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07 August 2020


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I am interested in your opinion as well, I am also very interested in the difference between yours and Babak, I expect these to be significant but I may be quite wrong.

My own view of Deobandism is heavily colored/influenced by the Taleban, which may be quite unfair to Deobandism as a whole.



Babak and I generally agree on things Islamic. Deobandism seems to lack the salafi sentimentality concerning the purity of early Islamic community practice and to be carefully focused on usul fiqh (the roots of the law) as a basis for action. I will be interested to to learn Babak's opinion on this.



Wiki is wrong - the claim that Deobandis teach Philosophy and Science.


Col. Lang:

After the difference between Soft Deobandis ("Not in a Hurryn to Kill Shia Now!") and Hard Deobandis ("Best to Kill Shia Nw.")were pointed out to me, I lost any interest in learning anything more about them.

Studying their beliefs is useful for Iranians authorities who must govern several hundred thousand Deobandi Baluchis in Iran.


Years ago, I suggested a cyber operation to drain ...
Posted by: The Twisted Genius | 07 August 2020 at 09:09 PM

draining money sources thus made sense to you? It may indeed, somehow, theoretically. ... With more complex outcomes. To not use the standards, opening new routes.

I recently pondered about the wisdom of sanctions more generally but then didn't have time or patience to dig through on whoever or whatever is listed on the US or EU sanction lists.

Question, if this isn't a too personal question how many years did you spent in the military and around what time you left?


Someone does not want the house of suad replaced because you don't know what you would get? How about democracy? The US is so quick to foist it on everyone else, foist it upon those who could benefit the most from it, the People of SA. God help them as royalty is nothing more then some guys with goons to back them up saying they are ordained by god to rule over others and sheeple fall for that nonsense. A color revolution there would do the world good and the world best if the house of suad was no more.



" How about democracy?"

No, you will get civil war and ISIS.

Poor Muzaffar al Din Shah!

When confronted by the demand to sign the Ferman for Constitutional Monarchy, he asked: "If I sign this, would Iran become like France?"

The revolutionaries said "yes."


Scarlett O´Hara

I do not think of Mullah Omar or his kind.

I do feel sorry for their followers.


@Babak & Scarlett: "You don't believe me, ask the Yazidis."

I did ask Yazidis. They said the rapists & kidnappers were Chechens and North Africans led on by Iraqi Turkmen from Tal Afar and orchestrated by Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi who is also from Tal Afar. Perhaps there were some of al-Douri's Naqshbandi Sufi Army there, but they are Arab not Kurd.

Although you are right that the Yazidis do have a legitimate beef with the Kurdish KRG. Barzani's Peshmerga who were there to protect Sinjar turned tail and ran from the daeshi takeover of Sinjar. But then during the fall of Mosul so did two Iraqi Army divisions and 30,000 Iraqi policemen turn tail and run when it was taken over by 1500 daeshis.

It was secular Kurds of the Syrian YPG and the Turkish PKK that rescued 50,000 Yazidis from being massacred or enslaved. Some Shia Kurds in Sinjar were also murdered by daeshis and a Kurdish Shia mosque there was blown up.

Babak makkinejad


It was Iran led by Major General Soleimani, and Ayatollah Sistani, another Sia Iranian, who saved Iraq from ISIS.


I agree about Ayatollah Sistani. IMO he should have received the Nobel Peace Prize.


Yup; it was the Martians led by Major General Flash Gordon that saved Iraq from Ming.



Apparently General Flash forgot about Ming's offspring Kang the Cruel in Syria. An al-Quds convoy just got whacked there by Daeshis only 30 to 35 km SW of Deir ez-Zor city.


Assad should send the Kurdish SDF into that area to hunt down the Salafis and keep al-Quds safe.

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