shows how 'VP Biden' was all quick and nimble and basically no sign of drastic cerebral degeneration at all just a few years ago, as opposed to 'candidate old whitey Joe' who struggles to find even his next 'filler' words let alone the first opening sentence of the 1st amendment. During his campaign stops picked fights with workers, veterans, town-hall attendees, reporters, his own staff, farmers, etc. I suppose you all remember his infamous episode awhile back where he was asked by some random guy in local town-hall meeting (I think it was in Iowa) about his coke-head sun Hunter's shady Ukraine and China dealings and he got all angry and upset and was 'this close' to get physical with that guy and then Joe challenged him to a push-up contest. It was ridiculous.

How does someone as quick-witted as Biden used be devolves into this level of degeneration and embarrassment? and mind you, what's with the Democrats' 'insider insights' about Biden's mental faculties two months to the election day? A few days ago it was Politco, then Obama, now the former WH physician. I get that Biden's mumbling a blackouts are exactly what they are, but the barrage from his comrades? How could one explain those?

I wish we finally get to see Biden vs Trump debates, of course before Dems roll old Joe out first and replace him with Kamala. But even in the second scenario, Trump would wipe the floor with Kamala and it would be 2016 redux all over again.



Branco cartoon today says it all. Democrats pushing a Trojan horse over the moat with the face of Biden, but inside the Trojan horse is the real prize: Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez, Harris, Warren,......Clinton, Sanders, Schumer, Nadler, Schift, ...etc. etc must also be lurking inside there ready to come out of the horse's rear end.



We’ll get socialism with Kamala & Biden. But it will be socialism for the Party of Davos, not for the working class. And both Mitch and Schumer will support it enthusiastically.


Lars Moeller-Rasmussen

It seems life is imitating art, unfortunately. The movie "Weekend With Bernie" springs to mind.

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