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29 August 2020


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Diana Croissant

I'm tired of all the uproar, the "he said, she said," the posturing about who is more righteeous.

I long for the days when news was not in our faces every day on the "Tee Vee." I blame television and Google for cluttering everyone's minds with sensationalism while spreading the idiotic ideas of college professors and graduate students who teach undergrad classes. I've been accused of being a Luddite since I do not have and never did have a Facebook page.

There is a reason so many people I know are now not encouraging their children to attend college. And if they allow them to attend college, they make sure the college is a Christian college. There is a reason now that home schooling and charter schools and schools of choice are gaining popularity, as well as occupational training.

I hope with all the hope I can muster during this strange time that my grandchildren will be able to grow up and live in sane times. I will encourage their parents to send my grandchildren to occupational courses or to learn to work by hiring on and growing in a hands-on occupation.

Until we reform our colleges and universities of the children of the flower children and those who played in the mud at Woodstock, our country will not be able to return to its founding ideals.

I did attend college during the time of the flower children and the hippies, but I was too busy working 20 to 25 hours a week while take a full load of classes and having to maintain an A- / B+ average to maintain my scholarship. I was lucky not to major in a program that at the time allowed or encouraged politicizing the subject matter that was being covered.

I am hoping against all hope that "the times they are a' changing" again (but in reverse direction).

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