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31 August 2020


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Polish Janitor

Nancy K

America is not a 'Democracy' (with a big 'D') similar to France or Sweden, or Japan, but a constitutional republic (with a small 'r') that employs various democratic processes such as elections and referendums at the local, state and federal levels to ensure the will and power of the citizens (not people) are secured and legitimized under law.

I think if you had followed the Trump's presidency (relatively) closely you would know that since Jan. 17th, 2017, the Democrats have been very relentlessly through various methods trying to unseat an elected president out of office. Yes trump with his unfiltered and unpolished rhetoric have said some things that people take issue with, but to say he is the one responsible for endangering democracy in America is absurd. In fact, the founding fathers never intended to establish a 'Democratic' America, but an Aristotelian republic governed by competent leaders. If America was modeled after the mob-led Democratic French revolution (in 1789), it would have at least been in its 5th, 6th or 10th republic, similar to France which is in its 5th republic (since 1958) which breeds nothing but instability and more mob-rule. So democracy is not an end but a means to achieve an end, not to mention various forms of it.

What did 'the people' that I presume you sympathize with did with regards to 'protecting democracy'? Bailing out banks with people's savings ($800bn)? bugging and collecting people's private information for years without their consent? Muscling Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic Party to make space for Hilary back in '16? or toppling governments abroad in Syria, Libya, Iraq? Bribing foreign government with foreign 'aid' in the name of spreading democracy and freedom?

Believe it or not, but the Democrats are the ones predominantly responsible for the erosion of the democracy that you referred to in your comment.


sharing a video here which I think is appropriate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj-opN-dxv0



The working class people I come from are already oppressed. They have to survive things like a $7.25 an hour minimum wage and rising rents around the country due to a higher population and no spending on building subsidized housing for the many millions (not just poor and not just minorities) of people who can't afford market rate housing, ungodly healthcare costs and many other things already. I agree with you that things will go from bad to worse but what can I do about it?

Will the white elites who have ignored the white working class since the 1980s suddenly feel solidarity with us when whites become a racial minority and treat us right at last? I have my doubts.

If Republicans stop opposing government help for people they could compete with the Democrats for the long term, native American vote. I don't think they are ready to do that yet. When they can't survive without more white voters I expect they will. If the Republican cheap labor and libertarian lobbies lost their power over immigration policy that would help, too.



I came across an article today on our phone's Google feed that stunned me. It is about a recent memo from the new Chief of Staff of the Air Force. It is about preparation for real war, with China or Russia, for example.

Here's the two quotes that caught my attention most:

"Tomorrow’s Airmen are more likely to fight in highly contested environments, and must be prepared to fight through combat attrition rates and risks to the nation that are more akin to the World War II era than the uncontested environments to which we have since become accustomed,” Brown writes."

"Wargames and modeling have repeatedly shown that if the Air Force fails to adapt, there will be mission failure, Brown warns. Rules-based international order may “disintegrate and our national interests will be significantly challenged,” according to the memo."

I wonder what the Colonel and the rest of you think. Did you ever expect to read that we could have threats and casualties anywhere near that of WWII? I sure didn't. I wonder if the other three services see the same dangers and what their proposed responses are? There is a link in the article to the entire 8 page memo.


Account Deleted

joan wrote: Did you ever expect to read that we could have threats and casualties anywhere near that of WWII?



There is no civil war. There is no race war. There is a small cadre of well-funded trouble makers who found refuge in Democrat-run US cities. Few others buy into this TDS-prone media porn.

C Webb

Was Aaron 'Jay' Danielson assassinated?

If so, what was the nature of the assassination?

1 nut with a score to settle or something else....?

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