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21 August 2020


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Patrick Armstrong

IT appears he plagiarised himself

Quite a contrast though in demeanour



I was being sarcastic about Odierno. Of course the quotes in the Hill articles are BS.

Beau Biden's got enough citations. I do wonder what he was really like though. But how can we find out the truth of that now? I hope not a chip off the old block of Biden senior. I'm going to assume not that.

Diana Croissant

I am waiting for a debate between Biden and Trump. I doubt if the Democrats will allow it. I can wish for that.

I was in junior high when our school brought in the television so we could watch the debate between pasty-looking Nixon and sun-tanned Kennedy. That memory pops up in my mind every time I see Biden juxtaposed with Trump on television.

Biden is pasty-looking and, though much more prepared this time, he has yet to stand next to a robust Trump so people can finally see the contrast.

Nixon had his daughters. Biden has his boys. Kennedy had the entire Kennedy clan. Trump has a clan of his own in a way.

Without going into the specifics of policy differences, I want to suggest that many American voters want to see stamina, energy, and strength in our leaders. They want the leaders to have clear minds and definite policy ideas. They want someone who understands free market capitalism.

Kennedy faced Krshchev and Castro. Trump has faced Chi, Khomeini, Kim Jong Ung, etc., while Biden worked to get what most would call bribes from China and Ukraine--at least using Hunter.

Both Nixon and Kennedy had faults. Both Biden and Trump have faults. They were/are human, after all.

As for this one voter here in flyover country who has never and will never be mixing with powerful people, I think it's fair for me to go with the candidate who probably has more stamina and more mental acuity to go face to face with all those foreign scary guys. I had a fairly obnoxious uncle, one whose heart was in the right place when push came to shove; I can overlook obnoxious. I also want the one whose followers are more like the everyday workers in our country and not the brainwashed younguns who have been getting large doses of indoctrination in all the various isms. And certainly not those wearing skinny black jeans and being paid by Geore Soros (most likely) to cause as much physical damage as the can.

I can listen to the debates and get down into the weeds of all the issues. In the long run, however, I vote for the person I trust most.


I argue that taxation is no longer the main form of funding for the Federal Government, if it ever was. Taxation is a form of social engineering. The present penchant for low taxes, especially business taxes, is a way of favouring the business class over the populace. I wouldn't complain about this if it returned any tangible benefits for the Nation and it's people, but it does not. Most of the money poured into the business sector over the last decade has been used to do things like stock buy backs, which increase the top manager's pay checques. Very little actual business capacity building has resulted from this. Basically, all this "stimulus" money has been wasted.
the resultant imbalance in income distribution in America has had a pernicious effect on the Nation. I dare anyone to argue in favour of the wealthy controlling the political sphere of American society through their "campaign contributions."
Are you better off today than twenty years ago? Make that forty years ago and you can accuse me of 'engineering' the result.
When the Democrat party comes out with a plank in their platform advocating complete public ownership of the means of production, then I'll accuse them of being leftists. Until then, if it walks like an Oligarch and talks like an Oligarch....

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